Body Awareness As Navigation

The way we’re designed, every thought, emotion, memory, picture, sensation – every everything in your body-system has important information for you about how the navigate the moment you’re in, in real time.    

When you are standing in the office, discussing something with your new supervisor, and you suddenly remember or see a picture of that kid in grade school who was a year ahead of you and used to bully you, that is your system trying to communicate something to you.

Could be that you are fearful of the new supervisor they same way (vibration) that you got to be fearful of that kid from school.

Could be that you are wanting to stand your ground now, the way(s) you couldn’t manage to then.

Over time, you could discover that this happens with every supervisor you have, so you could see that it is more about you and authority than it is about the supervisor in front of you.  

All of this is clean, unbiased information, like markings on a road map that provide orientation and tell you where you are.

And there’s other kinds of information your system can be conveying in that moment:

Could be that you feel “less than” the new supervisor, because they must be better (trained, luckier, slicker, and/or smarter) that you and so you must be “less than” them. A lie in your space, but if you have this lie in your space, you will often interpret situation through the lens of this lie, to make your point of view through this lie, valid; to reinforce the lie of someone is better or less than someone else.

Your “less than” feeling/judgment could get you to be combative, overtly or covertly, with the new supervisor, creating situations that prove out your point of view; you are “less than” or the supervisor thinks you are; or you keep trying to one-up the supervisor to overtly prove they aren’t so great but it often back fires into proving to others, or yourself, that you are “less than”.     

All the information that your body is telling you in that moment is valuable to you and what you do in that moment.   


You are designed so that in every situation, you are being provided with all the information, from clean, clear orientation information to the very personal point of view, beliefs you hold as true information, as well as insight and intuition from your higher, infinite self, so that you can say and do what is truest and in your best interest, in every moment.

We are already multidimensional beings, designed to receive vast amounts of specific, sophisticated information in every moment, so that you can maximize your experience of creating and adjusting all the wonders you can imagine in this wonderland of time and space on planet Earth.

For you to experience this, and for the information in your system to make sense to you, it is time to start reversing a process you may not even be aware of.

Up to now you’ve probably been operating under the socialization instructions of sponging up other’s information and emotions so that you can mimic or match then, so you can fit in, and therefore be accepted/one/safe and all the rest of the lie that makes this appealing.

Taking on and in everyone elses emotions so they will like you does not work. 

The people who what you to be you and flourish would feel betrayed to find you had been mimicking them to match them so they’d like you, and the ones who like that about you don’t really like, or care to know, you.

The way society has been running in the past ___ years, something like 98% of the thoughts you think are not even yours, even the ones you have had in your head as long as you can remember.

And the emotions in your system – 99% of those are not yours.

You either sponge up others emotions to fit in, as illustrated above, or as a way to show your love someone, but this 3-legged-race model of you taking on your friends unwanted emotions, or the two of you bonding over some pain you both have experienced, is not how you are designed and those emotions that aren’t yours sit in your system like glue, or clay; heavy, maybe gray or black, slowing everything down for you, clogging your system and putting a distortion screen over your eyes and ears so you hear and see everything skewed. And it feels yucky, draining, tiring all the time.

One fanciful yet accurate way to think of how you are designed is – your body is an astounding, sophisticated and highly attuned Tricorder, like on Star Trek but times a godzillion bigger, better, badder, and more awesome.

But you can’t experience that till you start to clear out all the other people’s thoughts and emotions, beliefs, view-points, demands, expectations and whatnot that you’ve been carrying around in your system to fit in.

Your body is an amazing aspect of your higher, infinite self and your navigation for this lifetime. Start listening more and you will be amazed.


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