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The more you own and fill your own space, the more you discover how much more you are than you thought you were. As you get used to your Daily Practice of turning within and running your energies, things you learn in the Core Spiritual Practice Training, the more you discover the Infinite parts of your true Self. Physicists, biologists, even the AMA admit that there are some benefits to meditating; reducing stress, easing concentration, lowering cortisol levels, etc. The more you (body, mind, emotions) experience the You (Infinite Being) “inside”, that

Time To Know What You Know

Posted by Delia Yeager on January 22, 2015
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I signed up for your Core Spiritual Practice Training because I have studied with a lot of people, and have studied a lot of the spiritual teachings, but what I want is to be able to access my own spiritual information, always.”   I hear this all the time, and it is about my most favorite thing to hear. I love helping people find and own their spiritual wisdom and freedom. As I tell people in the first class, I do this because years ago I was sometimes terrified in my own skin, not

Have you ever had the experience of becoming aware of some block or pain, then doing what you know to do to release it, and it gets better for a little but really, it seems like you just have to accept it as part of your life?Maybe you have not been able to make the kind of money you need to truly support your family (you by yourself count as your family, too!) Maybe you have been conservative and conscientious about recycling and reusing everything in your life. You may have even gotten a bit religious in your belief in

Be In Conversation With Fear

Posted by Delia Yeager on January 8, 2015
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There are things you are passionate about. So passionate that it was painful, so you went numb. At some point it seemed better to be frozen than to feel any more. Numb became the new normal. But staying numb takes 10, 000 micro-decisions a day, and a constant vigilance to keep yourself there. “It is easier to not feel, to be above it all, to be detached this way,” is a lie in your space. It takes 10,000 micro-decisions a day to stay numb, but it also takes 10,000 micro-decisions a day to thrive. You make the 10,000 micro-decisions every