What are Bars and what are they doing in your head?

You could think of your Bars session like a massage for your brain or hitting the Re-Set button.

In a session you could experience a lot of relaxation, maybe a snooze,
Or you could have lots of feeling thoughts, pictures and emotions,
Or your body could twitch, or kick or jerk, or be still as could be.

Every Bars session is different, but each has both an immediate effect as well as a cumulative, healing affect.

You may notice better quality of sleep, more energized yet relaxed, less body aches and pains, less getting clock into some limiting points of view that in the past were always your favorite cat-nip.

Getting your Bars run dissipates the electrical charge of polarity, dichotomy, black-and-white beliefs, and other such electrical signatures in the sub-routines of your thinking and beliefs.

In other words – Ahhhh! Release! Relief! AND more energy of possibilities to create beyond what you’d been allowed to before.

Clearer thinking
More refreshed
Energized – not caffeinated
Clearer and cleaner feeling
More ready to thrive

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