Come out of reruns and go LIVE

June 28, 2018 Delia Yeager

“I want change, but nothing seems to work, or last! Can’t I just go back to doing nothing?”

Sure, you can go back, but you have never “done nothing,” and you never can “do nothing.”

There is no off switch for Life, or even a pause button.

Your life is going on 24/7, and you are creating the people, places, and things you are engaged with, encounter, and react to. You’re never doing “nothing.”

Imagine the idea of your brain and personality being programmed by the people, places, and events of your early life, and your reactions to all that being encoded or programmed as well.

Imagine that you form one, big, umbrella Conclusion about life, love, people, you and everything.

Now imagine that as a colored filter or lens that you see everything in life through.

I’m not talking about the reaction conclusions, like I am to pretty! smart! wonderful! etc., but the underground conclusions: love is pain, people are not trustworthy, I can never get what I want or need – the underground railroad that runs your experience of the people, places, and things in your life.

This is what runs your life; the hidden, subterraneous, unconscious choices, decisions, assumptions and conclusions.

When you say you want to go back to doing nothing, you really mean going back to being un-conscious.

Not conscious.

But whether you are consciously aware of your self, your thoughts, your emotions and reactions, or you are unconscious, you are creating your experience of life through that underground railroad of expectations and reactions.

Bodies, by their nature, are incapable of lying.

Thoughts and emotions can, and our taught definitions for things can be full of half-truths and misconceptions, inaccuracies and intentional lies from others even, but a gut reaction is telling you something true; a sudden headache is telling you something true; suddenly feeling like you want to through up is telling you something true.

It’s as if that underground railroad is a movie projector, and it projects all those hidden decisions, assumptions, and conclusions on everything you can perceive, making your new boss into an emotional representation of your father and no matter how you reason things out, your perceptions, interpretations and reactions are totally in alignment with this person in authority is a shadow version of that person in authority from your childhood who broke your heart by not buying you that pony, or broke trust with you by behaving in ways no adult parent should to their child.

The stomach, the headache, the tight shoulders and neck, the calf pain, the twisted ankle, they are all trying to tell you things – things that if you understood them, you would find valuable. (The upcoming July Chakra class will go into this in more depth.)

Projecting the past onto the present is familiar. It’s also depressing, and a lie.

So, you can do nothing and keep repeating the past emotional, underground pains onto the present and therefor the future, or you can do things differently now, and start shifting change today, and opening up both today and the future to a whole new vista of possibilities.

You can use that movie projector to create new openings, new possibilities, new experiences of people, places, and things based on what is actually happening in the moment! No longer repeating past pains, and living in a chronic half-life hell of reruns.


It’s time to go LIVE, and there are some very simple steps to starting that.

Get your conscious attention into this moment by using your body senses: list & name 5 things you can see, name and touch 4 things, name and hear 3 things, name 2 sensations your body is experiencing right now, and 1 thing you can smell.

Use today’s date to bring you into this year, this month, this day.

Start imagining where you would like to go, emotionally, in your career, financially, in your relationships, and everything, and start doing something everyday towards that amazing life of connection and adventure that you can sometime imagine.

Getting conscious and living LIVE may not be easy, but it is simple.

Choose You.



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Start with a session, see what a difference it makes for you. Then learn how to live LIVE, and set yourself (and the world) free.  I am truly so glad you are here!

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