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Betwixt and Between

Posted by Delia Yeager on December 27, 2014
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The week between Christmas and New Years always seems out of time to me. It is neither a holiday or a regular day, neither fish nor fowl. I love betwixt and between, like Halloween, because these are times when "the veil between the world," is thinnest. This time of year we are naturally lead to thinking about the past year and the coming year, an organic rhythm of look back and casting forward. The more you participate in this oscillation, the more potent your understanding and releasing the past can be (you cannot release until you get the message!) and

A Gift for You That Only You Can Give

Posted by Delia Yeager on December 22, 2014
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Tonight is the longest night of the year. In my meditation, this present come up to present to you.Tomorrow the sun begins its return.It is only a quick 6 months to the longest day of the year.And the circle, it goes round and round.A lot can happen in 6 months. A lot has happened in the last 6 months. Think back to where you were in June/July 2014. Be open to what that time wants to bring to mind. Don’t tell yourself what was happening back then – invite who you were then to tell you – today-you  - what
Most Highly Sensitive People or Empaths tend to have lives where there is a lot of alone-time built in. Whether through minimizing the quantity of people in your life, or limiting the amount of time you are available for friends and family, one way or another Empaths will find ways to protect themselves from the uncomfortable and unwanted energies of others. This can look like not having a lot of people in your life. Empaths may prefer to have too few people in their lives after spending the first 20 years with way too many people around them. So many
The holiday season of December is known as a magical season. A time of anticipating what gifts you will be receiving from family, friends, or Old Saint Nick. It’s a time of planning active giving and passive receiving gifts with people who matter to you. But manifesting a wish of your own, bringing something you care about to real life is the most fun, most empowering thing you can do. These days we are culturally told about a hundred million times a day how powerless and limited we are. And we are told about a hundred million times a day