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Point of View

Posted by Delia Yeager   on October 11, 2014
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Your POV can be a source of great pain, struggle, problems, social difficulties and a lot of other limitations. We often hear about POV as an illusion like time or reality. We hear about the need to let go of our POV. And here’s the thing – some people DO need to let go their iron-fisted absolutist POV and make some room for someone else’s POV. Fabulous! There are a lot of articles out there for you already. This is for a different person. This is for the person who doesn’t really know, much less own, their own point ofRead More


Posted by Delia Yeager   on September 27, 2014
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EVENTS + SPECIALS   Saturday November 1 Day of the Dead Healing Workshop 3:00 – 6:00 pm at East West Bookshop Click here for more info This workshop is very interactive, or rather inner-active. There will be guided meditations and subtle energy workouts so you can experience the energy of Your higher Self – the energy part of your system. Connecting with your spiritual self is a thrilling and profound experience. On this magical day of the veils between the worlds becoming the thinnest, step into connecting with YOUR SPIRIT, the Infinite, divine You, the Spirit.  Breathe like you have allRead More

e-notes: Growth Periods

Posted by Delia Yeager   on September 24, 2014
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Did you know that the Healing Process is predictable? The bullet points could be: – Shock/awe/blast-imprinting intense – Pulsating cycles of denying, pretending, running away from, ignoring, minimizing – Implosion  cycles taking things out on self, then Others, in turn – Critical mass crisis – something  must break! Choice – either turn around and face the thing, or crash, freeze again and repeat the cycle We are meant to Break – as in break through. Break through involves some degree of break down. When you have been through the healing cycle enough times you start to recognize the landmarks; This isRead More

Stasis, SuperPowers and Growing

Posted by Delia Yeager   on September 21, 2014
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“That brought tears to my eyes!” was a comment on my FB in response to a New York Ballet video post. It’s like that right now, isn’t it? One minute feeling like bursting into song and dance with how fabulous and energizing things are, and the next moment, feeling like bursting into tears at how tired of the same old hardships body is. It’s almost enough to give you whip-lash, or make you wonder if you aren’t going crazy. This is actually a sign that things – and you – are changing, as in growth opportunities. Now, body has aRead More