Break out of the habit of making yourself wrong

January 20, 2019 Delia Yeager

Do you find yourself making yourself wrong, because something is wrong?

Or does it happen so fast, you can’t see it until after the fact?

That’s what happened to me this morning – so fast I didn’t even know it’d happened, till I noticed.

I woke up knowing it was Monday. As I lay in bed thinking about the day, I was getting a little excited about the things on my list of possibilities and to-do’s for Monday.

I started doing my morning ablutions and tending to getting myself ready to head out into the day, looking forward to the days and weeks adventures, only to go downstairs and see the paper, discovering that today is actually – Sunday.

I had that pit-of-the stomach bottoming out reaction. My mind raced, trying to figure this out. I KNEW it was Monday, and now I felt like I had completely lost a day – lost my mind; could not rely on what I knew.

As the culture I’ve lived in for decades trained me, I started to make this incredibly significant, as in clearly I can’t trust my own mind and memory! Clearly this proves my mind is GONE! Clearly this proves I am defective!!! See – we knew it all along!!! Bells! Whistles!! Trauma-Drama!!!! Galore!!!! Oh, the significance of it all!!!!! Gnashing of teeth and shame and hiding from others, oh my!!!

Yeah – no.

Time to break out of that habit.

Making stuff significant is as effective a superglue as resisting it.

Making stuff significant gives it all your power, and your choice, none.

You are effectively dis-owning yourself, and making your supposed defect more valuable and worthy than your Self and your choice.

This is a pretty humorous example of assigning significance but can you see how it locks you in? Entraps you? Yeah, don’t do that.

You can’t easily walk yourself back from significance. You have to build cases and sight reasons and all kinda bs.

But you CAN break that habit by simply noticing – oh! I’ve created a fiction making this thing so significant, based on what I think other people think. What if I don’t do that? And instead – return to sender with consciousness, return to sender with conscious and repeat that till I feel the energy shift?

DO the experiment. Return to sender and repeat until you feel lighter. See for yourself what happens.

Oh, I just want to remind you of something else – it is what you do that makes all the difference, not what you think.

Thinking is not doing, by the way.

Thinking a meditation is not the same things as doing a meditation.

Thinking about taking an action is not the same as doing the thing.

DO the thing of Being You; Do Noticing, and DO choosing, and notice the difference.

And remember – every thought and deed you do today creates and generates what kind of tomorrow and next week you’re going to experience, so make it great today.

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