Ancestral Money Healing – This Saturday

May 24, 2017 Delia Yeager

Ever wonder why you can’t have more money?

Ever noticed how there’s always an authoritarian figure saying how if you just tried harder, or if you had anything good to offer, or if someone else would just…. something, this part is slippery and changes a lot, but it all keeps ending with what’s wrong with your money situation is – You’re weakness.
And on top of all that, or rather, underneath all that, deep in the infrastructure of your make-up, is all the ancestral beliefs and mandates about money.
All your family lore about money, the stuff you know about as well as the stuff that you don’t know about, and all the lore of your ethnic heritage, especially the stuff that you keep in place by resisting it, denying it, or colluding with it.

Wouldn’t you rather have the opposite experience with money?
Wouldn’t you rather have money be as easy, yummy and full-filling as it has been hard, icky and emptying?
Wouldn’t you rather have more money than you ever thought possible?



Ancestral Money Clearing
Saturday May 27 at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific 

Don’t worry if you can’t be on the call on Saturday – the healing is in the energy on the mp3. You’ll get the mp3 within 24 hours and can re-listen to it as much as you want, and get more clearing and healing every time.

Your ability – comfort, willingness, ease, grace and joy – with Receiving is shaped and limited by your other beliefs.

Your system is integrated and demands congruence. If you or your ancestors believed money is bad or that it’s not safe for you to have it, you won’t have money. It is that simple.
Clearing out these old beliefs makes a world of difference.

Clear. Consistent. Congruent. Makes manifesting easy.

Bling! Bling! Sweetie!


Because going deep and being You IS the only game in town.

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