Are you ready?

March 17, 2019 Delia Yeager

Do you hear the Calling?

Are You Ready to answer it?

The world is on fire for Change, more awareness, more consciousness, more kindness, more thriving, more fairness, more equality,  and space – space for you and me and they and them and each and all and everyone.

Bradley Cooper was on Oprah talking about how important meditation has been in his life and his creative process. Today I heard Nancy Pelosi talking to a group of women in San Francisco talking about how important their voice, their power, their vision, and dreams are for the world, now more than ever.

Having a daily spiritual practice makes all the difference in how much ease you can have in creating your life, and the world around you, into something that supports & nurtures, and is out-right fun.

It is exhausting to be suppressed, living in fear and resistance to everything and everyone. It is especially exhausting to always be on the lookout for judgment, and the need to protect yourself from it.

A woman asked Nancy Pelosi how she deals with all the energy – and judgment – that comes at her all the time.  She said, “Know your why. The rest is their problem,” which got a lot of laughter and applause.

What if instead of just knowing your why – to make your life and the lives of not only those you love but strangers as well, better, with more greatness in society and everyone’s bank accounts, more fairness and thriving for all – you also know, as surely as the sun will rise in the east, that you have the power to effect such change and actualize all that, and so much more?!

What if instead of trying to look our for or protect yourself against being judged, aka as trying to control how other people think of and see you – you can welcome getting judged because you’ve learned how to increase your receiving so much, you know it’s not only validation that you are doing something right, but you also know more money is coming to you?!

Are you ready to change course  and start actualizing those visions of fabulousness for yourself, and by extension, your family, and the world?

Ready for more ease, joy, and glory within your everyday life? 
in your business? 
with your bank account?

I am looking for 6 women who are on fire to be more fearless, generate more joy, fun, money, possibilities than ever before.

~ Know and be confident your why
~ Have your back in all ways, at all times
~ Know the Universe has your back in all ways, at all times
~ No longer indulge in any of the self-doubt, “who I am I to say/do/be…,” distractions

36 days ~ 6 weekly sessions to more clarity & certainty than you’ve ever had before

More info coming soon.