Body Awareness Intro to Clearing/Healing

March 30, 2018 Delia Yeager

Hello, you wonderful You. 

Your amazing body is more sophisticated, intricate, intelligently designed and functions about a million times better than the current conventional wisdom – or your body-personality – allows.

Your body truly is Your SOUL MATE – You, the infinite being that’s had so many bodies and lifetimes, and this amazing, simmering mass collection of cells and atoms, all holding hands to make the You the camera sees. Smile!

You are built Amazing – On purpose!   

Maybe you work out or do yoga regularly, or watch your diet, or have what you believe to be a good, working knowledge of what your body is and can or cannot do.

Maybe from a biology perspective, you feel you have a handle on all this what your body is and is not.

But what if your body is so much more than the text books have allowed?

I have been studying, practicing, training and looking at subtle energies, spiritual or intuitive living, reading people and their bodies for many years. And as I continue to deepen and heal, clear and get more thriving in my own life of creating and living, my own body’s needs and awarenesses became more integral to the whole healing and thriving business.

Join me on an introductory call – $11.00 – that will include clearing and healing work – to start your own thriving relationship with that amazing body of yours.

Friday, March 30 at 6:00 pm Eastern $11

Sign up now, and start having more joy being IN your own body.


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