Activism for the Spiritually Minded Introvert & Others

January 27, 2017 Delia Yeager

Right now, there is more going on in a day than usual. A lot of it is over-the-top irresponsible,
damaging, potentially and irrational, un-American, treasonous and anywhere from deeply disturbing to downright stupid.

You want to not just Witness what’s happening, but sort it out, try to make sense of it, and figure out what you can do, how you can contribute in the face of psychotic behavior on the part of the elected officials – a lot of them.

When in fear a body-mind-personality will work hard to educate to ease the anxiety.

Many people have experienced many kinds of abuse, from psychological to sexual and everything in between, and the irrational, hateful actions and words on the part of the person in the most powerful office of the land, maybe the world, is viscerally disturbing and activating personal traumas.

For the survivors who have been making their way in life by thinking their way through, figuring everything out down to the smallest detail, this is a perfect storm of a kind of crack-cocaine.

You cannot make sense of insanity. You can’t reason with psychosis. You can’t reason with someone living in an alt-reality, because you don’t speak the same language nor do you have the same definitions or references.

All of this is the first step – what is the current reality? By current, I mean this moment, this day, this time.

Know where you are starting from, and be in the present is the first touch-down point.

Know that you are dealing with politicians who have a wildly different agenda than we have ever faced, but don’t try to keep up. This fire is raging on too many fronts.

We are still in the assault phase; the damage cannot yet be assessed because every day there is new potential or actual damage going on.

Ever been around a tantruming, spoiled brat? Don’t feed their need for power through attention by meeting every scream with a jump. 

Don’t feed the vampire-brats with your constant attention and emotions of outrage, fear and everything else.

Get your spiritual seniority to your emotions by keeping faith and your commitment first to your spiritual connection and well-being.

Times are too important to use all this to prove to others what kind of person you are, as though your activism is an accessory to match your eyes or to make you look good.

You must be, now more than ever, the captain of your ship (mind, emotions, reactions, resources) and the master of your fate.

Now more than ever, you must spend some portion of your day resting your nervous system, and you must train your mind to disengage as easily as it engages.

To do this you will need a spiritual practice with muscle, to heal what is activated in your own wounding, and to bring that healing to the world around you.

Times like this are tricky because your proactive actions are required, yes, but you must not allow yourself to get drunk on outrage and fear, and stay drunk on resistance and righteousness.

This is a master challenge, I know. And you are ready for it or you wouldn’t have been born at this time.

Everything you have every experienced in your life, including the abuses and betrayals, has been preparing you and training you for this moment in history.

Find some ways that are engaging and nurturing for you to experience daily what you love and want more of in the world.

Spend time in Kundalini Yoga class and daily practice.

Spend time in nature, daily.

Spend time playing with your dog, or reading poetry with your cat on your feet.

Spend your life-force energy, attention and time on what you want more of in the world every day, and this will not only balance you out, but indeed, bring that energy into the world more, every day.

Politics and social activism are socially acceptable, 24/7 addictions, but it is not the addictive mind that brings solutions and peace to the land.

The addictive mind can only bring more problems to solve, more atrocities to be outraged over, more invalidation to heap on every baby step and accomplishment because the addictive is the hole that is not fillable, and will never be satisfied.

Don’t wait till you have a full grasp of the situation.

We are not in the aftermath – we are still in the tearing of the fabric assault.

While the wreck is happening is not the time to try to assess the outcome.

But you don’t have to watch the plane hit the second building 100 times a day.

Water the garden of what you love, feed the wolf of building instead of destruction, and love up on you more than you ever have before.

Meditate and truly consciously connect with your higher self, higher power, the something that is bigger than all this, bigger than the planet, bigger than time.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself many more times a day that get yourself stirred up with the insanity, because it is from your being in love with what you do love about life that you can birth it more into the world, not from resistance alone.

The call for resistance may be timely, and certainly it has the romance of the WWII French resistance, but resistance is the superglue of the all energies. What you resist, persists, and resist it hard, long and deeply enough, you become it. (Keith Olbermann started out reasonable and liberal but railed against the conservative screaming man so long, Keith became the liberal version of same.)

In your daily tally of current reality, remember that in this moment, your needs are being met. You have plenty of air to breath, the sky is blue, you have a place in the world (that is not up for others to declare) and the world wants you here. If you can’t think of people who love you, think of people, places and things that you love.

Dwell some time each day in the love and majesty of being that you want more of in the world.

It’s not either or, it is both. There is a lot of destruction going on, and the world and life are beautiful, right here, right now.

If anyone who says you have to choose either/or, remind them (or yourself) to get a bigger perspective.

Get bigger. Allow for the full range of live, because it’s all happening now.

Get bigger, and love yourself and others today.

Get bigger.