Highly Sensitive People and The Holidays

Most Highly Sensitive People or Empaths tend to have lives where there is a lot of alone-time built in. Whether through minimizing the quantity of people in your life, or limiting the amount of time you are available for friends and family, one way or another Empaths will find ways to protect themselves from the uncomfortable and unwanted energies of others.

This can look like not having a lot of people in your life. Empaths may prefer to have too few people in their lives after spending the first 20 years with way too many people around them. So many adult Empaths that I know have the additional cultural programming and worry that they “isolate too much,” and keep people away.

This kind of black and white answer makes sense when you do not know how to identify, run and own your own energies. When you know how to identify and run your own energies, you will stop taking on energies that do not belong to you, even those that you do not know where they originated.

As a caring, loving-natured person, many Empaths are steeped in the thick of their family life.

The Empath is often the chief cook and bottle washer Mom/Aunt/Daughter/Son/Brother/Father who is always stretched thin, trying to meet everyone else’s needs. And this person usually has the lie, often unspoken, that this caring for everyone else is not only their job but somehow their spiritual purpose!

This is a lie because when you recognize that every one, every being, every thing from rock to dirt to plant to pet to sibling to Other person IS A Divine, Spiritual BEing, you realize the absurdity of their needing you to be their maid, bottle washer, assistant.

The times we help each other the most is not when we feel sorry for someone (just think back to the last time someone felt sorry for you to realize what a debilitating, invalidating experience that is) but when we, as equals, recognize the courage and honor of the other person and help them help themselves.

Most of the time we don’t exactly need help from each other; we need each other to BE who they truly BE. A Bright Spark, a force of nature, a Divine, Infinite Being clothed in this fabulous body that walks and talks them into the world, into physical reality. The Powerhouse dressed in emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities – that’s who we need each other to be, and that is who we need us to be.

The more you occupy you – fill up all of your space (aura around and the physical body in the center) with your own energy, pull your aura in to comfortable around only you – occupy and own your own space and everything gets less annoying, more peaceful and… truer.

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The Core Spiritual Practice Training gives you the tools so that you can understand and recognize your own energies, your own thoughts and dreams.

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Let go and rinse out any emotions, thoughts or energies that are not your and that do not serve your greater good!

Consciously and consistently communicate with the God of your Heart, access your Inner Knowing and get your own answers for every area of your life.

If you are feeling the pinch and are ready to BE unstoppable, to BE who you came to Be, and to fully Occupy You – spirit IN body – this course is for you.

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BE ON Your Side.

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Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

“Do what you can with what you have from where you are.”

The holiday season of December is known as a magical season.

A time of anticipating what gifts you will be receiving from family, friends, or Old Saint Nick.

It’s a time of planning active giving and passive receiving gifts with people who matter to you.

But manifesting a wish of your own, bringing something you care about to real life is the most fun, most empowering thing you can do.

These days we are culturally told about a hundred million times a day how powerless and limited we are. And we are told about a hundred million times a day how we alone have the power.

This is very confusing for the body-mind. What the hell?! Which is it?!!

So the best thing to do – stop “just believing,” and start clarifying for yourself.

You are spirit – an Infinite Being with amazing, untapped capabilities! And you have this fantastic body to walk and talk You – Spirit – into the physical world! How does it get any better than that?

There are things that you cannot do. For instance, if you are not Secretary of State, you cannot go to China and discuss policy.

Okay, but really, do you want to be Secretary of State?

If that is something you feel called to do, take the steps and live the life necessary to become qualified for that position. Otherwise, move on to the work you do feel called to do, and leave that area of concern to the people who are called to that kind of work.

The more you DO what you came here to DO, what you feel called to do, the more the Universe overtly conspires with you to bring into physical being the things and opportunities that will help you on your divine mission!

And now more than ever do we need you to be DOING what you love and came here to do/say/BE in the world.

Stop buying the lie that you, Joan Q Public, must do something about everything that comes across your scanner every day or you aren’t doing anything!!! What a crock!

And notice how much energy and attention you spend doubting yourself and wondering what you should be doing about things that you are not in a position to do anything about! A huge waste of your time, talent, efforts and wellbeing! Not to mention an avalanche of invalidation for you!

Social Changers would never compete with a Kardashian, but don’t compete with Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi everyday either!

It is one thing to look at others for inspiration and guidance – we are built that way. But it is another thing altogether to compare and criticize, to put down and to overlook differences.

Comparing yourself to Martin Luther King’s public image success stories is a disservice to both you in the 21st century and to the very real human being that he was in the 20th century. The more you know about the public people’s beginnings, the more you find how human they were, and then you find how they were a “regular person” who followed their calling, even how they may have “just fallen into it,” the more you’ll see what you may have in common with them.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can with what you have from where you are.”

When you do that every day, you not only change the course of your life, you challenge and hopefully drop the lies of your powerlessness.

You are the Infinite part of your Being, not limited to the parts of you that you know about!

(But isn’t now the right time to start learning how to connect consciously with all that fabulous, yummy Infinite Self?)

See what fabulousness you can create and materialize today, every day. Spend your time and energy being curious about, looking for clues about that, and watch your whole life transform.

Making a wish come true for someone who cannot do it themselves, like the Make A Wish Foundation, is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Making your everyday life the kind of reality that you can’t wait to get up and do every day; to go to bed smiling and wake up laughing, looking forward to the days adventures, owning your power of Being Spirit with a fabulous body-mind-personality-self – is a blast.

The energy is ready for another Training to begin! You have been asking when – and the answer is Now. Let me know if you have any questions about this fantastic training.

Core Spiritual Practice Training begins December 9th at 4:30 PM
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HAVINGNESS Clearings + Healing Workshop!

HAVINGNESS Clearings + Healing Teleconference Workshop

Wednesday December 3 at 6:00 PM Pacific time    $36

Havingness is the ability-capacity to HAVE AND TO HOLD – like the reservoir for Receiving to feed into.

Havingness is the ability to exist in comfort, feeling sated, satisfied, replete and ready for more!

Havingness is the ability and wilingness to let go of lack, doubt, “not enough” and free-fall into being supported even if you can’t say how in advance.

Havingness is a muscle you can develop!

Join in this workshop Teleconference call on Wednesday, December 3, at 6:00 PM Pacific time.

‘Tis the season to be giving, so it is also the season to get good at receiving!  Ho Ho Ho!

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Nov New Moon Receiving Clearing & Workout

Thank you all for joining in on this Teleconference Call!

This was such an awesome call and energy workout (meditation)!!!! I hope to hear from you as what you were focusing on manifesting shows up in the next 30 days! Woweee! Keep those emails coming in!

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heaven Earth

You are Spirit, and You have this amazing, astute, sensitive, finely calibrated, under-appreciated Native Guide called a body. Pat the body! Listen and co-mmunicate, body-mind-personalty and Spirit. Right here, right now – THIS IS Heaven on Earth.
- Delia Yeager

11/11 Special

The gratitude and giving season is here!

With all the outward, “other” focus of this time of year – giving to others, thinking about others, helping others – a healing for yourself can be one of the most profound and loving things you can do.

Grow the love, appreciation, goodwill and peace within yourself first and then let that overflow into every aspect of your life and relationships – Heal Yourself and you heal the world – it’s not just a good saying, it is accurate.

This weekend special is focusing on what you need – the validation, comfort, companionship that you have been longing really is your body-mind-emotions-personality longing for Oneness with You, the Spirit.

This Healing Session is a clearing and balancing of your chakras, your energy in your space, and releasing other people’s energies and influences. We will focus on your Greatest Good, and you can receive the healing that is most support of You in Present Time. 

You cannot give what you do not have. The Season of giving is a great time to “let it begin with me,” and practice the healing art of Receiving – receiving the healing of acting and being On Your Side.

Purchase your Session before midnight 11/11 and set your appointment for some time before November 30th.   


$135 for 1
$145 live at East West Bookshop
$400 for 3 phone sessions - best value

11/11 Healing Session

 “Delia is experienced, highly skilled, authentic and, trustworthy.  These are the highest qualities in an intuitive healer.  Her readings and healings are immediately accessible.  She is also an excellent teacher and explains clearly how subtle energy works and how to manage it in our bodies.  We are truly blessed to have her in our community!”
- E.W.  Psychotherapist, Educator, Life Student

I received a tremendously insightful reading from Delia last week. I was astonished by the accuracy and precision of some of what she told me – it was very validating. I love how grounded her approach is, and I’ll definitely be doing the “homework” she suggested.  Thank you, Delia.
Tomar Levine, NJ




tree roots

The more grounded you are, the more you can soar.

You Are Spirit

The Day of the Dead Healing Workshop 
3:00 – 6:00 pm This Saturday, November 1
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In a world that says you are your body, your car, your job-career-bank book-education-mind-thoughts-feelings-history-story-past-pain-joy-sorrow-regret-fear-longing-etc, it can be challenging to experience yourself as anything Else.

You are Spirit – an Infinite Being of Light and comprehension beyond books or words. Experience is the currency of Being, and vibration is how You (Spirit) are expressed in the body.

November the 1st is the Day of the Dead, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest in many traditions.

The Day of the Dead Healing Workshop 
3:00 – 6:00 pm This Saturday, November 1
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This Saturday, November 1st,  is a day to meet up with the most power Being “on the other side” that can and should have the most profound, healing and empowering affect on your life here on Earth.

In this workshop – The Day of the Dead Healing Workshop – join us in a fun, energizing and profound experiential workshop of connecting with your Higher Self, your Spirit – light-body – in ways that you can identify, replicate and take into the world with you.

The more body gets the benefit of Being Spirit IN a body, the more you can expect serendipity, synchronicity, ease, joy and grace in your day  to day life.

As Spirit, You came here ON PURPOSE, and the more your body can experience being Energy, the more the body can relax and get on-board with the whole adventure.

I hope you can join us this Saturday at East West Bookshop,  6500 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle,
near the Roosevelt Square Whole Foods. 3:00 – 6:00 PM

This is a very inner-active workshop!
Come ready to connect in a real with your Spirit Self. 

The Day of the Dead Healing Workshop 
3:00 – 6:00 pm This Saturday, November 1
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Plenty Healing Session – Click here to book yours now

Event  – November 1 Day of the Dead Healing Workshop –
Connect with YOUR Spirit!
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BE ON Your Side.

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Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
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Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

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Just Enough Kills Plenty

When you are “happy with just enough,” you are setting your system up to not make more, or to cause new “unexpected” expenses to come up just then, to insure that you have Just Enough.

A person who is comfortable with Plenty would never want Just Enough. And a person who would want Just Enough is probably is probably not comfortable with Plenty.

Maybe Plenty is scary because if you had plenty, you would have something to lose.

Or maybe Plenty is scary because everyone you know has only Just Enough, and having Plenty would disturb the group equilibrium.

Whose energy are you matching to make sure you don’t have Plenty but Just Enough?

Whose company is more important to you than your own financial well-being?

Whose image of moneyed are you resisting being like if you had Plenty?

Whose image are you agreeing with by making sure you never have more than Just Enough?

If you could have Plenty, today and everyday for the rest of your life, would you take it?

What if it meant that who you hung out with changed? Would you still take it?

As attached as you are to your current friends, as much as they define you and reflect back to you who you are, what if there were other people, people you don’t know yet, who fit with you even better? Would you switch? Or not?

What if it meant you finally start telling yourself the truth about Just Enough and Plenty, would that be okay with you?

What if Plenty could be your New Normal starting now? Would you take it?

What and who have you been using to hold yourself at Just Enough? Are you willing to be consciously aware of whatever whoever that is now? Are you willing to be senior to that sense of stability? Are you willing to let it go? To have Plenty anyway?

You are Spirit – in Infinite Being! Your natural state IS limitless! Plenty and MoreSo are your birthright. The Universe wants to give you every good thing – can you handle it? If you could clear what’s in the way to expansive Plenty, would you take it? It’s your choice.

Go for it – it’s time.

If you are ready for Plenty, the Universe IS On Your Side.

If you are ready for a Healing for Plenty, let’s do it.

Click here to book your Healing for Plenty today.

Set your heart to Plenty! The Universe and your Infinite Self know no limits!

Set your heart to Plenty! The Universe and your Infinite Self know no limits!

Copyright Delia Yeager, October 2014, All Rights Reserved.

www.deliayeager.net  ~  delia@deliayeager.net

It Is Time To Come Home

“I am nothing. I do not matter. I live only for you. I live for others, absolutely.”  The one says.

“You are nothing. You do not matter. You live only for me. I am what is important. Forget your useless, worthless self, absolutely.”  The other says.

But these are lies.

If you abandon your Self, who will BE you?

You – the bright spark Infinite Being who chose and plotted to create a body for a glorious adventure as Spirit on a Mission in physical form.

If you throw yourself away, carelessly, wantonly, pridefully – if you care so little for you, how can you contribute what only you can?

There is no virtue in self-less-ness; only lies.

Would you leave all the lights on, the doors open and the keys in your car?
Would you leave all the lights on and the doors open in your house?
Would you lay down for any Tom, Dick or Mary that wanted to get off?

Stop abandoning You.

Stop acting like You don’t matter; don’t have any worth; don’t have any rights; and then getting upset when someone else agrees with you and treats you that way.

YOU ARE SPIRIT, an Infinite Being who came here ON Purpose – who created this body to INhabit.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  If you do not Occupy You, some other entity – or entities! – will. You know this to be true, from experience.

You know, those times when you just “don’t feel like yourself?” when you have thoughts or do things that are not “like you?” Yea. The way to stop that from happening is simple, totally and only within your power and no one else:  Occupy You. Fully. Completely. By choice.

Start Now –“ I chose to Occupy Me, whatever that means. “

Time to come home – spirit in body. Right here.  Right now.

Time to Occupy You completely. 

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Occupy YOU Healing – Click here to book your Healing Session

Event  – November 1 Day of the Dead Healing Workshop –
Connect with YOUR Spirit!
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BE ON Your Side

Copyright © Delia Yeager, October 2014, All Rights Reserved.
Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
Subtle Energy Transformational Healings, Readings, Classes  & Coaching

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

email: delia@deliayeager.net

fill up You

Invalidation Colors Everything

The more invalidation you normally run in your system, the more likely you are to take exception to things that other people say.

The more likely you are to hear, “You normally don’t look very good,” when someone says, “Hey! You look great today!”

The more invalidation you normally have in your system, the more likely you are to have your feelings hurt, to prefer fantasy to real-work-right-here-reality, the more likely you are to be tired, not feel very good about yourself, and like it’s just not “realistic” to think that things could ever really get very good.

The more invalidation you are used to, the more likely you are to believe that, “How things are is how they have always been and will always be,” and not in the good way!

Invalidation takes a sunny afternoon and turns it into global warming and a cancer scare at their worst.

Invalidation takes the news of the latest wars and turns it into there is no point to anything, it all gets turned to sh*t anyway.

Invalidation says that no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, nothing is going to turn out right, and nothing could.

Invalidation casts an iron net over everything, leaching the color out of life, draining all goodness out of possibilities.

Someone else is cheery – clearly they do not properly grasp the situation.

Someone else comes up with some silver linings – clearly they are not intelligent enough to know that this kind of thing is just an opiate of the masses.

Invalidation sucks the life out of anything and everything.

Oh, but critical thinking is valuable – it is what got me through my early life/mid-life/career/fill-in-the-blank.

Yes, critical thinking can make tremendous contributions to self and others, but critical thinking and life by the mind alone is as out of balance and disturbing as living only by emotions and impulse (emotional bumper cars at best!)

Imagine thinking is like the flat-head screw driver. It is unbeatable for securing and unsecuring flat-head screws, but it lousy at managing a philips head screw and hopeless where what is called for is an allen wrench or a hex key.

The world may tell you that the straight-edged screw driver is the only one of real value since it is the one that schools, institutions, governments and business mainly use.

But life is not a series of straight-edged screws.

Life is full of all the other kinds too, and they are just as valid as the straight-edged and in many areas much more valid than the straight-edged screw and you need to be present enough and conscious enough to distinguish what each situation is calling for, not because someone is telling you but because you can discern and know these things for yourself.

You are Spirit – an Infinite Being that has had many lifetimes in many bodies here on the planet, and many other lives in many other dimensions, way beyond the limits of this time and space we currently call home.

As Spirit You know there are hundreds of perfectly viable ways of doing, creating and accomplishing things – wonderful things that You came here to do for the joy of doing them – and that Your capacities and abilities are much more diverse than just the straight-edge screwdriver and nothing else. Heck, a screw driver is great, but useless when what you need is a hammer, or a tea towel!

You the Spirit know everything is possible no matter what.

It’s time to start draining out the invalidation and develop the taste for Validation.

Now’s the time.

Click here to book Your Invalidation Healing today.

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A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything

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Point of View

Your POV can be a source of great pain, struggle, problems, social difficulties and a lot of other limitations.

We often hear about POV as an illusion like time or reality.

We hear about the need to let go of our POV.

And here’s the thing – some people DO need to let go their iron-fisted absolutist POV and make some room for someone else’s POV. Fabulous! There are a lot of articles out there for you already.

This is for a different person.

This is for the person who doesn’t really know, much less own, their own point of view.

The Empaths, the sensitive, the untrained clairvoyant or clairsentient for instance.

The child who navigated her/his lives by tuning in to everyone else’s emotions for survival sake.

The person who – to this day – knowingly or unknowingly calibrates their energy and experience to match the people around them, to be included, to feel loved and/or connected, to feel safe.

You are the one who is sensitive, caring, has more feelings and thoughts than you know what to do with; and you are the one who cannot stand it anymore.

To you I say – congratulations!

Being at the end of your rope is exactly the best place in the world to be right now!

Why? Because you are right – you cannot go on like this anymore.

Without your own point of view you have to navigate your life by other people’s views and that is even less reliable than trying to navigate the ocean by the stars – when you don’t know how to read the stars!

Without your own point of view, you are always looking outside of yourself for others to reflect back to you or tell you who you are, what you need, what you should do, how you should feel about things, and the meaning of things.

This is no good for anyone. You can only bumble along following someone else’s map with definitions that aren’t grounded in your experience, your reality, making you both wrong.

Their answers can work for them because they are standing in the center of their life (that is an assumption by the way. If they were, why are they “helping” you so much?)

YOUR answers work for you, but you have to turn back into you to find them. 

For you a lot of what you read about letting go of your point of view is only partially correct.

It is true that it is time to let go, but what you need to let go of is OTHER PEOPLE’S POV! 

The people you have been looking to for your survival – they can’t save you – but YOU CAN save you. To do that you have to fully occupy and BE you.  Own your experiences that inform and create your unique point of view; standing BY you IN the center of your life, your experiences, your BEING. 

It is time for you to let go of other people’s emotions.

It is time for you to let go of other people’s thoughts.

It is time for you to let go of your old way of needing others for your survival.

It is time for you to find YOUR point of view, your still point, your center.


When you stand IN Your center, occupy Your Point of View, the world and everything in it will look different.

When you stand IN Your center, occupy YOU, you can start to Stand BY You.

When you Stand By You, your body-mind-personality experiences a safety that you may have never known.

When you Stand By You, you experience the fullness and richness of BEING You, right here, right now, THE Point of most power.

Book your Healing Session to clear other people’s energies from your mind and space.  

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