August – First Thursday & Core Spiritual Practice Training

August 2, 2017 Delia Yeager

Hell-o, You beautiful Being!

Tomorrow is the First Thursday of August – can you believe that?
Come to Sacred Circle in Old Town Alexandria on Thursday, 6:00 pm, for the First Thursday Healing Circle. Call 703-299-9309 to reserve your spot. $10

First Thursday Healing Circle Aug. 3rd, 6:00 – 6:50
Call 703-299-9309 reserve you spot, or book your appointment for earlier that day!
919 King Street, Old Town Alexandria, VA

First Thursday – learn some energy techniques that you can use in your everyday life, to help feel calmer, to release energies and emotions that aren’t even yours, to free yourself up and improve every area of your life!


Support your thriving, the hence the thriving of us all. The Healing Special that’s calling to be offered is the Healer’s Healing. This is for the August Full Moon in Aquarius, Aug. 7.  CLICK HERE to register for your Special


Are you ready to learn about the language of you and YOUR energy system?

Periodically I teach a small group of people about the co-operating system of your body and spirit,
Higher Self, Infinite Self.

Body has a very different perspective from Spirits, and reclaiming that relationship, helping to clear
out the misconceptions and communications from the past can take a little attention, time, and
most of all, new information.

The advantage of doing this training with other people is that there is a cosmic alignment of who
will be in our class, and this way everyone gets the benefits of every else’s questions.

Some of us really want to know how we operate – as spirit in this amazing body that is literally spirit’s
or your soul’s mate.

If you want a way to support yourself daily, in an energy practice, aka meditation practice, that helps
your system operate cleaner, clearer and with a lot more yummy energy and vitality than you’ve ever
even imagined, this CORE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE TRAINING is for YOU!

CLICK HERE to find out more and to register now!

This is an amazing time to be in a body, on the planet. Don’t believe the lies about these times – that you are powerless, or can’t do anything to change current events, or everything is ending and there are no beginnings coming into existence ever again! Lies! YOU were totally born for these times! The times need YOU to become the You that you know you can and are meant to BE!

I am truly so glad you are here!

Be bright, you amazing Infinite Being! No more hiding.

In Joy!