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New Year’s Day GIFT OF HEALING for YOU!

It IS The New Year! I’m thrilled to gift you a group Healing Session today at 3:00 Eastern / 12:00 Pacific time. Click here to get the call in info and join us! This year, as I have been in my savoring the spirit of the season, I am aware of so many deep changes, and so much that I am so grateful for that’s happened in 2017.  Some of what I am most deeply grateful for is profoundly wonderful, but on the surface it looks like what’s usually called – bad On a personal note, this year my asthma,…
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You’ll Get the Memo Later

You can think your way out to some borderline That place of ideas or new perspectives But all the geniuses say New insights come when you least expect it.   In healing, it often happens that Things shift; you can feel the Energy move in your body but Wordlessly and then A flash of understanding comes to you While in the shower or When you least expect it.   It is easy to overlook the flash; To change the flash to Fit in with the Same-old-same-old framework But then you the major shift.   Instead, you can Allow the shift…
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The Light in the Dark

A number of you have come to sessions under the weight of sadness, or hope-lessening, or hope not seeming real, or safe, or any use. The stories are varied, often long, without enthusiasm and as draining for you to say as it is for you to feel them. It is deep in December, my dears, and on the cusp of the Solstice, the darkest time of the year (in the Northern hemisphere). On top of that, this is the time of year of a blizzard of invalidation, a tsumani of oppressed, unowned and disowned emotions, misinformation, wrong conclusions and lies…
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If you could forget to be afraid of something, what would you want it to be?

If you could forget to be afraid of something, what would you want it to be? What are you AFRAID of?    Where are you letting fear stop you? What if you forgot to do that? What if all that fear, figuring out and rat-brain is all designed to keep you out of the game? Sidelined and entertained with your favorite chew-toys, like “Why” and “What’s wrong with me?” and other unending-answerable lies that are really just distracting you from BEing your dynamic, magical, powerful manifestor Self – Spirit IN Body? What if your fears are just the prison bars…
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Awaken NOW, changing normal, Clearing fear, Empowerment, Energy, Fear, Fear Busting, Freedom, Healing, Healing and Fear, Healing Special