These body sessions can be verbal or mostly non-verbal, depending on the energy, as we interrupt the distraction and disruption cycle programs, defragment your brain, and restore you to your true Origin. You should feel deeply relaxed yet energized, more hopeful, more You and confident after this session.

The most frequent comments are feeling lighter, brighter, less tight, more relaxed and more energized, more hopeful and body smiling and/or laughing almost involuntarily.

These sessions include clearing out other people’s energies and instructions as well as old trauma/fear/conclusions from this and any other lifetime, contracts that limit you, pictures, impulses, and psychic information meant to scare and control you.

All work is directed towards restoring you to You – your true Self, in ways you can experience and rely on.

In the Tuesday’s Body Energy Healing session exclusively at Sacred Circle in Alexandria, you’ll lie on the massage table fully clothed, but without any jewelry, watch or shoes. We begin with an invocation, an assessment of your chakras and energy bodies, then using her hands, claps and sounds, Delia assist your body’s releasing trapped energies, changing electromagnetic energies flows, interrupt stuck loops, and anything else required for you to release that which is no longer for your greater good and that your system is ready to release.

Energy never dies, it just changes form, and it always carries signatures of information.

At moments of emotional intensity, like trauma, abuse, separation, and death, these information signatures can imprint on the system so strongly that whenever you experience anything in that range of resonance, your cells will recognize the vibration and start the program of the conclusions, decisions and assumptions you made when this energy happened last. It may be that there is an event in this lifetime that you may consider the source event, but it may be that everything in this lifetime is really resonating to something that happened in one or many past lives, of yours or of your ancestors.

While the information from that past experience(s) may be worth having access to, the bio-energetic calls to actions, aka emotions, from that previous experience needs to be answered, so the program stops kicking in and taking over you and your life.

We are already multidimensional beings, with things happening across more timelines in more dimensions than we can talk about.

Clearing out the old emotionality clears your head and sensory systems so you can finally BE in the present moment, with all your capacities at the ready, relaxed yet fully empowered – Live, and in re-runs any more.

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