September 17, 2014 Delia Yeager

I have been waiting all my life for this class. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve
wanted Super Powers. And I’ve always knows we are energy Beings.
I am so glad to be in this training!”

(This is exactly how I felt in my first class of this Practice too!)

We were talking about the difference between knowing something with your head and actually KNOWING something.

“Is it this and then that? Or that and then this?” He asked.

How often do you ask this, or questions like this?

Some of us need to know with our heads.

Some need to know – viscerally. Not emotionally, although there is an emotional component; not intellectually, although there are aspects of mental intelligence; not just lip-service to sound good; and not just the appearance of knowing – but actually, deeply, inside KNOWING.  

I lived for decades knowing things with my head but living from I did not know where! My head knew all the answers – forgiveness, peace, kindness, etc. but I knew nothing about how I really felt. I knew more about what the people around me felt, my family and loved ones, than what I felt, or even what I really thought – I only knew what I thought I felt and what I thought I thought!

That is why I – and soooo many others – love this practice so much. Finally – to Know from the inside out.  

Knowing the answer, knowing how this is supposed to go or what is right in that situation is not the same as Knowing, thank goodness!

Knowing in your head doesn’t help you live better, feel better, or be more authentic and joyful in your skin – it just means you know how to act like it better.

This course is for when  you are ready to shift from just wanting to feel better to actually, truly, deeply BE better – more You, more present, more consciously aware of your Spirit Self WITH your body. Experience – not concept.

Look around my site. Read the past email listed below here. Look at the Inspiration Corner and the Testimonial page.  Then sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take a few calming, deep breaths like you have all the time and oxygen in the world, and ask yourself: how is your life going to be in 2 years if you do not start this Core Spiritual Practice in support of your life and spiritual purpose? And how is your life going to be in 2 years of you DO start this Core Spiritual Practice?

That’s what the Core Spiritual Practice is for; so you can BE Your True Nature and satisfy Your Spiritual Purpose. 

Comments I’ve heard this week from people currently in their Core Spiritual Practice Training:

“I had felt like they were being unreasonable and picking on me. After doing the techniques from the first class for a couple of days, I realized what the information they were offering me was, and that it was accurate. They were’t picking on me – they were asking legitimate questions. Things I care about, I just had not been able to get past feeling picked on enough to hear them! Now I get it!”

“I had thought that being separate from someone I loved was cold and lonely. Doing this technique, I can see that being fully me and letting them be fully them may not be so bad after all! It actually feels good – freeing. How unexpected!”

“This week, since the first class, I have been noticing how much of my energy  I just – give away. I couldn’t stop it from happening, but over and over again I found myself in situations with people where I was helping them, listening to them, helping them with their projects and I simply could not get to mine. No wonder my stuff is so “stuck” and hard to get done! So I was frustrated this week, but I remembered your saying to notice how things were different this week, and they were. Not that I was giving all my energy away – that was depressingly normal; what was different was how much and how often I noticed myself doing it!”

Whether you follow the language of astrology or numerology or plants, as long as you have a pulse right now you can tell that the pressure is ON. The Universe, your Highest Self, the laughing gods, Kali, St Jude – everybody and their brother is currently conspiring to help you free yourself from limiting notions, lies, misunderstandings and just bad and wrong information.

If you want to –
Be able to know what’s the right thing for you, in any situation
Be able to let go of what’s not yours so you can be calm and at ease
Be able to have all your vitality, wisdom and power available to you when
               all those around you are (fill in the blank)
Be able to know what to do, and how to support yourself in doing it
Be able to feel/experience/know that you ARE spirit, and you HAVE this amazing BODY

… and if you are ready to stop rearranging the furniture and really make the changes needed, this is the course and the time for you.

Contact me at if you have any questions about the Training. We can set up a phone call where you can ask your questions and we can have a conversation to see if this training is a good match for you at this time.

Hope to see you soon.

tune in to YOU

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