Charlottesville – Group Healing – this Sunday 5:00

August 17, 2017 Delia Yeager

Everything about these days is disturbingly familiar, unbelievable, infuriating and heart breaking, as well as horrifying.

It is also a time of tremendous break-through.

Since all of this is a collective wound as well as a deeply personal one, I am offering a free Group Healing this Sacred Circle in Old Town Alexandria, at 5 pm.

If I can figure out the technology, I will also record it live.

This is a free event, and I encourage you to bring your friends, and come & join in.

For those who cannot make it to Alexandria, VA, I do plan on recording this, or even presenting it Live by Skype or Zoom, so please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL if you are interested in attending virtually, at the time or by some form of media later.


The wounding, misinformation, bills of sale, deeds of trust, and all other contracts and binding agreements, that existed in the past are coming up for acknowledgement and termination, also known as Healing, at this time.

The hopes and fears, dreams & wished and bequests of previous generations are crying out to be seen, and most of all to be released.

Trauma frozen in time and space needs releasing though the bodies of those of us who chose to be here on the planet at this time, a kind of last judgment day for the battle of good and evil, the battle of the right to oppress and the battle to stop all forms of oppression as a normal way of being on this planet.

Let us use the cosmic energies of this time and the un-buried pain and trauma that so many bodies are experiencing now to clear and release the old, trapped pain and trauma, to bring in the newly redeemed powers and creative possibilities that healing liberates.

This Healing Circle is for anyone who is currently upset, anxious, fearful or enraged by anything that is going on these days.  Ancestral Trauma expresses itself in many forms, and right now it is coming up and out for healing on the individual level, as well as on the collective level. Now more than ever, heal yourself and you truly to contribute to healing the world.

Join us in person at Sacred Circle at 4:45 pm to register.  Pre-registering helps us have enough chairs set up for this event, so please call today.

No late arrivals will have access, as the shop closes at 5 pm promptly, so please come early. to register, or call (703) 299-9309 to reserve your spot in advance, and arrive by 4:50, so we can begin promptly at 5 pm, when the shop closes.

919 King Street, Old Town Alexandria, VA
(703) 299-9309 to reserve a seat for you and your friend(s)

This event is free, but please call ahead to reserve a spot for you and your friends, so we can have the room set up before time.

I am doing private sessions at Sacred Circle that day from 1 – 4:45 pm, so also book your private session ahead if you want to be sure to get one that day, within the 24-hour window of the Eclipse. 

I am so glad you are here.  Heal yourself and do heal the world.

What else IS possible? Let us make that – thriving, proliferation of peace, prosperity, cooperation and joy – happen here. On Earth. Now.



Send me an email if you are interested in attending the Zoom or getting a copy of the video after the event.
(703) 531-8756