March 17, 2017 Delia Yeager

The only constant is change.

And as we are taught in 3rd grade, energy never dies – it just changes form.

I’ve spent a number of years doing energy work and healings with people, but the word healing has a lot of expectations and notions attached to it. So, I want to make this clear.

Healing is Change.

All healing is is undamming the trapped energies; lies, misinformation, mistaken conclusions, and stalled energies and helping them unstick and flow again.


Change is the only constant.

What if healing change feels like the unconditional love of a beloved pet, not punishment and discipline?

Naturally healing yourself does change the world, because you hear things differently, you see things differently, you aren’t stuck to the lies and misinformation anymore so you respond and react differently. You are different in your body-mind and life, and so everyone around you has to change how they relate to you, or leave, which is also a change.

People will either like it when you change, or rebel against it.

You are not the only one invested in your being brilliant, stupid, a stunning success, a huge failure, the best of the best or the worst of the worst or whatever you are most attached to – by resistance or agreement.

Your relationships, business, bank statement and everything you can imagine is based on what you think of you.

If you think you cannot, then you cannot.

If you think you can, no matter what, then you can, no matter what.

If you think that this problem cannot be solved without a lot of pain, hard work, effort, time, stress and someone else bailing your unworthy ass out, then that’s what it will take.

If you think that you cannot be whole and complete without that surgery, without the car-clothes-this-and-that, then you cannot.

If you think you cannot be free, content and stress-free without A, B or C, then you cannot.

And for these things to be true, you have to give all your considerable power to A, B or C, the surgery, the car, the clothes, the pain, hard work, effort, time, stress and everyone else.

You have to give up your ability to identify with and as your infinite Self to be less than anything.

You CANNOT relate as your Infinite Being Self AND be LESS THAN and victim to A, B, C, surgery, cars, clothes, pain, hard work, effort, time, stress, money, or anything else.

The moment you are stuck like a deer in the headlights – frozen in fear – that is the moment of most power.

What you do in that moment, in thought and deed, is pivotal.

If you do one little thing differently in that moment, you will change the course of your trajectory.

If you do 10 little things differently in that moment, you will noticeably change the course of events.

You ARE spirit, an infinite being, and you have this amazing body.

Not you are your anger, fear, anxiety, past, history, story, other emotions, thoughts, things, relationships etc., and you sometimes have a spiritual experience. No.

This is all about getting that structurally turned around and righted in your Self, your whole Self.

But to live here, you will have to release living at the whim or beck-and-call of other people, places, things, money, ideas, principals, conclusions, vows, oaths and your feelings, emotions, anger, anxiety, fear more that I haven’t mentioned.

If you have a belief that says healing has to take a long time, remember that you are spirit, and infinite beings do everything outside the limits of time and space. You and spirit can heal in an instant.

If you always have to catalog all that’s wrong before it can change or leave you, what if that’s a lie? What if you can heal and release instantaneously? As if by magic? No effort required?

The pressure that you are experiencing is the opportunity of a lifetime – the Universe and your higher self conspiring to truly set you free, beyond anything you’ve never even imagined.

So be nice to yourself, pat your body, stand by you and let the grace of time and space help you in this transition.

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In the meantime, cultivate the habit of spending more of your mental & emotional energy on what you love and want and what brings you that light, joyous sensibility, and less time cataloguing all that is wrong or threatening to the point of paralysis and overwhelm.

Instead of asking what’s wrong, start asking – and answering – what’s right with you, this situation and everything?