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Sovereignty as Spiritual & Social Activism

So often when I am talking with people about their health and well-being, at some point they will bring up the need to be informed, especially these days with how fast things happen and how often crazy things happen. I know people who are on social media for hours a day, reading newspaper articles as well as what their friends have shared, commenting among the likeminded, and even “trying to educate,” those they disagree with. I hear people standing around in shops, discussing the same, sharing what’s on their FB or Tweet feed – for hours.   I understand the…
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Activism, Energy, Power, Sovereignty

Thanksgiving & Holiday Season Clearings

This is a special time of year, buried beneath the modern conventions of Thanksgiving, family and holiday madness. Some people are calm, cheery and peaceful for the holidays, full of good will and unfazed by the ads, the pace, the rush of it all, or simply enjoying it all.To them, I wish nothing but the best & a white Christmas too, or whatever their version of a wonderful holiday is. But I’m here for those of you who have challenging family relations, holidays past traumas, social pressure anxiety and the like. I have the privilege work with the most amazing,…
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If you could forget to be afraid of something, what would you want it to be?

If you could forget to be afraid of something, what would you want it to be? What are you AFRAID of?    Where are you letting fear stop you? What if you forgot to do that? What if all that fear, figuring out and rat-brain is all designed to keep you out of the game? Sidelined and entertained with your favorite chew-toys, like “Why” and “What’s wrong with me?” and other unending-answerable lies that are really just distracting you from BEing your dynamic, magical, powerful manifestor Self – Spirit IN Body? What if your fears are just the prison bars…
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Whose Shame Are You Carrying?

When you do something wrong, you are guilty. Guilt is not an emotion. You are guilty no matter how you feel about it, or rationalize it. When you do something wrong, you are guilty of wrong doing. But we have gotten so muddied up about wrongdoing, we obscure it by saying we feel guilty, when in fact we feel shame. Guilt and shame go hand in hand as course corrections, but we tend to want to run away from these useful signs of the need for course correction, because of the misuse and overuse of shame in our culture. Shame…
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