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Highly Sensitive People

Reclaim Your Energy!

Do you ever find yourself resisting sitting down to turn within? Earlier today I overheard an Astrologer talking about how Pluto is situated in such a way as to be stimulating everyone’s “shadow side,” and people are uncomfortably aware of their shadow at this time.  Does that sound familiar to you? I see Astrology and numerology, tarot, Zen, economic trends all as psychic or Spiritual information coming through in these different languages so that everyone can “hear” the messages in the language that resonates with them the most.  As my healing work deepens in the areas of trauma release and PTSD healing, I…
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Respect and Empathy

Have you ever listed to Brene Brown speak? Thankfully I see excepts of interviews and talks with her posted on FB often. I love Brene Brown. She’s from Houston, my home town.  She teaches at University of Houston, as did my father. And she’s all about vulnerability and courage and caring and Daring Greatly, so that makes us sisters, right? Having never met her is a mere detail. I just haven’t met her – yet. Our paths are bound to cross. Because empathy, compassion in action, caring, growing way past the old limits (others or you own) IS The Most…
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Reimagine, Renew, Rebirth

The Vernal Equinox, Springtime, the longer days of light, and blossoming of so many seeds in flowers. This is the time of year for reimagining, renewing and rebirth. This is a time for healing. Healing means a return of fresh energies, undreamed of possibilities, opportunities that didn’t seem to exit before. Healing means Technicolour Tulip festivals, a Danube so blue, a zip line through the Amazon canopy, a sparkling life of wonder replacing the drab, hum-drum or monochromatic sameness of oppression, suppression, controlling and manipulating what sucks, hurts and numbs. Healing means redeeming trapped or stagnant energies; aspects of the self…
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Healing Yourself Heals the World

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is for you to support others rather than risk appearing as selfish? How it is so ingrained in you to be of service, to take care of friends and loved ones and to care for everyone, that you are playing second fiddle to Others in your life? Maybe you are beloved at work because everyone knows that you will fill in and help out no matter what. Or maybe you are always and forever antsy to help or to please, since you know that you always feel better when you are being…
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