December 25, 2017 Delia Yeager

I grew up surrounded by the mysticism of the Catholic church.

The Church wasn’t so much a building that we went to as the very air we breathed.

At nightly dinner, we said Grace before dinner, and the nightly prayers after dinner.

Many of the parent’s friends were priests and nuns.

We prayed the liturgy every Sunday for Advent, and Lent.

Things I cannot even remember now, but the whole year was full of prayer of supplication and gratitude.

The Church wasn’t a building we went to as much as the air we breathed.

Later in life my father helped the nuns down the street with their finances, so they could keep their convent. More than once in my thirties, when I went to visit them, we went to Sunday or Christmas mass at the convent.

The air filled with the songs of women’s voices singing from their heart in the privacy of their home is one of the most amazing things you may ever hear.

Anyone who came to our house came into that cocoon whether they knew it or not.

It was the context, the surroundings, lens or filter through which everything was interpreted.

The story of life that Francis and Eileen wove was a rich and complete fabric with a tight and tidy warp with a somewhat even tension weft, keeping it all together.

So much so that it took decades for the story to unravel and the truth to be revealed, unvarnished, vulnerable in its life-like incompleteness.

During the healing years, that seemed to only get deeper after they each had died, a lot of unraveling happened.

Unravelling of the seemingly sacred, of the undisputable, the written in stone, the sacrilege even to question that.

Growing through the barriers of verboten felt like busting out of the barbed wire into no man’s land of the battlefield for truth every time.

That feeling didn’t lessen, but the paralyzing fear did.

Beneath all the Catholic explanations and rules is a labyrinth of ancient wisdom, knowledge, mysticism and Goddess practices that The Church could not erase, so they adapted.

To gain power over people, they bastardized and stole what they could not eradicate.

They introduced hierarchy of deserving and ability to connect with the divine, perverting and making wrong everyone’s innate capacities for connecting with and as Spirit at all times, which is the only natural and true way to live.

They introduced a layer of gaslighting into the collective; a manufactured structure of deserving and the threat of not deserving, and the need for an outside intermediary, someone schooled (another separation) in how to talk to god, how to woo or supplicate the fickle lord, on your behalf, or in your condemnation. So now you not only had to simper and suck up to a judgmental, vengeful god but also some stranger in a robe that probably lived better than you.

And most damning of all, they poisoned the air and water with the notion that everything not human was soulless and without intelligence; a lesser being. That animals were base and dumb, and that humans were born from and in Original Sin – the sin of the body being an animal. The sin of fornication. The sin of being human. And that those animal instincts were all wrong and untrustworthy; would get you nothing but trouble unless you kept a very tight rein on all your natural impulses.

The longer this notion persisted, the truer it seemed to become.

The Church did a booming business in selling dispensations and forgiveness of sins, which suited the Church’s true purpose handily.

Women have a special place in the Church, which is revealing.

Women are the root of all evil – Eve.

Women’s curiosity and independence is what got humanity punished forever and kicked out of the garden of Eden.

Women’s leadership will lead to literal ruin.

Women’s suggestions are to be shunned and forbidden and hopefully stopped before she can make them.

Oppression and strict control was a clearly the only appropriate way to handle females. Little girls weren’t as bad yet, but they could be attractive – an aspect of their evil ways – and must be punished and broken so that when they are full grown women, they know their place: clearly under absolute male rule. Anything less is a danger to a man and all civilization.

The shadow of the control and oppression of women in the Church is specific.

Everything about the Mary’s; the mother of Jesus, is an example of controlling women through veneration as well as by punishment, Mary Madeline.

The Virgin and the Whore as the only choices, the only options for women is completely based on an uninterested party’s (man) desire to control and profit from women.

The Catholic Church as a dogma declaring that the Church is built upon the Peter, the Rock, but in spirit the Church is truly built on the pre-Christian pantheism and Goddess way of life and understanding everything.

It has long been known that what the Church could not eradicate of the Goddess way of living, pre-religion – a male dominance, control, power and profit enterprise – they bastardized.

The original trilogy Maid-Mother-Crone became the 3 male aspects – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The holy spirit no longer within everything, imbuing all forms of life, but an outside thing that comes only if you are “good” and goes if you are not trying very hard to go against your very nature, the prime requirement of “good”. To distrust and go against your very nature, bastardized into the root of all evil.

The Church tried to get rid of the goddess and the famine aspect of god but in the end had to incorporate their own bastardized versions, to appease the very people they wanted to profit from and control.

Over the past two years, more and more often the women and men who come to me for energy healing and transformation work to clear the crazy-making limits and lies of these bastardizations of hierarchy that have been strangling their joy, capacities to receive and thrive. In these sessions not only do the personal contracts, vows, promises and conclusions come up for clearing, but also those from past lives as well as the genetic ties and limits.

These sessions are powerful and transformational, and the other side is relief and very enlivening.

Limits and beliefs that had been in complete control before are swept away, or at least seen for the smoke and mirrors that they are, and it is only the repeated belief that gives them substance.

The feeling of the war of good and evil being fought inside you, or the battle for your sanity, or the tug of war of life being wonderful or hopeless is not an exaggeration or a myth.

It is happening inside each of us privately, personally as well as the soul of the nation and the soul of humanity.

Now more than ever there is an alignment of what’s happening inside us interiorly as well as societally, globally and down the time line and down the generations as well.

We really are literally multidimensional beings, and we are living multidimensional lives already, and now is the time for multidimensional healing, clearing the lies of limitations, so each body-personality experience life AS spirit In body – unstoppable.


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