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Can You Love Yourself Anyway? Say Yes!

As you may have noticed, things are changing quite a bit these days. Some of you are having a great time, releasing and relieving yourself from old bonds, promises, decisions, conclusions, self identities and other limitations. Some of you are having a more challenging time with the changes. I’m inviting you, no matter how hard or challenging a time you are having, to be on your side in the very moments that are most intense  To not judging yourself; to instead of the old habit of making it a character defect problem, or a personal problem, like you are the…
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What if you could not fail?

This is a really potent time right now. Wouldn’t it be great if you did the experiment to see what could happen if you backed yourself 1000%? See what could come into being in your life if you acted as if you could not fail? What might next month and next year be like if you applied yourself, every day, to your fullness, your completeness, your wholeness and happiness? What if you rearranged your life to give yourself the loving attention, nourishing foods and thoughts, that you normally reserve for your kids, loved ones or others? What if you channeled…
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This Friday and Saturday at East West Bookshop, Seattle

Do you have neck and shoulder pains? Do you have sudden wafts of nausea?’ Do you experience headaches, or sudden wooziness? All of these are symptoms of foreign energy in your space. Foreign energy is any energy that doesn’t belong to you. Sometimes it is stranger’s energies, but usually it is friends and loved one’s energies. But any energy that doesn’t not belong to you that is in your system will feel uncomfortable, either mildly irritating to extremely agitating. Your body is trying to tell you that there is some energy in your space that is not yours, and in…
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Healing Special, Highly Sensitive People, Self Respect, self-confidence

Confident and Companionable with Yourself

I hear a lot about confidence and the desire for more of it. How if you just had some of that, everything would be okay and you could do anything. But self-confidence is not a main ingredient; it is symptom, or a byproduct. Self-confidence is one of the byproducts of being reliable and credible with — yourself. A person has confidence based on experience. You’ve seen and validated yourself as you learned something: as you went from not knowing to studying to passing a test, for instance. Or you have validated yourself as not knowing how to play the piano but having…
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Confidence, Self Respect, self-confidence