Breaking Through

July 18, 2018 Delia Yeager

Are you noticing your body having extra energy coursing through? Or waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Usually we think – I had too much caffeine, or I’m having an anxiety attack, or I’m stressed.

But what if what you are sensing and experiencing is not a personal thing about you, but the fact that you are – the world is – coming out of a coma: coming out of reruns and repeats and going LIVE.

These days are LIVE, full on, and LIFE a full-body contact sport.

You can’t phone it in anymore. You can’t fake it to get by, unseen and unheard.

You can’t cheat you anymore, and be numb to it.

Your body can’t stand living that way. It causes aches, pains, discomforts and diseases because you dedicated all your choices and perceptions to getting by.

Your body is not here to “get by.” Your spirit didn’t create this amazing body, and choose that family and these circumstances, just so you would then bail out and just “get by,” abandoning yourself and Life.

Life is a riot of color, living things and beings, people, places and things and endless Possibilities.

Life is a riot of creativity, On Purpose.

The chaos that is Life is not what we’ve been lead to believe.

The Allstate commercial has it right – Mayhem is a guy in suit, determined to fuck things up and break stuff.

Kali is the goddess who destroys for the sake of creation after. Destruction is the first step in creation. Mayhem is just a guy in a suit, bent on destruction, period.

But your infinite self or spirit is wise, and in cahoots with the Universe, with a free-will option to change the world.

You know how this works in your own life:  If you do not listen to the feather, you get a nudge. If you do not listen to the nudge, you get a bump, and if you do not listen to the bump, you get the two by four, or the Mac truck!

There is a lot in these days of what Leonard Cohen sang about in his Anthem song – “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

The cracks are the lies, mistruths, half-lies and deceits, the manipulations, the oppressions, the programming, socialization and the gaslight structure of the gestalt of the modern era.

What if the cracks are not destroying your life, but stripping away the rationalizations and conclusions that we never true, because they never included the Infinite part of you, and others, and the story of Life itself?

What if the cracks are to help you set yourself free?

What if the cracks are the course correction everyone’s been asking for, but resist?

What if what is cracking apart is the stuff that’s always limited you, held you in and back, and in fact is the stuff you wanted to heal from or past anyway?

What if the cracks in your life or sense of self are the change you have been yearning for, only it doesn’t look like what you thought it would?

Healing can be a pulling off the band aid – youch! But it can also be that rush of energy, of relief and release when you’ve stopped holding back, resisting and keeping a tight fist on everything – swoosh!

The You that knows stuff, what will work for you and what won’t, where you want to grow next and what you want to leave behind, is the very You that is creating the cracks in you, so that you can dump all the other people’s energy and information, and instead live from the power and radiance of your true Self, and not the puny body-personality suit that the Time-Warner notion of life and us tries to restrict us to.

These days we are seeing lots of cracks, personally and publicly. It looks like simple mayhem, with no purpose, but what if Kali is using Mayhem like the Universe uses the Mac truck…. And we can use the intensity of these days to find center, and recalibrate to the feather, even if no one else you know wants to, and by changing how you operate in the world, more with the Universe than against it, and by bringing peace and plenty into your own skin and life, you ground it into the mainstream, changing the world and you grow.

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