Spring Cleaning Special


I woke up laughing this morning.

I couldn’t remember what I had been doing on the Astral plane (aka dreaming) but I felt so expansive and energized, like Christmas morning or something.

This is the anniversary season of when my mom died.

Mom always did talk about the grace of a happy death, and the joy of being born into eternal life. On top of all her Catholicism, she was deeply spiritual.

She died about 2 AM on a Monday morning. At 8 a cousin and I were in the car driving down to Galveston, to the beach. Both of us could feel her spirit in the car with us, utterly delighted to no longer be in body, tethered to the aches and pains or the oxygen tank. We all had a great day at the beach.

We had a surprisingly good relationship towards the end of her life, but like all mothers and daughters, there was a fair amount to clean up. Misunderstandings, different points of view, hurt feelings, regrets – the usual stuff.

At the time I would have told you that we really had nothing to work out, that we understood each other completely and there were no hard feelings.

Then, when I started the energy practices of owning my space and clearing out other peoples energies, well it was hard.

She had already passed over, and I wanted to stay connected to her in any way possible.

I did not know I believed this way – my head know it was good to make separations from her, what with her being dead and all, but large parts of me did not want to let her go.

But my practice was to clear her energy out, a little at a time, every day for 365 days.

During the course of that practice a lot of things I did not know I was holding, carrying and stuffing came up and out. Sometimes it was peaceful, sometimes it was rocky, but more and more I felt clearer, lighter and most surprisingly, more connected with her true Spirit self.

She had died, AND our relationship got easier and better.

She comes to mind quite a lot this time of year for me. She loves to just say Hi, tell me how much she loves me, how proud of me she is.  I do not know how she is still the essence of my mom AND an unlimited, Infinite Being who has long moved on to her/his next adventures – I only know that this is true. 

Use the energy of this amazing time to connect with the Spirit that has the most impact and potency in your life – YOUR Infinite Self.

Try this at home:

Take a pen and notebook out in nature to a favorite spot and give yourself a chance to write down all that you would like to have said to a loved one. All the stuff you felt you could no say to their body-personality, everything you stifled or couldn’t let yourself admit to feeling/thinking. Don’t think about it too much, just write for the purpose of “emptying the cup,” whatever that means.

Once you have emptied yourself out, allow yourself a time of “in between” and notice what comes up for you. 

Allow memories of old conversations to rise up, or if you are open to it, just allow yourself to hear what they want to tell you now, now that they aren’t in body anymore and don’t have that body-personality that you remember so well. Allow yourself to feel the cheers, love and happiness for you that this spirit has for you.


To know if this Healing Session is for you, close your eyes and take nice, slow deep breaths, and notice how your body feels as you ask – 

Truth – what will my life be like in 5 years if I book this Healing Session with Delia now? and
Truth – what will my life be like in 5 years if I do not get this Healing with Delia at this time?

Look for which one feels light, expansive, relaxing for your body. You Know what is right for you, timing and all!

Whether in the name of the electromagnetic  solar storms, the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and/or the Vernal Equinox  on Friday – I believe in celebrating all of it – let’s kick-start the Spring Cleaning Season with a Spring Forward Special. 

A Healing Session for $150 and a BONUS – a $50 value
Chakra Balancing Energy healing as well! All by phone!


When you purchase your session between now and midnight March 20, Friday night, you get an additional Chakra Balancing Healing Session – a $50 value – at the same time, so book an extra 30 minutes to your session. We may not use all the time on the phone session, but you can use the extra time to allow your body to soak in the and digest the Healing. Imagine – 90 minutes of valuing your own healing, empowering yourself to Be More YOU!

You are an infinite Being and you have contracts that are no longer valid to what you want to do and how you want to grow this life time. Call for a Healing Session to clear out those past-time limitations, and feel the freedom! 


These Healing Sessions are to help you connect with your own Spirit Self, and get more of the support that you need to bring YOUR true nature and what You love INTO the world. Wahooo! Here’s what others have said:

“I no longer get a knot in my stomach when I think of public speaking!”   Althea S.

“I no longer have issues with my manager at work. He hasn’t changed a bit, but I sure don’t react to him like I used to!?”  Sue R.

“Every time I thought about my business, I would start coughing, feel woozy and like I needed to lie down. Now, I feel much more comfortable saying what I want to say and even standing up for myself. It’s amazing!”  Kendra W.

“I used to feel all constricted inside, especially my solar plexus, when I thought about talking to potential new clients. I hated talking about money and sometimes almost let the client leave after a session without paying me. Now, I am comfortable asking to be paid for what I do! It’s all nice and friendly but now I get paid before the body work! Wow!” Grace L.

BE ON Your Side.

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.


Book your Healing Session  for when you are ready to receive an energetic healing that refreshes and resets your energy back to You, Spirit in body. 

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Getting Yourself Off the Hook

I got an email the other day.

“What is this True Nature and Spiritual Purpose you speak of? It sounds good, but what does it mean?”

I love this question. 

Often people come for a session hoping to find out what their Purpose is. When I ask them what that will do for them, they say that if they know what their purpose is, they could do that and then they’d be happy.

When I ask them what they want to do, they say they don’t know; that’s what they want a healing about.

“When you buy a book that by an author you just discovered and love, like a J. K. Rowling or Paulo Coelho, do you sit down and savor it from the beginning, or do you read the last few pages first?”

“I love to get settled in at the café in my neighborhood with my Chai tea, and I start by reading the first page. If there’s anything before that I read it after I have finished the whole thing. I like to savor it all first.”

So you don’t like spoilers or reading ahead? You don’t want to know how it ends first?

“No! I enjoy the unfolding – that’s the best part – the ride!”  

“Yet, when it comes to the most amazing story you’ll ever know, and the best ride ever, you want to know how it ends before it begins, or from the middle? Really?”

“Well, when you put it that way, no. But I do want to know what I am supposed to be doing. I do want to do what I came here to do!”

I know that feeling. When I was still working in the corporate world, still spending my life force energy to manifest someone else’s vision and pretending I didn’t have my own, I ached to know what I was supposed to do.

If I knew what I was supposed to do, I could still be a good person and go do that. Then I’d be off the hook, right? I’d be doing what I was supposed to be doing…

But what if there is no supposed to?

What if you really are an Infinite Being, capable of so much more than what you have been told or think you are?

I wanted to know what I was supposed to do so someone else would validate me, give me a gold star, tell me what I good person I was and what a good job I was doing.  

I wanted to get somebody’s approval, because I did not yet have my own approval, or credibility to be the decider.

One day I started asking myself, “Am I doing my best in this moment? Am I making the most of what I have and know right now?”

If the answer was yes, I would picture taking myself down “off the hook.”

If the answer was no, I would identify what I could do in the moment, and did that.

I kept checking in and adjusting so that the answer was always Yes, I was doing my best in every moment.

Next time something happened that I didn’t like, I’d ask if I had done my best to get to that moment. I now knew the answer was Yes, because I had been checking in so often for weeks. And before that I know the answer was yes as well.

It is much easier to build your own credibility when you pay attention along the way.

Participating in your own life and thoughts,  by turning within, by learning how to get in to your body, to occupy you – spirit IN body, dropping  the need to be seen as a good person and instead align to your own greater good, whatever that means, and experience yourself as an Infinite Being in the world, creating, adjusting, manifesting, growing, loving, BEing.

What if what you are supposed to do is create and adjust that everyday? Would you do that? Would you take that if you could?

Great. Today’s a great day to start.

I am so glad you are here!


©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact delia@deliayeager.net first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything. www.deliayeager.net


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Validation In Action

Hello!  I am so glad you are here!

Thank you for taking the time to read these emails, and for all your wonderful emails in reply. I am so honored that you share your journey and inspiring growth, joy and awesome manifesting feats with me!  I am truly humbled and thrilled how our living our truth every day is contributing so greatly to the world. Heal yourself and you heal the world is so true, pragmatic and effortless!

The other day I was talking with a client about what she has noticed in her life since she started her Spiritual Living Program two weeks before.

She said that she was tired from the week but when she thought of it, she had missed a morning of her Practice and it had set the whole day off. She felt rushed, she was cranky and irritable and felt like she just could not get in the swing of the, all of which she had not been feeling since she started the Core Spiritual Practice Training a few months before, but they came on strong on the day she didn’t do her morning practice. ‘

At lunch she put 2 + 2 together and figured out what was wrong with here day, so she took a few minutes to run her energies right there at her desk while everyone else was otherwise occupied.

By the time she had to go to the afternoon meeting, always a high-stress situation, she was able to be centered, complete within her Self, able to listen without getting hooked, and check with Spirit how or if she should engage in what was going on around the table.  She said it was easy for her to speak up as needed in her professional capacity and for the rest, it was remarkably easy for her to keep her thoughts to herself.

She related how in the past that would have been an impossibility for her. She used to not know what was or wasn’t her business, her responsibility and if they were saying something at the meeting that she had an emotional reaction to, she would not have been able to keep herself from speaking up, she used to get so worked up.

When we had started the conversation, she had thought that nothing in particular had happened in the week, and now was over the moon proud of herself. She had just validated how much her using the techniques contributed not only to her quality of life and well-being, but also to the people she worked with – because she could easily not participate in the escalation and blame game that those meetings were.

One of you wrote to me asking what the benefits of doing the 3 pages – 15 minutes journaling every day is.  This is a great example of the muscles that you build in that practice – the muscle of validation. To be able to see clearly what you are doing instead of only emotionally, which can be indulgent one way or the other, or analytically, which can be hypercritical or full of rationalizations, is priceless.  The more you tell yourself the truth of What Is, the more you are standing on solid ground, feel less crazy, less manipulated, more sane. A real asset in a crazy and crazy-making world!

I’ve only got one spot left for the March Core Spiritual Practice Training starting next week, and one for the Spiritual Living Program. Reply to this email to let me know which one you are ready for as Registration ends on Sunday, March 15.

Or if you feel called to give yourself the gift of a Healing session, click here  to book and secure your best time.

In JoY


©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact delia@deliayeager.net first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything. www.deliayeager.net

BE ON Your Side.

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

What’s your next step?

Core Spiritual Practice Training for those who have always wanted an energy or meditation practice to start and end your day with empowerment, joy and Vitality.

Introduction to Healing Training for after you have finished the Core Spiritual Practice Training and are ready to build on your Daily Practice. 

Registration for the CSP Training and the Healing Training closes this Sunday so act now!

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A Practice for Being On Your Side

There are a lot of changes in the air these days.

So many of you are coming to see what the heck is going on with work or your business or some other key aspect of your life.

It is a time to make decisions and choices, to build a life that is more supportive and bountiful, and making those decisions is crucial.

The other day I was working with a wonderful person that I have never met before. This person is in the process of growing a business that has the potential to be a major life-changer in a short amount of time. Naturally there’s concern about if it doesn’t go as hoped, but more tension about if it does go big overnight.

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get more stressed and hunkered down than it is to get more lighthearted, relaxed and feel safe and cared for?

I often hear things like, “fear of success,” but that’s not what I see.

I don’t see people being afraid of success or having what they want or getting their needs met.

I see people who have applied themselves to making the best of their situation for so long that they don’t know how to tell themselves the truth anymore.

Just to validate What Is for themselves – I don’t like this food/job/person or I do like this food/job/person even if my friend/partner/boss has a different opinion can be a major struggle.

When you can’t tell yourself the truth about What Is for you in this moment, you’ve lost your connection to your own inner guidance.

And these days you really need more of that connection, not less.

Here is a practice that people keep thanking me for telling them about.

It is a modification of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages but a little different.

3 Pages of Unconditional love and acceptance

Make an agreement with yourself to write 3 pages (or 15 minutes) every morning. Your agreement is to allow yourself to express anything your emotions or thoughts what to say. Anything at all – the whiny 3 year old, the cranky 14 year old, the furious 17 year old – everybody has a place at the table, all voices are welcomed.

The agreement is that while all the parts get to say whatever they want to, you won’t judge or criticize that part or what it has to say.

To the best of your ability you will simply be neutral and allow all aspects to say whatever they have to say. You will Witness all the parts and listen, that’s all. No fixing or correcting.

And what you end up doing is giving yourself 3 pages or 15 minutes of Unconditional Love. Every day.

The rest of the day you go about your business, showing up and being the best and most yourself as possible, all the better for having truly listened and experienced being heard.

The more you experience showing up for yourself in this way, the more you experience really BEing On Your Side, the more you are can trust and believe in things getting better.

You can trust and believe in things getting better because the more you are standing by you, the better your life feels, and the better you feel about your life.

The fear of success we hear about isn’t a fear of things being good or of having your needs met – it is a fear of not being able to relax into that because how do you know it won’t all disappears again?

When you are not clear that you (Spirit) create your life, or that you have a huge effect on what happens in your life – because other people are involved, and other circumstances that are beyond your human control – things getting better can feel like a tease, and you may not want to “rise to the bait again.”

But the more you actively do show up for yourself, every day, the more you discover that you have great instincts, and that you are more wise than you had been aware of, and that you have more good guidance and power than you had previously thought. But now that isn’t a thought or a sentence – with this practice it becomes an every day reality.

When you are really On Your Side, there is nothing you cannot do.  

Your life needs you to fully show up and be you. Now IS the time.

I am so glad you are here!

In JoY!
Delia©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact delia@deliayeager.net first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything. www.deliayeager.net

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BE ON Your Side.

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

Spiritual Living Program

Delia Yeager
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This week’s Events

Thanks to all of you who came on Thursday – this is a great time for coming Home to YOU – Spirit IN Body!  So glad you are here!

Finding Your Spiritual Solid Ground Workshop
 Sunday,  March 8th – 3 – 6:00 pm at East West

Click here to Register  $30
This is the Sunday that the clock’s change and we “spring forward” an hour.

Finding Solid DAY

As things keep shifting and changing like the clocks in Springtime, it is important to find your own spiritual Solid Ground to stand on.

In this very inner-active workshop we will explore some powerful yet simple techniques that help you stand your ground, standing up for yourself yet not against others.

Best of all, the techniques you practice in this workshop are ones you can take with you into your home, business and relationships in your everyday life.

The more you are present, the more you have and occupy your spiritual solid ground, the easier and more fun everything becomes.

DELIA YEAGER is an Energy Healer, Reader and teacher internationally as well as here at East West.

What Is Your Default Thinking?

As I work with clients in the Spiritual Living Program one of things people become aware of is their default thinking.

Default thinking is where your thoughts go “automatically.”

More often than not, default thinking is fretting over the same people and/or things, or looking for what you did wrong in that last interaction, or what the other person did wrong.

Or looking for what is wrong with your health, or your partner, or child, or finances or your business.

In the cultural love affair with “problem solving” of the past 30 or so years, trolling for trouble has become “conventional wisdom.”

The other version of this can seem like its opposite but it comes out of the same energy.

It is the Gratitude and Positive Thinking model that says everything is perfect and wonderful all the time – no troubles here!

Cultivating and attitude of gratitude is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean that getting stuck in never telling yourself the truth because you can’t be negative is a desirable.

To develop a true attitude of gratitude you first have to be able to tell yourself the truth.

To have credibility with yourself, to be trustworthy, you have to be able to tell yourself the truth, “I like this. I don’t like that.” Simple, no defenses, just What IS.

To be on automatic pilot to whitewash everything with glitter is no better than to be on automatic pilot to look only for trouble.

Plus you have to be in judgmental mode all the time – always deciding if this is “good” or “bad” and how to react to it in light of that judgment. Exhausting!

To be able to tell the truth is a potent and powerful thing, and it is the only thing you can build a life on.

What IS is less demanding, once you get the hang of not editorializing, not judging and not trying to figure out what it says about you.

If something is bugging you and you whitewash it with a positive attitude, you are actively:
1. Invalidating that your system has anything worthwhile to tell you
2. Suppressing and ignoring the information behind the experience of being bugged
3. Choosing a preconceived decision over the vitality of the information in the present

In other words, you are effectively telling your system to shut up, which is not usually the intention!

What if instead of micromanaging and Kontrolling (more tyranny than actual control by self-awareness) your thoughts – are they positive? Are they negative? Are you doing it right? Or wrong? what if you welcome the information instead?

What if you were actually curious about them instead?

Stranger yet, what if you listen to them? Engage with them?

When your thoughts become familiar, “I/they shouldn’t _____ and I/they should _____ instead,” or whatever form your habit patterns follow, what if you engage? ask questions? drill down, be curious about where they come from, what they mean to be doing. Engage, in other words.

I feel crummy.
I felt fine last time I checked but now I feel funky and cry-y.
Huh. Where did that come from? Is it mine?
Am I reacting to someone, or is it someone else’s that I picked up from them?
Oh. I was washing the dishes and thought of ___ and she is going through the hard time
of not knowing where she is going to live next. That uncertainty is really hard on her.
Yes, this feels like how I would feel if I didn’t know where I was going to live. But I do know
where I am going to live, and that I will always be okay. I don’t know what she will create, but
I do know she can create this as the best thing that ever happened for her, so I can let all that
go. She is Spirit and creates every aspect of her life, including this – and so do I.

When I started this subtle energy work, I did not know that everything I felt and thought was not mine.

I did not know that I was trying to process emotions that weren’t even time. Not just sympathy emotions, emotions of how I imagined I would feel in someone elses situation as illustrated above, but also emotions that others didn’t want and dumped on me to carry for them.

I was already so emotion laden and we all thought that was my job – to take on other’s unwanted emotions – so I had all this gunk in my system that kept me totally tied up, distracted, irritated and exhausted, because other people’s energies in your space is annoying, distracting, irritating and confusing for your system!

No wonder sensitive, empathic people like to be alone!

Only, we take on other people’s energies – emotions, thoughts, opinions, judgments, values – even when there is no one anywhere near us physically.

Imagine every thought, every sensation, every emotion that you experience being meaningful to you, carrying information that you actually want, that you know will contribute something valuable to your everyday life.

The more you clear out energies that do not belong to you, and Occupy You more and more, the more this is just normal everyday living – attuned, aligned and congruent. The more your sensory system is clear and filled with your energy, the more everything makes sense! And the more the world makes sense, too – because you’re not falling for or mislead by stuff you thought was yours!

Imagine never feeling drained for very long; no longer feeling confused, frustrated or scared about not knowing what to do next.

Imagine knowing, not thinking but knowing, that the Universe does have your back, and that everything honestly is good.

Imaging being equipped with simple to use, powerful tools of consciousness that you can apply in every situation, at work or at home, discretely and witness the change in energy from tense to ease, even in tricky situations, whether a business meeting or private conversation.

Being able to Be On Your Side in every situation changes everything.

The Core Spiritual Practice Training is the perfect opportunity to learn the techniques you’ll need to easily know how to release what is not yours as well as how to work with and release the wisdom and information of what is yours.

You will learn how to
– get answers to questions based on your highest good, not your best thinking
– know how to hear your system for your own spiritual guidance
– build credibility with yourself
– increase your Certainty through experience

I have 2 openings for these 1:1 sessions where you get the exact training you need to develop your daily Spiritual Practice, getting the benefit and support to smooth out your days, taking them from frantic to fun, from being at the whim of everyone else to Being On Your Side.

3 – 4:00 PM – March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21                         $ 595


1:30-2:30 PM – March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21, 28                   $ 595

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 heal self world

Allowing Change

Life is a full-contact activity.

There is no way to hedge bets, not fail, not get hurt. Zero. Not possible.

There is no Good Enough, Smart Enough, doing it Right Enough to keep you from every feeling bad, feeling loss, feeling doubt.

However – that does not mean that you are not good enough, smart enough and right enough to have a fabulous life.

Growing up I knew a guy who was a great kid, but klutzy. He just did not have great physical coordination in grade school.

When he got to high school he decided that he really wanted to be an athlete. He was a tall, skinny kid so he had the build for basketball instead of football.

But he could not dribble or reliable sink the ball. So he decided to hang out around the basketball court and with the guys that were on the team, so he could learn and practice with people who were accomplished in the area he wanted to grow in.

By his freshman year of college he was so good that he was picked for the junior varsity basketball team – a very prestigious mark of accomplishment.

To do this he had to leave his old friends behind, because they spent their time and energies on other interests.

This was not cold or unfriendly of him, it was his choice to grow in a specific direction. No fault, no foul, no blame on anyone – just change and growth.

We are pretty nutty about change and growth.

There seems to be a lot of unwritten laws about a lot of things. For instance, it is wrong to change your friends over time.

Change is the only constant in life, and yet there is a pressure to never change friendships.

It is a lie that if we grow on from a relationship, one or both people has to be in the wrong.

“That relationship failed,” is a lie.

Relationships don’t fail. They may stop or break or change, but that does not mean that what went before was wrong.

We hear people at the time or after divorce saying how their ex-partner was bad or wrong. But no relationship can exist in a vacuum of one. Blame may be a step in the process, but in time one must see their own part in the dance, or be doomed to repeat and perpetrate again.

To have no exit strategy, no allowance for people to grow apart gracefully is unfair to everyone.

We come together by common activity or interests, and then as we change our activities or interests, we come together with new people, naturally.

Growing in new directions is not only not wrong, it is essential to your own evolution.

Some friends will recede and come back again later. Others will fade away.

No fault of blame, just growing and changing.

 As you heal or raise your conscious awareness, you will have moments of choice that include who to leave behind, or who to allow to fall behind.

You may feel a tug of remembering old times you’ve shared; balance that with the reality of how things have been lately and how you want to spend your energies in the future.

It may be challenging but retrain your loyalties to your Greater Good and Soul Purpose, not past emotional allies.

Remember – if the option is to stay small, stay in familiar territory of relationship, thought, Philosophy, or to stunt your growth, ask yourself – is this for my greatest good? (Truth will never say yes to that, so if you hear yes, it is a lie.)

Modern culture promotes using pain (sadness, emotional bleeding) to know you’re alive.

I recommend a change of diet – using your infinite, powerful, True Self to know you are alive instead.

It may be life-long familiar to carry others unwanted emotions, and you may even have a story about how that is your Purpose or helping, but it is neither.

Your divine spark energy feels fantastic to your system. Empowered, capable, able to know in a second what is true for you and what is a lie, how to succeed, how to make money, how to behave in relationships in ways that nurture and not limit – what is not to love about BEing Spirit IN Body?!

Your sadness, grief, disappointment, and all other emotions, will never be stagnant, never drain you totally, never bleed you. You may resist them, you may deny them, and that will exhaust you but the more you have and participate with your own emotions, the more fluid they are and they naturally take you from lower to higher vibration, no manipulation required.

Participating in your own emotions, hearing what they are communicating is not the same as being at the whim of your emotions. This isn’t about letting your emotions run away with you, or being a victim to your emotions.

Participation means showing up, hearing the nonsense as well as the wisdom, challenging the nonsense and taking in the wisdom that is all coming up within you at every moment.

Remember, even if it is very familiar – if it is stuck, there is a lie in there and there is some energy that is not your involved.

Today choose to BE On Your Side, whatever that means.

Be willing to be happy, successful, fulfilled, because as an infinite Being in a body, that is your natural state.

You are a living being and living things change all the time, growing free to flourish.

Today, align yourself with your True nature, not friends, family or old ideas of what something means about you.

©Copyright Delia Yeager, February 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact delia@deliayeager.net first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything. www.deliayeager.net

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heal self world

Present Time – Super Power Extraordinaire

Present Time is the Super Power that helps in times of change.

Present Time is the point of most power – Right Here, Right Now.

Present Time is the only place body can be.

Present Time is one of body’s great gifts to all of who you are, because it provides the focal point for all aspects of you – the parts that you know about, as well as the parts of you that you don’t know about.

As Spirit with this amazing body in this time and space, You are actually an infinite, multi-dimensional Being, too “big” for the mind to grasp.

But Present Time is where all aspects can meet, Spirit and Body, Right Here, Right Now.

In times of transition and change, body will look for experiences, past or imagined (books, movies, other people’s lives) that are similar to what is or could be happening now or in the future.

This is part of how body’s navigation system is designed, so don’t make it wrong for doing this. Help it by validating yes, it is a little like that time before or that story of that movie, but Right Here, Right Now, this is what is happening, not that.

Learning how to see and validate What IS instead of the definitions, interpretations (good/bad) and editorialization of What IS can be confusing but once you get the hang of it, all of life is easier!

Separating What IS from the meaning we give it is such a relief!

When you are going through a hard time, grieving the death of a loved one, making changes in relationships or growing your business – learning to BE IN Present Time, to BE Right Here, Right Now, brings sanity, peace and even empowers every aspect of your system.

Right Here, Right Now – Present Time – is not the last time this happened. Right Here, Right Now is not 10 years ago what so-and-so did such-and-such.

Right Here, Right Now, in Present Time is where everything really is okay. There is a roof over your head, food to eat, water to drink and so in all essential ways, right here, right now, everything really is okay.

Right Here, Right Now, in Present Time there is plenty of air and plenty of time to breathe and do and be what needs doing and being.

Right Here, Right Now, in Present Time there is not imminent threat to your body.

But if there is an actual real, not imagined, imminent threat to your body, that is very useful to know – use Present Time Now to find safety for your body!

Knowing the difference between an actual, physical threat to your body vs the emotional state of threat is very valuable information.

So often we hold ourselves in that emotional state of threat as a  way to steel ourselves for everyday life, but Present Time can help you stop doing that to yourself. “Stop threatening me,” is a very useful thing to say to yourself when you notice yourself doing this.

Holding yourself in a state of agitation does not prevent something bad from happening, in fact it magnetizes them to you because you are vibrating at that rate and looking for that very thing.

Years ago I was in a 5 year intensive Psychic Abilities and Energy Healing training that encompassed a lot of personal healing. To do healing work with others, you really need to be doing it on yourself first, and to get spiritual seniority over your thoughts, pain, emotions, body impulses, etc.  

I had a lot of trauma, physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, some that I knew about as well as aspects that I had suppressed, to heal or recover from and as a highly sensitive person who didn’t hardly know the difference between self and others, I was highly charged, reactive and emotional a lot of the time.

Because of the sensational aspects of what I was recovering from, the healing process could be very upsetting to my body – mind, emotions, stomach, etc, and at the time I still very much identified AS my pain, story, emotions, mind, stomach, etc.   

Healing involves what we call Growth Periods.  In the beginning, as first year students in the Clairvoyant program, some friends and I had a saying – I’ve never met a growth period that didn’t suck!

All the sore spots, fears, loathings and weaknesses were getting stimulated and prodded even! It was terrible! Sure, we were gaining the practice with the tools to heal ourselves but still, we did not know yet how or if they worked on this and that, and it could be very upsetting!

But the advanced students didn’t have that energy about them at all. They had the energy of – Hey! I found something stuck and stinky! Yay! Growth Period!!!!

The advanced students had been through the 1st year of having all their sore spots prodded and tweaked, so they had a solid year of practicing over and over and over again, experiencing that every time you hit that wall, you do the techniques and the wall is healed, transformed and the energy that was dammed gets liberated and can flow fully again.

You get more of YOU back! Fresh! Empowered, and knowing from experience that you can do anything!

They had learned from experience that in Present Time, the severe pain is not from the thing itself but from built up resistance to it.

And the  things you fear are not actually happening in this moment, and so from this moment you can see them more clearly and with the techniques, you can drain all that resistance and judgment, liberate all that energy, heal and regain all that once pent-up power.

Plus, you can reintegrate that once-frozen aspect of yourself and regain all that great vivacity and life-force energy!

And you do none of this through your analyzer!  You don’t think your way there, you do the healing work and then get the memo about what all you just processed!

In other words, gaining spiritual seniority over body-thoughts-emotions-memories is absolutely, 100% possible in every case. How fabulous is that? Really very fabulous!

Whenever you hit the wall of what is UP for healing in this moment, if you pat your knee and say today’s date, you can begin to bring yourself INTO Present Time,  the point of most power.

In Present Time, that thing is not currently happening.

You can assist bringing your thoughts, energy and emotions in to present time by noticing how you are breathing, and decide to breathe as slow and easy as if you had all the time and oxygen in the world right now.

You can use your age and/or today’s date and invite all aspects of yourself into right here, right now.

You can look at the room around you, list the facts of right now – the wall is white, the sun makes shadows on the table and floor, the air is cool and pleasant. Use the factual sense-details of this moment to help bring all of you out of that past (or future) time event and get into Present Time.

From here you can see how safe you are now, and soothe your body, “Yes, that was scary, but it is not happening now. That hurt back then, but right now, all is well.” Not invaliding the past experience but not getting lost in it either.

Present Time is the cool empowerment to be On Your Side, right here, right now.

Every day spend 90 seconds noticing right here, right now, and bringing all of yourself Into Preset Time. Notice what a sanity boost that is!

I have 2 openings for private Core Spiritual Practice Training, how to have your own Spiritual Energy Practice that includes energy self- healing and question answering techniques as well as 1 opening for the private Spiritual Living Coaching. Click on the program name for more information.  

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Matching Pictures

Remember the card game, Concentration? The one where you turn cards over looking for matching pictures? Builds memory, can be played with regular cards but often are cards with images on them.

Pictures, images, metaphors are the first language of the body. Before words, there are electromagnetic imprints, images, communications – pictures.

Babies and children are famous for knowing the energetic, emotional truth of the situation often before the grown-ups.

Emotions are electromagnetic impulses. They inform us of the nature and integrity of the moment, the situation, and they inform us of the lack of integrity of the moment.

The mind may have reasoned out that the right thing to do is X but the whole system using all information and intelligences available knows that the right thing is G. This sets up a lack of integrity that the analyzer is trained to override, to assert its will over emotions, over the rest of the system.

But in the organic structure of the system, the analyzer does not have a higher standing than the other intelligences. In modern thinking it does, but now in how we are organically designed. By design our higher Self, Spirit, the Infinite Being aspect is the one who is sovereign, not the analyzer or emotions.

The pictures are how the finely attuned, very sophisticated sensory system – body – communicates with Spirit about what is going on right here, right now in physical reality.

Matching pictures, like the concentration game, is how body investigates and inquires about what is going on.

Think of this – what if when someone is close to death and their life flashes before them, they aren’t just having a life in review, but body is purposefully flashing through all the possible matches as a way to understand and respond to the situation.

What if every thought, emotion, memory, and sensation you have is useful information?

What if your consciousness is sitting in the middle of the greatest, most refined, informative and intelligent feed-back loop conceivable?

What if your consciousness is like the cockpit of the most advanced star ship ever imagined and materialized?

What if your consciousness has access to all the cosmic, spiritual, sociological and physical information you could ever need to support and sustain you beautifully in this adventure called a lifetime?

What if all your parts are contributing and worthy players? Welcomed, appreciated, not shunned or suppressed – so their voice informs without taking the rest of the system hostage, making useful contributions to the success of the whole.

What if the matching pictures are a way to understand your environment, but a way that is often miss-used since it is not acknowledged?

Matching pictures helps body understand the person/people in the environment, like a reference point or a bridge, a way to “meet” the other person, like phoning a friend.

Matching pictures helps give mutual context and meaning for the communication to happen most fully. That is a beautiful thing. But when the communication is over, you need to hang up the phone.

It is simply good energetic hygiene to hang up the phone after every conversation or interaction.

Once you have connected with someone and exchanged what needed to be exchanged, it is simply good manners and energy hygiene to hang up the phone, drop any communication cords, and release any matching pictures that keep you two anchored to each other and move on, back to your own whole integrity of Self.

The thing that clutters and makes things so confusing is other people’s energies and thoughts in your space.

Remember, everything you need to navigate this life beautifully is within you.

Imagine this “you” is the physical body and its surrounding energy system that looks a bit like a luminous egg. “You” is not your body alone, but this physical AND energetic aspect that are infused and integrated together. It is the combination of matter and energy and consciousness that makes up the whole, real You.

Imagine that luminous egg shimmering with brilliant and soft colors, shifting and moving in a living dance of consciousness, looking rather like the images we see from space, looking at the ocean and weather patterns moving alive on the planet.

Now imagine that luminous egg filled with pollution, energies that do not belong in there. It may look like the pollution of our physical planet Earth… the mass of plastic trash out the size of Texas out in the Pacific; the ravages of strip mining, the wasting of oil fields and oil spills, coal smoke pollution, these images are representational of energies foreign to the system, blighting and mucking things up.

Your luminous egg, your body-energy system is specifically calibrated to your very unique divine energy.

Every aspect of your system, including thoughts and emotions, sensations, is all geared and designed to support your greater good and full expression of your Infinite Being self in this lifetime.

No other energies are meant to be in your system – only yours.

Any energy that is not yours is foreign to your system.

Since your system is not built for foreign energies, those foreign energies throw your system out of balance. They cloud the senses and distort everything.

Foreign energy isn’t necessarily intentionally harmful or damaging, but it is cannot support your greater good in your system.

The more your system is operating with only your energies, the clearer, cleaner and easier everything is. Manifesting is almost immediate, communication is clear and understanding is much easier.

The more your system is clearly yours, the more you are rinsing out other’s energies and owing your space for you, the more freedom, power and well-being you experience and thereby contribute to the world.

If you are ready to own your system, to BE On Your Side, to Stand By You, Spirt IN Body, Click here. Let us see if we aren’t a great match for you to learn how to operation As Spirit With this amazing body-sensory-device.

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Isn’t it time you start operating As Spirit with a body?

So glad you’re here!



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All Rights Reserved. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything

Matching Pictures and Knowingness

As so many of you have told me, things are very intense right now!  Whether it is the choices and decisions that your life are asking you to make, or the pressure of your business, family, friends, now is one of those times when it really helps to HAVE a daily Spiritual Practice!

There is nothing like the peace and serenity that come from KNOWING, based on repeated experiences, that your every day you, body-mind-personality you, can access your Higher Spirit Self reliable, with any question, any problem, any growth opportunity at any time of the night or day.

To experience conscious awareness of and with your true self, your Infinite Self, over and over again, instantaneously getting the answer of how many of this supplement to take, or which direction to turn – the more you build this muscle in small things, the more you know how to interpret and trust this communication in the “big” things.  Click here for more information and to register for the March Core Spiritual Practice Training.

Matching Pictures and so much more

Remember the card game, Concentration? The one where you turn cards over looking for matching pictures? Builds memory, can be played with regular cards but often are cards with images on them.

Pictures, images, metaphors are the first language of the body. Before words, there are electromagnetic imprints, images, communications – pictures.

Babies and children are famous for knowing the energetic, emotional truth of the situation often before the grown-ups.

Emotions are electromagnetic impulses. They inform us of the nature and integrity of the moment, the situation, and they inform us of the lack of integrity of the moment.

The mind may have reasoned out that the right thing to do is X but the whole system using all information and intelligences available knows that the right thing is G. This sets up a lack of integrity that the analyzer is trained to override, to assert its will over emotions, over the rest of the system.

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