Everybody Out of the Pool!

January 5, 2017 Delia Yeager

Happy New Year to you!

Have you noticed the difference in the energy of this year already?

Even before it arrived I’ve been noticing this wonderfully playful insistence, like a puppy that won’t take no for an answer, to step up and raise your investment in your own life. To love, romp, create, play and taste this life more, not less!

No more waiting for permission, or getting it together, or anything else. Time to bolt and keep in action, towards where you want to go!

This morning, the following came through, clear as quarts.


Consciousness and knowledge are not the same thing.

You can read knowledge, even remember it, be tested on it, quote it, but that is not the same as comprehending or understanding it. That is not the same as being conscious of the matter.

Knowledge of information could be called an imitation of consciousness, what I call here Knowing.

You can know all the facts and details that you just read well enough to be tested on them the next day, but because you don’t comprehend the information, because it is not connected to and in relationship with other information that you are conscious of, it is not knowing, it is mimicking.

The world says that knowing information is valuable. This information can only be legitimate when it comes through the analyzer, meaning that words must be employed, and you must know who you read it from or where outside of you the information originated.

This is taught mimicry.

Makes total sense, when a secret agenda is to make sure that you do not trust, validate or are even conscious of your own information.

Consciousness comes from all your senses, not just the ones someone else can measure. Not with their own Knowingness, but by some devise or machine or a verbal or written response from you, and an answer sheet in their hand.

Add to all that the 24/7 programming data sewage that’s going on all around us and it is no wonder we are walking around with millions of distraction data bits in our heads, and emotions that are not ours!

And now for the best part – your consciousness can be and always is aware of what’s really going on, under all the sludge of programing, misinformation, lies and garbage. And with less effort than it takes to resist and try to sort all that, you can start the new habit practice of releasing all that is not yours, which will also get you in the new habit of not picking up new distractor/crap!

Your conscious awareness can know many things that your analyzer cannot.  And, you know this is true!

You can and do have awareness of energies shifting, moving, emotion and absorbing – all the time.

Life is a very dynamic, moving, constantly changing affair.

All living things are sentient, including those who western civilizations do not consider alive.

All things – including dirt, rocks, trees, animals of which we are one, etc. – have consciousness and awareness.

Life is not limited to our theories, approved ideas, limited ways of thinking about things.

Life is not limited by or even defined accurately by humans.

Life is the no-thing beneath all matter. The no-thing between the atoms and nucleuses of everything.

Life is consciousness, which is often called Love.

It is the Force they talked about in Star Wars. Everybody knows the Force is real, it exists, and that you’ve experienced it. You have, even though it takes the sci-fi of the culture to reflect that back to you.

Imagine it this way.

Let’s say you have 100 senses – 100 avenues to sense and perceive information around you. Everything from what shows up in a photograph that everyone can see and agree on to all those “spidey senses” you get; hair standing on end, lurch in the stomach when someone lies to you, woozy-headedness when you talk to Spacey Mary, and all the other unique signals and messages that your bio-electric system of physical and electromagnetic bodies send you, 24/7.

So, let’s say you have these 100 senses – in a world that says you have only 5.

Talk about crazy-making!

And that’s what you do – you try to limit yourself to the 5 allowed senses, which are too few even for science, which at least asks questions and studies phenomenon, which is more than conventional wisdom does. 

Instead of all this crazy-making, Rat-brain generating nuttiness, why not learn how to understand the language of you? From clearing out the 10,000 thoughts and emotions that aren’t even yours! to knowing how to recognize what is yours, what it means to you, what it is conveying, how you can respond, what you can do, how it helps you navigate YOUR dynamic, ever changing and THRIVING Life!

Learn how to clear everyone out of your beautiful pool!

In the next few days I will be posting some great opportunities for how you can step into your own power and sovereignty in every area of your life, starting now.

Meanwhile, whenever you have a thought that shuts you down, or stops the flow, or makes you feel fretful and bad, start asking, “Whose thought is this?” and without waiting for an answer say, “Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness.” And start owning ALL of your Self FOR your Self using the declaration, “Mine. Mine. Mine.” Do this many times a day for 7 days, and notice the difference in the quality of your life.

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