August 9, 2015 Delia Yeager

The days are rushing by!

The warm glow of summer is starting to be punctuated with cooler nights, occasional rainy afternoons, and I have even seen some yellow and red leaves on the pavement in the neighborhood. The roses on the bushes are mostly spent and the prelude to change is in the air.

You have been very busy lately too, I have noticed.

While many of you are having vacations and going places, a lot of you have been in touch with me, wanting to get on with it already!

More about that later.

The theme this last week was self validation.

There is a hesitation, sometimes, to trust that things are getting better, or that feeling good is alright.

I was speaking with an incredibly bright spark this week and she could not believe how often she felt safe, even when someone was mad at her. This is a very new sensation for her, and in the moment she was noticing how strange it felt – to feel okay and safe in the face of someone yelling at her.

She said that later, of course, she doubted herself, made excuses for the lady behind the counter, and took on making it all her own fault, just as she had done in every such situation for years. She was raised to be a good girl, after all.

But she had tasted freedom. She had tasted her own sovereignty – and her own true well-being regardless of what another thought of her. Freedom tastes – wonderful! Empowering! Bright light after a long darkness! The thrill of what other new and unknown wonders there are yet to behold?!

She fairly glowed as she talked about her experience.

This is why I do what I do. You. are. amazing.

To see you, shining underneath whatever lies and false impressions you have been trying to navigate through – to see you realize that you truly are limitless, a divine being with amazing talents and powers.

To see you realize that, and start to step out over the edge, that leap of faith into the unknown of living in power – the power to create and adjust, create and adjust your live into delicious being;
in serenity – knowing there’s nothing really to worry about, since you are on your side, and so is the Universe.

As you grow more and more into you, your true powerful self, I am humbled, delighted and honored to see your bravery and dynamic brilliance up close and personal.

You have some amazing gifts and things to do this lifetime. That is why you are here, on this page – to take living your divine potential to the next level. I am honored and delighted – let’s go!

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For those of you who are enjoying the summer days and vacationing, may you rest in the delight of savoring it all.

For those of you who are ready to get started, or resume, building your spiritual muscles of being on your side, owning your space, clearing other’s energies out so you can think more clearly and not be bogged down with anyone else’s energies, let’s get started.

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