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Espresso Version – Born weird. Looked like one thing to others, felt totally different to that on the inside. Read energy, like everyone does, but didn’t shield myself from it. Irish Catholic mother with mystical tendencies didn’t want to discourage me, but wasn’t comfortable with me, either. Had spiritual experiences all along in my life but not identified as such till decades later.

Started studying energy and energy healing in the 1970’s, Human Potential movement in the 1980’s, along with DMA (doesn’t mean anything) Creating Life energy practice, aka meditation, practice then teacher. Eventually studied at a Psychic Institute on the west coast for a number of years, CDM in Seattle. In training there are beyond, I’ve read and done healings with thousands of clients – past life, Akashic Records, Ancestral, multidimensional reading and healings. The healing work has evolved over time with the energy on the planet now, what is transforming, what is emerging, what is calling us into action next.

The first time I had a spiritual energy teacher, Prescott, was in the 1980’s, in the Human Potential movement. My teacher was also a social friend, and a group of us were out at a restaurant one evening. He was talking about energy reading and healing not being distance limited, and someone asked him to show them what he meant. He asked them to think of a friend of theirs, someone they knew pretty well, and to just shake their head when they had the name and person in mind. Then he turned to me and said, “tell us about the person she has in mind. Not the name, but the person.

I didn’t know that I couldn’t do that, and when I tuned in, a person I knew “showed up,” and as I started talking about that person, more information came out, and it was clearly the next thing to say, but it moved away from the person I knew and became this other person that I’d been asked to tune into.

When I opened my eyes, the other dinner guests were looking at me and there was an odd kind of quiet at the table. Prescott said, “I knew you’d be good at this but man, you went deep, and fast! That was a lot of personal information in a short amount of time.”

The other people at the table were looking at me as thought they had never seen me properly before, and I felt that way, too.

Ever since then I have studied, practiced, taught and used these abilities of tuning in, reading the energy, working with the highest self of thousands of people. I’ve done thousands of Past Life Readings, and Healings, plus reading Aura’s, balancing chakras and more.

I have facilitated people connecting with their own highest self on a regular, reliable, daily basis and had the honor of watching them transform themselves and their lives from a place where they were always micro-managing and manipulating themselves, agreeing with other’s projected energies about them, living tight, uncomfortable lives to living free, authentic, not on egg-shells or under the gun any more. I have heard many people say, “I’ve never felt safe before, and I didn’t even know it until now – now that I do feel safe, whole, secure, right here, right now.”

My own pain from things that happened in my life from early on were great motivation for me to understand.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, in the 1950’s-1980’s. Southern, liberal, Irish Roman Catholic with a strong Catholic Workers bent of faith must be expressed in actions, Monday through Saturday, not just on Sunday. I was questioning the Church and the church teachings in grade school along with everyone else who was in that time, the time of the great emancipation of Vatican II. The priests, nuns and everyone in the nation and the global scene – a perfect storm of questioning, opening up, exploring what else was possible, and adventuring forth, and everyone was coming from wanting a way not just to survive but to thrive. Freedom and justice for all – from the macrocosm< of the world, the nation, the South, my neighborhood to my inner world.

This was the beat of my coming of age, and to this day freedom is all. Freedom for me and everyone else.

I had another spiritual teacher who commented once, “You know, if all you do is love god, or align with your highest self, same thing because you are an expression of the all that is, by whatever name you call it – if all you did was that, there would be no need for all the not’s and don’ts of the rest of the commandments, because once you organize every thought, deed, decision towards the highest, there’s no place for the distraction crap, and it is a full time job; takes all your energy, as it should.”

Healing from the abuses of my childhood and life, learning how to listen to my emotions and body – how to heed its wisdom, how to think and act and speak from my Infinite Self, and make my everyday life a place that nurtures me, not a place I need to run away from – has made it abundantly clear that I was right when I read Richard Bach’s book, “Illusions,” and KNEW it was the TRUTH about how Life works.

Spirit really IS in charge, and my higher self is my guide, teacher, and best ally. Infinite Self is the real Self, and any thought, action, or world view that does not include that in the premise, is a half-truth.

Repairing the relationship between body-personality and spirit can take some time.

Body’s has some very legitimate questions – if spirit is so great, why did this or that happen to me?

Spirit is big enough for these questions, as well as all the emotions that come with it, from fear to rage to distrust, and everything in between.

Spirit and body-mind-personality have very different points of view, appropriately.

Learning how the two can clear and heal their relationship so that you can live together, cooperating, everyday, is the path I’ve been on, and that I have led many others on, to great success.

I have been through a lot. More than some, less than others, but enough to teach me about the process of healing, clearing and getting free – free to go FOR (no longer against).

I am passionate about healing, a rich inner life, creativity every day, transformation and freedom; mine and yours.

I am dedicated to spiritual and personal development. What started out as avid curiosity and love of adventure and discovery, the twin motivator was pain. I had the need to understand, that urged me on and into what often looked like trouble, but really was forward towards the spiritual freedom I craved.

I’ve studied many modalities and energy practices over the years. The systems and techniques that I use in healing sessions are specific and unique to the person I am working with and where they are at that time.

Each session is a unique healing, and they also build on each other over time to help you deepen your own healing, awareness and capacity for receiving, wholeness and thriving.

I’m so glad you are here.


I’m Delia Yeager: Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Energy teacher/trainer, and adventurer. As a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer, I help women and men learn the language of their own system so they can get more fulling into the game of creating their lives and a better world.

I am also a writer, painter, photographer who loves to travel and meet people.

My personal passion and drive is for freedom, creativity and thriving for all. I am on my mission for joy and thriving freedom within and without, and am honored to help so many on their own like mission.

I think developing the artists eye, listening to music, looking for magic in ordinary moments all contribute to experiencing your life as heaven on earth.

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