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August 31, 2018 Delia Yeager

If you have all the money you ever want, when you want it, and never think about it at all, this call will be of no interest to you.

However, if you have arecent or longstanding relationship with lacking money, or needing money, or wanting money more, or with living paycheck to paycheck, firstly know that you are not alone.

And if you are ready for a completely different relationship with and experience of money, this call may be just what you’ve been asking for.

We will be joining on a Zoom call where everyone will have their own electronic or paper copy of the book by Gary Douglas,  HOW TO BECOME M$NEY, extra paper and pen for writing down their pwn answers.

There’s only 13 questions, and I will be reading them out loud, then all of us will be quiet as we right down our own answers, then on to the next question.

There’s another 58 pages to the book that’ll be great to read after.

We are answering the questions at the same time because workbooks never work if we don’t do the work – hahaha!

By the way, if you don’t have ease and flow in one are of your life, you don’t have it in many area’s of your life. SO  – if you DO have ease and flow in one area of life, you will start to have MORE in ALL areas of your life. Sweet!

To register for the call, simply REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND SAY “Hey! Sign me up!” and I’ll send you the Zoom call info.


Please sign on on time so we can get started together, and if anyone needs to leave early, no problem, but let’s start together.

Tomorrow – Saturday, September 1st – Join in the Zoom call to get more freedom, clarity, ease and FLOW of money in your life.

3:00pm Eastern / 12:00 pm Pacific via ZOOM
EMAIL delia@deliayeager.net

Tomorrow, get your book, pen and paper, and a glass of water and – follow the instructions you’ll get by email to sign into the Zoom call at 2:59pm and we’ll get started!

This call will be about an hour. See you then!

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I really am so glad you are here!
Your Choice Matters.

You get to be you, all day long! How cool is that?!!!

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