Clean out the money clutter in your head & beyond!

March 1, 2018 Delia Yeager

When you were little, who around you had money? Was it either of your parents? or their families? Was it a person or family that your family liked? or resented? or disliked?

My father had a younger brother who had done very well in the oil business and retired young. So young and well connected in fact, that he started a second career as a middle man in the moment in time in the oil business history when such a person could make gushers of money in an instant. 

This went on for many years. One Christmas, that uncle gave my father plane tickets for “around the world” for 2. At the first sound of that, it sounded great to me and mom, but we also felt a doubt. Then Pop explained why this Christmas present made him so mad. 

Not only because if he wanted to take a trip around the world and take his wife on such a trip, he’d do it; he didn’t need his brother’s money to do that. 

But also because he knew his brother to be a competitive person who loved to believe himself to be better than others, and control others with his money. 

My father did not want to be even slightly perceived as beholding to his brother.

So I learned things like people offer you gifts to control you = don’t take gifts from people, and people who offer you things that you want don’t mean to make you happy, they mean to show you how much better than you they are, and don’t accept gifts of things you want or need, because of what others will think of you. 

This kind of thing is a potent developmental atmosphere for a kid. 

Your views about money, how much you can or can’t have, how much you have to have, what kind of people have money, what kind of people don’t, what kind of person you want to be, what kind you want to be perceived to be – and so much more! – is all buried away in your subconscious and unconscious, cellular memory and genetic codes – and on this call you can start clearing and releasing all that unknown gunk, as well as the clunky stuff you know you think and feel about money!

This is energy clearing work – it is not brain-lead. Not everything has to go through your conscious brain-analyzer before you can get the benefit of it! What a relief! but it can take a little getting used to, too!

Sign up now and be on the call tomorrow – start to feel the relief and release, and open up some new avenues for money to come to you  – as if by magic!

On the Money Clearing Call, we are going to clear other people’s information and emotions, and some of the most common beliefs, lies, misinformation and terminations to having more money that we all have to one degree or another. 

I hope to see you on the call tomorrow. I am so glad you are here! Just reply to this email if you have any questions, or want to add something for the call tomorrow. 

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