Who Does This Belong To?

March 5, 2017 Delia Yeager

Did you know that you think something like 36,000 thoughts an hour?

So maybe it’s time to start being curious – whose thoughts or emotions are these, running around inside you.

Some years ago, a friend told me about a TV show she really liked – Bones. It has a strong female lead, a forensic scientist, good character development.  So, I started watching it.

First I had to get over the gore. Then I wept for how entertainment is desensitizing us to things like death, gore, and the moral story lines that caused the murders.

Then I started hearing words like femur, thoracic and flanges in my head, and seeing goring pictures at random times.

The more I watched that show, that was so out of my normal fare and unlike anything in my daily life, the more I could be aware of how much this TV show I was watching was affecting me.

Once I stopped judging it all, it was simply very clear. As scientists know and the advertising industry literally banks on, what you watch, your body will internalize. Watch it enough and your body will take it as legit, as normal.  Remember in Friends when Joey and Chandler are surprised the bank clerk doesn’t offer some sexual favors and neither did the barista, and they realize they have been watching too much free porn? Like that.

You’ve heard me talk about watching what you ingest – food, conversation, people and TV, “newz”, movies. You want to make your environment as clear and nurturing of you as possible.

Ideally you want to BE a safe place – mind, body, emotions, thoughts – for you to be. Not just to survive or dwell, but to thrive and grow.
Now, I am not talking about becoming an inner-intolerant of “negative thoughts and emotions.”

When you become inner-intolerant of negative, you have to always go into judgment, and judgment is a huge distraction addiction. The analyzer might object to this, but your body can feel the truth of this.
I am talking about noticing and participating in what goes on in your head, skin, and space.

Does a thought, conclusion, perception or emotion feel bright, or dark? Light or heavy? With energy, or without? Do you see more or fewer possibilities?

Ask the question – who does this belong to? And without waiting for an answer, give yourself permission to release anything that is not yours, or that no longer serves your greater good, using the word: Mine. Mine. Mine.

Your analyzer is always working for your greater good, but it has some outdated info. It’s time to update some old ideas & habitual ways of thinking and responding by participating, being curious and engaging with that info. Asking questions and making different choices even.

You already are the master and commander of your life, finances, well-being and everything. You just have some limiting notions that make that hard to see, or explore.

Try this at home:

Close your eyes and turn within…

to that core place inside you, whatever that means. Call all aspects of you back into that center of you, more and more until there is so much

energy in your core, that the theoretical walls of you collapse, and you discover that the center of You is spirit, infinite being, and this is also the center of the Universe, whatever that means. Breathe into and expand out past all the known and unimagined parts of the Universe, while also having your hands on your knees, so that your body can experience your consciousness being in the center of You, as well as the center of you being the center of the Universe. Just keep expanding and breathing into that for a moment.

Now from your infinite self, allow your body and your spirit/energy Self to breathe each other in and out, in and out, in and out. Let your body sense/feel the vastness of you, one with the Universe.

From this vast space, allow yourself to be aware of all the parts of you that you normally ignore, or that don’t come into play in your normal consciousness. Let yourself sense/feel your infinite self.

From the universal center of You, your infinite self, allow yourself to be aware of all the bits that make up the you that you identify with. Allow that sense of space between all the bits to be filled with the gold and pink subatomic sparkles of the no-thing that makes up your Infinite Self and everything in the Universe.

Allow those gold and pink sparkles to dance all within and between and around every cell, atom, and bit of You, the known bits and the unknown bits, loving up on you and gently zing out anything that’s no longer for your greater good, and/or anything that does not belong to You, including all the bits that you – body-mind-personality – have identified with and as, all these years.

Allow all this to happen like you’re watching a beautiful movie. Nothing for you to think about or do; just watch and allow it to happen. Just breathe and allow in the healing.

Get a sense of all your bits being cleansed and loved up on and restore, refreshed and replenished.

Breathe that in and out and in and out again and again.

Remember – you get to be You all day long. How great is that?!!!

Start owning yourSelf, the parts that you know about as well as the parts that you don’t know about; all the body’s emotions, thoughts, experiences and awarenesses, and auto-releasing anybody else’s thoughts, emotions, expectations and projections. Breathe in You, exhale all that is not you.

Own every aspect of you with the incantation – Mine. Mine. Mine. Own and treasure, love and nurture You in body, thoughts, emotions, and everything.

We are living in a new age.

Life has gone from the lie of the pre-recorded memory loop of the same-old-same-old to LIVE Action Now. It’s time to be as woke, engaged and present as can be, maybe more than you have been in ages.

We’ve gone from taped to LIVE – Enjoy!


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