There’s Only One Way…

April 27, 2017 Delia Yeager

I once had a client at a Psychic Fair sit down and ask, “What do you see for my love life? Is my ex-boyfriend coming back to me or my what?”

I often joke about not doing, “tall, dark and Tuesday” readings.

One reason that I don’t “tell the future,” because you haven’t written it yet.

I offered her some insight and energy work. She was not willing, though she said she was and she did continue sit there.
I was assisting her energetically, but every non-verbal fiber of her body-personality was saying, “Hell no. I’m not going to feel better until he comes back to me, and I’m not letting you do a damn thing right now, other than tell me when.”

Later I found out that she had been to a number of people at the fair that day, asking each of them the same question, and since no one read the lines in her script, and everyone instead read the energy and honestly told her what they saw, she concluded that none of us were worth our salt, so to speak.

What I loved about reading this woman is how beautifully she reflected an earlier me.

The me that believed, with every fiber of my known self, that if he didn’t love me, live wasn’t worth living, because if he didn’t love me, I wasn’t lovable.

I used to go see psychics and healers a lot back then. 

Like this picture shows, although I was a huge, bright spirit and powerful with the heart of a lion, all I could see or believe about myself then was that I was a scared, defenseless kitten, weak and afraid.

And as a lost, weak and incredibly tired body, without believing in my big self, I keep seeking people who might give me the answers I craved, just like this woman was doing, I kept testing them, hoping one of them would say the right thing… say what I wanted to hear.

I’m grateful to this woman for her vulnerability and courage, and her delightful display of stubbornness, another trait I am told I share with her. I am grateful for all the amazing people that I get to work with, but this woman’s stoic determination, single mindedness of purpose and unwillingness to deceive herself by even imagining something that she could not see as possible was… breath taking. 

I have a lot of appreciation for the stubborn, righteous, determined me that I used to be, and I am so glad I will always have access to that potent energy whenever I want to access it.

I also appreciate her illustrating how our physical reality and actual possibilities are absolutely limited and corralled by our beliefs and what we will and won’t even imagine.

The horizon includes the beyond, but we forget that, have it trained out of us, over and over again in “the real world.”

I used to spend a lot of time using my analyzer to chase beliefs down so I could think them out of my system – whew! Exhausting, and not as effective as time consuming.

But now, the tools and techniques I use are much more effective, and work much faster. No need to search and destroy, but instead listen, comprehend, release, all energized and ready for the next love-fest with Spirit in body.

Keep in mind that right here, right now, you can start changing the trajectory of your life by simply allowing for more than you know.

Be clear about what you want, even if you’ve never yet had it, and include the beyond in what you are willing to have in your life.

Remember – “I don’t know how, I only that I love having all the (fill in your deets) money, love, friends, clients, travel options that the Universe is wanting me to have and it is time for all of this or something better!” as an invitation-incantation for all the rich More that that your higher self and U want  your life to be.

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Meanwhile, remember to include the beyond in all your requests and imaginings of the most luscious life for you.

I hope you join us for the teleconference call on Friday, or sign up now for your private 1:1 session.

Now is your time. 

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