Delia Yeager

Healing and Fear

Post-Election Clarity

HI y’all –  Here we are in the new, post-apocalyptic world. We’ve gone from 9/11 to 11/9. Not clear yet what it means, but it seems significant. I like to think of this as the time we kicked it into high gear., and see a dramatic spike in people committed to getting clear, unfogged, and chip away at this phenomenally creative and destructive time. It takes both, you know. There are many things to get to remember and address now, not the least of which is our own healing practice.  I’m thinking of renaming the work that I teach from…
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What if you could not fail?

This is a really potent time right now. Wouldn’t it be great if you did the experiment to see what could happen if you backed yourself 1000%? See what could come into being in your life if you acted as if you could not fail? What might next month and next year be like if you applied yourself, every day, to your fullness, your completeness, your wholeness and happiness? What if you rearranged your life to give yourself the loving attention, nourishing foods and thoughts, that you normally reserve for your kids, loved ones or others? What if you channeled…
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Reclaim Your Energy!

Do you ever find yourself resisting sitting down to turn within? Earlier today I overheard an Astrologer talking about how Pluto is situated in such a way as to be stimulating everyone’s “shadow side,” and people are uncomfortably aware of their shadow at this time.  Does that sound familiar to you? I see Astrology and numerology, tarot, Zen, economic trends all as psychic or Spiritual information coming through in these different languages so that everyone can “hear” the messages in the language that resonates with them the most.  As my healing work deepens in the areas of trauma release and PTSD healing, I…
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Healing and Fear, Highly Sensitive People, Self Respect

Time To Stop Making Lemonade Out of Everthing

You know how you are always looking for the up side of everything? All the platitudes and one-liners that encourage you to make the best of everything, regardless of what it is? You have taken that all a bit too far now, haven’t you? Recently a bright, amazing young woman was talking to me about her brother who is ill with cancer, on top of not being the most reliable person in the world when it comes to telling the truth. His recreational activities of long-term drug use have left him riddled with other entities that like to jump in…
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Healing and Fear, Self Respect, SLP