What is a 3-Day Reset?

March 1, 2019 Delia Yeager

So often we have so much intensity about the problem/block/tension/anxiety built up over time that we believe that therefore it must take some big, time-consuming, demanding, complicated, difficult process and procedure that, if we are reeeeaaaalllly luck, will make a dint in the s*it-storm.

And yet…

There is a space between when we register something, and when we decide what it is/means.

That space between is where Infinite resides, and that IS the point of most power, as that is where you make your choice.

Your choice is the superpower that has been most maligned, minimized, belittled, under-valued, discounted and by slight of hand, seemingly stolen.

But don’t take my word for it!

There are things you can do, choices you can make, concepts you can employ in those moments that will in fact start changing your life, what you see & hear, and literally create more possibilites than you’d even imagined possible before.

So – join me for this 3-Day Reset, and see/experience for yourself what happens when you show up for you, and your life, in simple, completely do-able, new ways.


The first call is a Zoom where everyone gets to hear and practice the tools you’ll be using in your practice. There will be a PDF, information about what the steps are, and time for questions.

You’ll have the rest of the say to start playing with these new super power tools, and then you can chime in with what you notice either in the private FB page, or on the call the next day. And there is a 3rd day call, so you’ve got a couple of days to get used to what you’re focusing on, and how to bring the tools into your daily life, and then – ready, set, GO!


  • PDF Notes
  • Tools & techniques, questions to create More possibilities and keep inviting the Universe in to your daily life and brain!
  • Private FB page for celebrations, acknowledging, questions and peer support.
  • Zoom calls recorded and sent to your email within 24 hours

all for the very inviting price of $58, instead of $250! How does it get any better than that?!

First call will be about 2 hours long, and calls 2 & 3 will be about 20-30 minutes, including an energy work out (guided energy work, like a guided meditation)  All will be recorded, and sent to you within 24 hours so you can relisted as and when it fits your schedule. You send questions by email, or post in the private FB group and I’ll answer on the call or in the private FB group. You can have your question be anonymous if you prefer. Everybody’s questions  help everybody. 

Click here to register now

Sign up now and get yourself pre-pared for change!

Starting Wednesday – March 6, 7 & 8
3:00 pm Eastern time / 12:00 pm Pacific

I’m so excited to see what wonders we create in this group!

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