Calling the Goddess Among Us

January 29, 2018 Delia Yeager

Yesterday we did an amazing Clearing Call on Waiting – and stopping waiting. The energy was so relieving, so freeing and invited in so much creativity, I have been buzzing with ideas ever since!

So this morning I dreamed up a truly scrumptious Special Package for YOU.

YOU are a luscious being, who’s always having to turn it down so other people can be comfortable.

YOU have all this succulent power, but are surrounded by others who think it is bad for you to be soooooooo you!

YOU are a powerhouse, who can create more money, possibilities, magic and things than the people around you believe is possible, or seemly, so you stopped living your way but frankly, you’re sick and tired of that now!

YOU can change the world – and have, many times – but you stopped because the other’s around you would scold you, or shun you, or be mad at you, or jealous of you, or cut you out, and then you’d die a lonely cat lady or homeless bag lady.

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Here’s the thing, though, ladies – even though you have lived out these threats many times, and people HAVE cut you off and out and it already HAS hurt and happened over and over, it is all still just a tape, a play, a movie that you don’t have to fund with your life force energy anymore.

If you are still doing research, still wanting to make them happy more than you want to thrive; if you still believe that the premise is okay and that you are “strong” enough to “handle” the abuse, neglect and invalidation – from YOU – than this Special will not be appealing to you.


IF You are READY and chomping at the bit to BE FREE, to HAVE more of what thrills you, to DO more of what you know is possible for you; to BE more of you more of the time, in your thoughts,words and deeds – than THIS PACKAGE IS FOR YOU!!!!

3 SESSIONS – 1 Activation and 2 follow-ups  –  $ 398

Turbo-charge YOUR Voice, Your Choice, Your alignment and commitment to YOU – Infinite Being with your fantastic body!

Sessions can be 3 in 3 days or 3 within 14 days – the more compact, the better for you.

The world needs YOUR voice, YOUR wisdom, YOUR awareness and the very POTENT contribution of YOU being YOU in the world. 

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But more importantly than that – YOU need you to BE YOU in your life, in every frigging moment. Starting NOW.

I have 3 spots open for this Special. I am booking things now, so don’t wait. You’ll get the MP3’s and you can listen to them as often as you want; on mute in the background or with the volume turned up and consciously doing them again. It’s all good – it all supports your body’s integration of the healings. 

These sessions are available between Jan. 30th and Feb. 8. to make the most of this amazing energy right now. 

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What else IS possible, that you’ve never even imagined?!!!!!

I am so glad you are here!