September 8, 2014 Delia Yeager

September 8 – another full perigee moon or Super Moon

From what I’ve been hearing, a lot of you are experiencing the pressure to get clear, to break through and to get moving in the direction of your Spiritual Purpose and pronto!

Some people have described experiencing – confusion, pressure, a sense of urgency, a feeling of impending doom even. A lot of people find themselves going over (and over) their past, and others are minimizing (escaping) the discomfort of this energy by being so focused on their future plans they are numb to what’s happening now.

The conventional wisdom of our culture has trained us that if things are unpleasant or uncertain today, it is best to 1. Go back over the past to see why and how you got here, so as to never make those mistakes again (ha-ha!) or 2. Spend your time and energy seeing the future and where you want to go that gets translated into go be IN the future.

Obviously as infinite spirit beings in bodies we can do either of these, and often do. After all that is what we are trained to do, and yet – there is a different approach that is much more powerful.

Be IN Present Time.

NOW IS the point of Most Power.

Now may well be the point of most power but most of us have not been taught how the heck to be IN Preset Time, much less how to deal with the emotional discomfort of the discrepancy between how things are now and how you want them to be.

Being IN Present Time is a worthy skill. It brings you to the point where you can access and experience your tremendous and infinite energy.  Present time is where all healing takes place; and from Present Time you can give yourself a healing across the time line – retroactive healing – wow.

Present Time is right here, right now, with the body.  That can explain why it is so challenging!

To be present, in real time means becoming aware of what is going on in your body. It means becoming aware of physical and emotional pains, discomfort, frustration, tensions, things you’ve been avoiding even.

At first blush it can be challenging to stay present with the body, but as you do stay present, you are actually building trust and giving yourself a healing.

When you find yourself feeling scattered, harried, late, lost or lonely, try this:

Close your eyes and turn within. With your feet squarely on the floor and your hands in your lap, take some nice, slow, deep breaths – in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, as though you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

As you breathe, allow your body to squidge around in the chair becoming more comfortable.  You want to allow your torso to tip forward at the hips till your body gently finds its proper center of gravity and your spine easily relaxes and lengthens into being naturally straighter, drawing you up in your posture.

Continue to breathe deeply, bringing in your energies and attention on the inhale, and on the exhale releasing anything that is no longer for your greater good.

You can periodically recite the day’s date to help bring all your attention into right here, right now, with your body.

As you gather your energies and attention all around your body, right here, right now, sense-feel yourself surrounded by the power and protection of your Infinite energy – and breathe that in. Breathe in how in this moment, you actually have everything you need. In this moment you have all the oxygen in the world to breathe, you have skin and a body to walk you the spirit into the physical world, and body-mind-personality has You, the Spirit to animate, protect and heal body.

You can open your eyes and list out your current reality by naming what you see, hear, feel, smell, right here, right now. Let that bring your attention back from the past or the future, filling up right here right now with all of you – the parts of you that you know about as well as the parts of you that you don’t know about. And breathe that in.

When you’re ready, relax your focus, take another long deep breath, pat your knee kindly, open your eyes and BE all here, now. Notice how your body responds to all of becoming present.

© Delia Yeager, September 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Be here NOW