Changing Normal Mentoring Program

This Easter Sunday is an auspicious time of review, refresh, reconfigure and rebirth.

It is a time when new plans don’t gel, and sudden things are occurring.

This is a time to reconsider what you are planning, and make a little room for the undiscovered option.

In the last week I have heard about plans for college falling through, and in invitation to travel present itself.

I’ve heard about closed doors and blocked growth in someone’s business, and a whole new direction with a built in client base re-appearing. “Oh yea, I forgot about that! I left that career avenue behind years ago… but when they asked me to step in; I remembered how much I love it. That was what got me to take the advanced courses in the first place!”  A dead end leads to a return.

Another woman I work with who is starting a new business hit another glass ceiling. This has happened periodically as we have worked together over the past year. The glass ceiling goes something like this;

MS “I don’t have the funding for X, so I can’t do X.”

Me “Okay, you can’t do X now, but is X something you need to develop your business?”

MS “I don’t know, how would I know? I’ve never started a business before! This is so very different than working in someone else’s business was! I can’t tell what I might need…”

Me  “I hear you… just imagine you don’t have the weight of the current bills sitting on your head… imagine all your bills fully paid up, timely, for months now… like that is the norm… now try to imagine  if X is something that would be useful to you in your business… what do you get?”

MS “Oh! X would be helpful, but if I did Z I’d get the benefits of X and this other thing I need. I’ll do Z when the time comes.” And she wrote it in her business journal.

MS has done without for so long, making due and making Enough out of nothing at all, she is challenged to learn to see with a new pair of glasses – the glasses of Having and Enough and not scrimping. 

It feels wrong sometimes, she says, to even consider more than enough. And the exercises to conceive of more than enough are challenging to more than notions of money, but her notions of worth, worthy and her own self-esteem.

“I’ve gotten my sense of worth from how much I have been able to bear and go through, and I’ve done that for so long, anything less feels like I’m being a slacker, or a con! It’s more than not deserving – it’s like I’m pulling the wool over someone’s eyes, or taking advantage of them, or cheating. Without all the blood, sweat and tears it feels like I’m stealing!”

Your system’s integrity will never let you have more as long as you have it wired that “plenty” is stealing!

If you want to grow your business to the next level, or if you want to give yourself a better life of more ease, balance and grace, money, free time, travel, loving company, you will have to allow your ideas to change, and you will have to endure the discomfort of growing past your old limits.  This can be very challenging.  That’s why it is good to have a mentor.

Changing Normal will always pay off in many, many ways.

Changing Normal increases your capacity, your ability to receive the goodness and wonders that your highest, truest Self, your Infinite Self, wants and intends for you.

Changing Normal increases your experience of how powerful you are, so any victim stories are seriously challenged and threatened.

People often experience that Threat energy as they Change Normal, and without a plan to support yourself through the change, it is very easy to fall back and even double-down as if to say, “See, I know it wasn’t safe! That’s why I’ve stayed small for so long! It’s much safe to stay under the radar!” and yet…

Imagine if Robin Williams had ever channeled all his tremendous energy on “fitting in,” … imagine if Norma Jean had never focused all her energies on becoming Marilyn Monroe… or if Joni Mitchell had just been a back-up singer or if Judy Collins had settled for being Stephen Stills’ girlfriend.

Imagine if Neil Degrasse Tyson had let himself be pushed into sports, or if Steve Jobs had accepted being “just a college dropout.”

There are millions of people without public positions who are doing amazing things regardless if anyone else can see it or not.

Resisting who you truly are – an Infinite Being with incredible, untold talents, energies and power, all “god given” by the way – with a body and personality to fit Spirit like a glove, and to walk and talk that Infinite Being into the physical world – the world that Spirit WANTS to be IN (not ascend and get out!) – the more you lean in to and turn up the volume on discovering and Being who You truly are – the less tired and cranky you are; yes some people fall away but new people that “get you” can then FIND YOU!

Changing Normal is not one, single thing.  Nothing is.

But Changing Normal will expand your ability, your capacity to HAVE AND TO HOLD what is truly yours, what you love, and how good a life you can stand to have.

Imagine –

More connectedness
more true security
more ease, balance and grace
more aware of your power
more comfort with having and using your power
more confidence – based on experience, not an emotion!
more certainty – less uncertainty!
more plenty of all needs met and sated

No more unrequited love, needs, finances, respect – and instead, saturated in love, fulfillment, money and overflowing with respect, appreciation and plenty of everything.

The Universe and your Infinite Self want to know – how good are you willing to have your life be? How good can you stand it to be?

Isn’t it time you find out?

In this spiritual Mentoring program you get the support you need to:

– Move into BEING who you came here to be
– tools to use when the rush to turn back or get small again hits
– tools to support yourself as you Step In to BEING You more
– a morning practice that support’s your thriving
– mp3 of energy work-out meditations to help you integrate them during the week
– daily practices to keep you stable, calm and expanding at a rate you can integrate
– 1:1 sessions focusing specifically on your challenges and successes
– email access between sessions

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