Amusement Helps Healing Happen

May 12, 2017 Delia Yeager

Amusement is one of the most powerful vibrations there is.

Amusement is an expansive, barriers down, kind and inclusive energy.

With amusement, anything is possible.

Amusement is not the same as laughing at someone, or the coping strategy to distance yourself from your feelings with the distraction of a happy face; distracting yourself as well as others. The face smiling mask to entertain and distract others and yourself from your pain, fear, panic is not the same thing as true amusement. You can feel the difference.


In healing, clearing, waking up to who You truly are, your greatness, there are many spots along the way that not only invite but require vulnerability and therefore, courage.

To finally hear and receive the messages from your body, the questions, conclusions and assumptions that your body-mind made in various situations in your past takes being still, in the present, without barriers like judgment and conclusion. Pretty much the opposite of how the world programs us to operate.

But when you can be present with yourself enough to sense-feel-hear-see those questions-concerns-conclusions from earlier in your life, you will notice that the whole world is different – and better – than you’ve ever experienced before.

This is the big secret that the cultural programming doesn’t want you to know – that you not only have access to the power engine of understanding, knowing and transforming anything but that you ARE that power; the Infinite You.


For the Infinite or Spirit You, this is all play. It is amusing because the Infinite You never dies; It just changes form, and It is conscious through all that, so It knows this is all a kind of game.

However, a big and important part of the game is that that body-mind-personality can only live in present time, and knows matter to be all that it is, and as an animal body, knows it will die. In fact, body’s Prime Directive is to keep the blood pumping and keep itself alive, so it can walk and talk You, the Spirit, into and through the world on this grand adventure we call Life.

So you see, Spirit and body have vastly different perspectives, and rightly so.

Body naturally – by infinite wisdom and design – experiences fear, among other emotions. That’s its job.

And when body gets the benefits of spirit helping out, then everything changes.


Learning – experiencing that You really ARE spirit with this amazing body IS life-altering. It’s big.


Body does its job by being skeptical of big changes. That’s a good thing, when you are participating by listening and can respond – in real time.

Sometimes the appropriate response is, “Yes, I see what you are telling me, but we’ll be okay. Good body!” or “Yes! We much change course now! Good body!”

Only by being in the present moment, consciously aware (not hyper-aware; that’s usually literally just looking for trouble) of what’s happening now, in real time, can you provide the correct and most accurate response to your body’s communication.

That’s what emotions are – body’s communication of what’s going on. Priceless info, when You are listening.



Because getting real and being present are against so much cultural programming, it is scary for the body.

To become aware of the things you’ve been trying to distract yourself from is scary for the body.

Amusement helps, as it naturally brings the barriers of judgment, defense and resistance, down.

Amusement helps healing happen.


Going deep can sound scary, but know that amusement is more of an ally than you may have noticed before.


But don’t take my word for it. Do the science. Experience this for yourself.


Sign up for a Healing, or the Spiritual Living Program, and start experiencing your greatness, in the bubble of the high-healing amusement, today.