The Wolf & the Money

February 20, 2018 Delia Yeager

I have a question, especially about money.

Which wolf do you feed?

You’ve heard the story of the grandfather who tells the little boy about the two wolves inside us: one that wants to destroy and kill – the wolf of less – and the one that wants to thrive, to run and live with the pack – the wolf of more. The little boy asks, which one will grow strongest? The grandfather says, the one you feed.

I love that story. It is so true.

I always heard the truth of the story, but for a long time I didn’t know how to apply it.

Back in the day, I was what they call an under-earner. There were reasons that sounded exactly right – issues with deserving and worth and all that jazz. I had beliefs that I didn’t even know about: I was worthless; nothing I did mattered; who would pay me if they knew how lost I felt?

Living without enough money comes with a lot of games you feel you must play with money. Having different bank accounts, and moving money back and forth, like a boss I had once, or writing a check for cash to overdraft one account to deposit in the other. 

The shenanigans are very stressful and tie up a tremendous amount of your energies, all of which validate the very beliefs you’d want to get rid of, if you knew that you could, and how.

Every time you do one of these things, you are telling yourself and the Universe that you are in fact whatever your greatest fear is. You are acting as if that icky judgement is true; your actions prove them to be true. You are feeding the destructive wolf, as you eat at and judge yourself.

But what if you stop playing these games, even before the money changes?

Hint: the money can’t change until you stop playing those game. 

What if every time you do that thing, that thing you swore you’d never do again, like overdraft your account, what if in that moment, just before you start to judge yourself, you ask yourself: yes, but can I love myself anyway? And always make the answer Yes.

Judgements like this:

– You’re a loser. Yes. I’m a loser. Can I love myself even if I am a loser? Yes. I can. I chose to love me.
– You’re a liar. Yes. I am a liar. Can I love myself anyway? Yes. I can. I chose to love me.
– You’re a bad person. Yes. I am a bad person. Can I love myself if I am a bad person? Yes. I can.

Instead of resisting these judgements that you and others have toward you, what if you stop resisting, hear them? You will in fact neutralize them and build your superpower of not caring, not being invested in, and not believing judgments and controlling maneuvers – yours or other’s.

This is how you feed the wolf of more and plenty, no matter what.

And now that you are loving you, no matter what, and you’re stopping judging you and being on your side instead, you’ll stop repelling, resisting and obliterating  money coming in. You’ll stop pushing money and possibilities away from you because now, your relationship to money does not have to prove out your worthless/loser story of yourself anymore, because you have no resistance to – or belief in – the worthless/loser story of you.

So how does the money come to you? 

In as many ways as you will allow.

Your basic nature, contrary to the 3D story of us, is to constantly create.

In a sci-fi story, it would look like you wake up every morning and as you open your eyes, the world starts to render like the very detailed images on the Holodeck in Star Trek, and your mood and outlook are based on the beliefs you are feeding that day, and that determines if this is going to be a worthless/loser kind of movie/day or a redemption/anything-is-possible movie/day. Your beliefs and mood are the generators of the reality you will experience that day, and every day. And you are the one who decides which.

Oh, but the bad thing! I must spend all my energy to avoid the bad thing today! Meaning you are now spending ALL your life force and creative energies feeding the bad thing, making it real, bringing it into the physical world.

Or, you can spend the day recognizing how much you have believed in the bad thing, but now you choose – you don’t know how; you only know that – the good thing to happen instead. And you start to act and plan on and for the good things to happen, and you no longer let the “don’t know how,” stop you from even imagining the good thing(s) can happen.

It’s amazing how much power we give “knowing how,” as if that is the magic power, when really it is your belief that great things can happen, even if you “don’t know how.”

“Knowing how,” is not the magic turbo-charge — You are.

When you act and plan on money not coming in, you block it! You tell the Universe, “don’t send me possibilities; I refuse to see them even if you do!”

And you tell money, “Go away! I don’t want you! You’ll mess up my story/movie! My beliefs in my conclusions, decisions and assumptions, and the principals I base my life on around them, are all more important and valuable to me than money coming to me all the time in unimagined ways! Go away!”

OR you can invite money and your power, your choice in, to be the co-operating factors, so your emotions, thoughts, choices, decisions and determination all align, as you built the spiritual muscles to clear old lies, know what’s true for you, ask clearly for what you want, and know with determination that your aim is true, and all of you is conspiring with the Universe to bring you into oneness with what you want to manifest and experience in this life. Voila!

But don’t take my word for it!

Try this at home:

Look at your money. Jot down all the feelings and conclusions you have about yourself when your bank account totals $1000 less than what you need a month. What are the judgements and conclusions you make of your worth, your power & potency, your Self?

Once you have those judgments and conclusions written down, go through each of them and ask:

Based on how much money I have, I am a ________. Okay. I am a __________. Can I love myself anyway? Always make the answer Yes. A clear, decisive Yes.

Do that with all the mean, horrible judgmental conclusions you can dream up. Make a game of it, one that you play many times a day, whenever you notice yourself judging you or notice that someone else is judging you.

Do this for 7 days and notice what happens. Then send me an email and tell me what you noticed.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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