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Activism for the Spiritually Minded Introvert & Others

Right now, there is more going on in a day than usual. A lot of it is over-the-top irresponsible, damaging, potentially and irrational, un-American, treasonous and anywhere from deeply disturbing to downright stupid. You want to not just Witness what’s happening, but sort it out, try to make sense of it, and figure out what you can do, how you can contribute in the face of psychotic behavior on the part of the elected officials – a lot of them. When in fear a body-mind-personality will work hard to educate to ease the anxiety. Many people have experienced many kinds…
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Your Healing Makes the World Better

Hello sweet, powerful one. I want to take a moment to be with you before all the activities begin. I want to take this moment to say Thank You. And to say how grateful that I am that you are in the world at large, and in mine. The courage, heart, valor and potency that I see every day as I work with you blows me away. I get to witness you doing the healing work for not only your personal self, but for your ancestors. I see you tied up in these historic, ancestral knots, and I see you…
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Mindful Marching & Survival Guide for the Introvert, Sensitive Marcher

Mindful Marching & Survival Guide for the Introvert, Sensitive Marcher Women’s March  January 21, 2017 Resources:  Apps for your phone – Calm – Free version has ocean sounds and a thing to help you regulate your breathing. iChill – an app “to bring more calm and balance to yourself,” with useful ways of thinking and things to do to bring your mind to where your body is. Inspirational image – a new concept in peaceful protest – taking a stand for something. Geliqua Amini  posted in FB 1/12/17.  No yelling. No screaming. No fighting. A new form of protesting: Thousands…
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What If Awareness Isn’t Crazy?

There have been so many deaths in 2016. Some knocked the wind out us, some were an utter surprise, some were a welcomed respite for a loved one. I know I was very sad when Alan Rickman died, since I did not know he was ill. But Carrie Fisher’s death seemed unbelievable to me – she’s only 60! Her humor, her perspective an wit. I found everything I could on YouTube to hear her words, from her own mouth, and again I felt like what a difference it may have made to her and her life if she had learned…
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