July 26 New Moon Energy Cleanse Teleconference

This week people keep asking me…

“Delia, what is going on with the energy these days??? All the systems are breaking, the rhythm is gone and the world seems to be exploding! What is up?!!!”

“Is it just me? It can’t just be me. I am not a religious man but has Armageddon begun or something?!!”

“I don’t know where to land! I sold my house, went to visit my kids for a while and now – I don’t know what to do with myself. I have to find a place for my body in this world but … yikes! Where?”

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If any of this sounds familiar, I encourage you to take some nice, long, slow breathes, like you have all the time and oxygen in the world because in THIS moment, you do. 

And if none of this sounds at all familiar, I encourage you to take some nice, long, slow breathes, like you have all the time and oxygen in the world because in THIS moment, you do. And then go back to your book because this won’t be important to you because everything is so calm and peaceful in your world right now. ;-)

Remember how the seed cracks and breaks open, spilling its guts – so to speak? Then it has to push up through the dirty dirt, in the dark, no visible guidance – just a compulsion, or an urge towards…. The seed may be un-emotional, un-distressed – absolutely neutral. It is a seed, after all, intrinsically alive and guided.

Humans are more – complicated. We too are intrinsically guided and alive, but right now we are being asked (demanded!) to shake off what is not ours; to quit clinging and to trust, instead. 

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Not to trust all the usual external landmarks and social guidance systems, but to trust YOUR Higher Self and to build that trust to where every cell of your body knows You Are Spirit, and You have this fabulous body. And THAT – YOU – is your center of gravity.

Then the world can rock and roll and have its tremendous growth periods, and you don’t have to rattle and roll uncomfortably with them – you can rattle and roll and enjoy the ride. 

So – this Saturday at 5:00 PM Pacific time, join in the call to learn and practice some very effective, simple, and powerful techniques for an amazing conscious energy work out aka meditation and receive the healing of clearing out energies that are not yours, so you can fill in and access more of YOUR divine, Infinite Being Higher SELF Self, and be saturated with the affinity, healing and empowerment of feeling-sensing-experiencing YOUR True Nature and Spirit.

This Teleconference workshop is very interactive – you will be grounding and consciously running your energies and working with your aura and spiritual energies. 

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Block out about 75 minutes of uninterrupted time, so you can fully participate in the energy work out meditation and then have some time to yourself to integrate the healing, take some notes, pat the body and savor this deep healing.

This Saturday is a particularly potent New Moon – a prime time to release what is not your and to obey the command to step IN to BEING MORE YOU all the time. Time to BE True To Yourself 24/7 and the cosmos is nudging you there!

Click here to register.  $33 - an amazing opportunity.

Share this with friends. This is a great value.

Gather, Ground + Breathe!


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Breathe like you have all the oxygen and time in the world.

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Notice – Life Happening Here – Inside You.

As summer heats up so do the demands to be out and doing. The extroverted demands can make the sensitive person feel behind, lazy, unsociable or any other form of “not enough.” And for many of us, the heat exacerbates that.

There are a lot of emotionally charged things going on in the world right now as well, and that is not going to subside any time soon.

There is a lot tugging your energy and attention out, towards others, and there may even be invalidation for you to turn your awareness within, to support you.

And you may feel more powerless than ever as a result of all this tugging and emotionality. 

You may feel like there’s not much you can do.

Let me just say this very plainly – that is a lie in your space.

Conscious awareness may be elusive; being able to catch yourself at it creating your life may be foggy, but the fact is that you really are co-creating your life every moment of every day.

The more you identify as your experience, emotions, thoughts, and problems, the more outrageous this can feel.

The more you identify as Spirit, Infinite Being and all possibilities, the more fantastic and validating this is.

Notice how you respond, honestly. That is important feedback and information for you to know where you believe more in your problems than in your Spirit-Self.

I strongly urge you not to judge yourself for wherever you fall on the line from victim to spirit.

We are, after all, spirit IN bodies here on Earth and there is much to support body’s perspective.

 In fact, valuing body’s perspective is important. Body is an extraordinary, sophisticated sensory system that provides incredible amounts of information about the world and life in general. Spirit could not navigate this chosen physical life without body, emotions, thoughts, and senses – all of it.

Spirit wants to be here, in body, walking the Earth at this time, and it is appropriate take into account the requirements of the physical world – to “give unto Caesar,” so to speak.

Spirit can’t do this living in a body thing without body’s information, and humanity.

Part of which is the emotional system. So what you are passionately against holds a lot of healing clues for you.

You are co-creating your life, and what you are reacting to has important information for you about how you are doing, really.

“Are you telling me that I am co-creating the war in ___ that I am so passionate about?”

Not directly. I’m not suggesting you were in the room that made the decision. But I am suggesting you use your passionate response to become more aware of yourself.

Where are you at war with yourself? Maybe your war is your mind demands certain behavior out of your heart, or visa versa.

Where are you at war with the world, because “they” are bad and wrong? Turn that around and see where you are at war with yourself because your thoughts/feelings about ____ are bad and wrong and holding you down or back and they must change.

Many people are currently at war with their money or their business, both of which are bad and wrong because there’s not more of it, or it isn’t easier, or it might not come to fruition.

These day’s body is wrong for its shape, size, and appetites, as though body’s natural state of hunger, cravings, expelling and consuming are wrong and bad, not just confused.

And with being At War comes threats. I see people every day unconsciously threatening themselves into some mythical Right Action or Right Way of Being.

“If you don’t ____ this horrible thing will happen, and then you’ll be a bad lady! Out on the streets!  Without your medical attention! Friendless! You loser you! Get your shit together now!”

Sometimes it is more insidious, more subtle than that.

In really intelligent people it is very reasonable sounding.

“If ____ doesn’t ____ and if I don’t ____ then _____ and ____ will happen. Simple.”  Very left brain, reasonable, dispassionate. But still – threatening.

Everything could go on into the future exactly as it is now – which would be untenable.

This thought, this line of reasoning, may be a threat.

In our culture it is very common for people to threaten themselves with dire futures, and the lie-notion of things not changing.

There is as much chance for things to not change as there is for a wave to stop motion.  It cannot be done. So any projecting of an unpleasant past or present onto the future is In fact threatening yourself.

I offer a challenge to you: stop threatening yourself in your thoughts.

Just for today, if you find yourself feeling agitated, concerned, fearful or anxious, say these words to yourself in your mind, “Stop threatening me.”  Say it with as much or as little passion as you honestly feel in the moment.

Let this help you develop the awareness and sensitivity to your own thoughts and how powerful you really are.


I have a new tele- series on Co-Operating as Spirit IN Body coming up in August.  Drop me a line if you are interested.

Many blessings all around,


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Please forward and share with friends. Spread the word – you are Spirit, and you have a body!

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 turn up you

When you are YOU

When you are YOU, you can make your contribution, instead of second guessing and just trying to guess and do what is someone’s idea of “right”.

When you are YOU, you don’t second guess a single thing. You either know things or explore things, and always know which is the appropriate thing in the moment.

When you are YOU, everyone else can BE who they are. Your self-acceptance sets the tone and others can follow it – or not, as they choose.

When you are YOU, you breathe more deeply, more effortlessly, and you enjoy everything more. Your body isn’t afraid it’s dying all the time because  your breathing is better.

When you are YOU, you can love the people, places, things that you love without being drained or hurting every time you think of or talk to them.

When you are YOU, you can feel the power and joy of possibilities, and not being limited or manipulated by what you think other’s think, or even by what they tell you your limits are.

When you are YOU, YOU (the spirit) has your back. You’re protected, guided and valued by your own Highest Good.

For a great, very interactive workshop on you being YOU, come and join us

Saturday  July 12 at East West Bookshop from 3-6:00 PM   $20
Click here to register

Click here for more information

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Extacy Maxfiel Parrish ed


What if being good is simply part of your nature?

What if contributing to the whole, to the greater good of all, IS your true nature?

What if you didn’t have to prove that you value being of service?

Can you imagine what a relief that would be for you?

What if constantly talking about  or thinking about trying to prove that you are the kind of person who values being of service has the unintended consequence of telling yourself that you are not?

What if you just KNEW that you were intent on being of service and no longer needed anyone else to validate that? Or even know it?

What if you stopped questioning your natural goodness?

Can you imagine all the time and energy that would free up?!

Can you imagine what you spend all those thoughts on, instead of looking for ways to prove that you are a good person?! Wow!

Time to come up with a new hobby, or a new avocation. Imagine what you could accomplish – spread peace by BEING in peace with yourself, write a book of poetry, or a cookbook, engineer a way to restore wetlands, build a thing that restores strip-mining areas, who knows!! – just by freeing yourself from thoughts and actions wrapped up in proving that you are a good person who wants to contribute and be of service, you’ll suddenly have the time and energy to BE the good person who is actively contributing and being of service, and spreading peace and fulfillment along the way – bonus!

You are spirit, and you have this body, mind, personality to express your Infinite Self through for this lifetime. Everyday. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your innate goodness. Without having to be perfect 100% of the time = static, dead, a photograph – believe in and stand by your innate goodness today and every day.

Quit fighting a battle you’ve already won. 


₪ ₪ ₪    ₪ ₪ ₪    ₪ ₪ ₪

This Saturday at East West I will be holding a workshop. Join in if you are in town – come with a friend or two, to share the experience.  Click here for more information.

In this highly interactive workshop you’ll get to experience your own energy system, release other people’s energies, and receive an energy Healing as well.

Time to get back to your spiritual information, your innate and divine wisdom, your Spirit Nature, your thoughts and emotions instead of others. Your system cannot process other people’s energies or emotions. You can take them into your space, but their vibrations conflicts with yours and gums up the works. You cannot process other people’s energies. Your system is designed and fine tuned specifically for your energy, your spiritual vibration. Getting back to your energies helps everyone!

Full Moon Energy Cleanse
3:00 – 6:00 pm Saturday July 12

Click here to register now         $20

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Thank you & Upcoming Event!

Wow! What an amazing Independence weekend!

When I came out of East West Bookshop this afternoon and took the bus home, I was glad for the air conditioning on the bus and to be going home at the end of such an amazing and fabulous day of Reading.

As the door open and I hopped off the bus on my block, I was greeted by the wonderful fragrance of the brackish low tide at the beach about a mile away. I was once again filled with joy and gratitude that I get to do what I do, BE who I BE, live where I live, with the Sound so nearby. and everything. To get to BE and Do and Say what’s true for me is such a joy, and that I get to live here – it’s like an extra bonus of the day – an extra Free Gift on top of an already wonderful day, weekend and Life.

I did a joint Healing Session Intensive with a Healer friend in the Midwest on the 4th of July. We laughed and laughed at the serendipity of all the liberation healing that happened that day. As he pointed out, never in his whole long life had July 4th been so literally an Independence Day! No kidding! Wow – I love Healing! Up and out! Up and out as the old lies, pain, and other people’s energies are let go and released! Back to the Master Repurposers – Earth and Cosmic Energies! Liberation Rocks!

I spent Sunday afternoon in the splendor of East West Bookshop doing Readings at the Psychic Fair – what an awesome experience! I Read 10 of The most Amazing, Creative, and caring individuals! All so ready to step up in their lives; so courageous, ready, and fun!

You – you know who you are! – inspire me to no end.

I have to say, the eagerness and commitment to step up to living in alignment with your True Nature, recommitting to carrying out your Spiritual Purpose is just fantastic.

Many of you have already booked for a full Healing or Reading Session – I am really looking forward to our session!  This is such a potent time for Healing, Releasing and Course Correction – so wise of you to be jumping on the opportunities of this time. I will see you in our session!

I am really looking forward to this! 

Next Saturday is the Full Moon – July 12th

3:00 – 6:00 PM at East West Bookshop  $20

Register Now – Click Here

Being YOU is invaluable, yet not always easy in a world where we are bombarded by everyone and everything else.

This afternoon is dedicated to releasing other people’s energy and getting you back to square one: YOU!

The full moon is a perfect time to expedite healing and cleansing. We’ll harness this energy and amplification with the intention for a refreshing, empowering experience to be savored today and all month long. 

See you here!

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Don’t Ask Yourself To Be Less Than You Are

“I can’t ask him to be less than he is, Max.” Maria says about her new husband, the Captain, when Max Detwieler is trying to get her to get him to “get along” with the Nazis.

“I can’t ask him to be less than he is.”

How many times a day do you suppose you ask yourself to be “less than” who you are? To get along… to keep the peace… to not rock the boat.

Is there someone that you love that you would never ask them to be less that they are? Someone you admire, love, and appreciate.

Maybe you would never ask them to be less than they are, but you do ask you to be, so you can be in relationship with them.

“Oh, I am strong enough to give in here. I’ll just let them have their way on this.”

“It’s not worth it to me to argue about this – I’ll just keep it to myself and let’s get on with it.”

“I can’t change them, even if I wanted to, so why say anything? It’s just cause trouble. That’s just me causing trouble.”

“Time is just an illusion, and everything in life is an illusion, so I just decide that this doesn’t bother me. This doesn’t bother me. This doesn’t bother me.”

G. Gordon Liddy in his book WILL that he wrote after the Watergate Break-in, he describes with pride that he could hold his hand over an open flame and not flinch. “I don’t mind,” he’d say.

Lily Tomlin, in the fabulous, “The Searching for Intelligent Life” performance did a segment with a homeless teen who found the book in a dumpster and read it.  In her story arch she refers to that, and how she had been wanting to get out of pain and that had inspired her – maybe there was a way for her to get to where she didn’t care, didn’t mind the pain either. But she discovered she was just getting more numb, more frozen inside, and that was breaking her heart in a whole new way. In the end she decided that she did mind, thank goodness.

I see wonderful heart-centered, empathic people every day in pain and disorientation because they have been trying to manage their sensitivity through making themselves not care, or choosing their way into being what someone else seems to want them to be.

Because your sensitivity is not valued by the culture at large, that does not mean you have to ask yourself to be less than you are.

Because you are sensitive and loaded up with misinformation about the messages your senses are trying to convey, that doesn’t mean you have to ask yourself to be less than you are.
Because you are sensitive and the world doesn’t want to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell yourself the truth.

If the commercials and movies of today show us anything they show us that the culture today values numb, frozen, sexualized, uncaring and desensitized – a perfect culture for warring. And warring is a symptom of “not minding,” and not minding is a symptom of self-betrayal.

Every time it is okay for you to dis your feelings, to go against your own values, to ask yourself to be less than you really are, there is a tear in the fabric of your being.

Feel the pressure? Let it crack you. Let it crack you Open.

Even if you can’t yet fix everything, you can, starting today, fix the thing that is in front of you.

Tell yourself the truth. “I feel like a failure.” “I can’t tell where I end and someone else begins.” “I can’t live like this anymore.”

Whatever it is, own it. Now. Name it. Write it out – write out a list of what you can’t stand any more.
Write out the list of all that you have been suppressing from yourself;  what you can’t stand about your life, your loved ones, your work-mates. Write it all down so you can face it.

Find a friend who knows how to impartially Witness – ask them to not judge or take sides, but to simply be there and listen, and at the end ask them to tell you that you are now no longer asking yourself to be less than you are.

And from now on, when you do or say or be less than yourself again, when you eff-up in your life as you change and grow, let this be your new test question – “Can I love myself anyway?” and always, always make the answer, “Yes.” even when you don’t feel it. Especially when you don’t feel it – yet.

“Can I love myself anyway?”    “Yes!”

You can do this 1,000 times a day. No machines, no app, nothing to buy, no one can see you doing it, you can do it in your car while you drive, you can do it at your desk and no one else has to know.

“Can I love myself anyway?”    “Yes!”

The life thing really is all an inside job. It is time that you start BEING On Your Side. The world, this crazy culture, your friends and loved ones, including those you have not yet met – need you to be all of who you are, comfortably – not less than.

“Can I love myself anyway?”    “Yes!”

Unconditional love changes the world. It’s an inside job.

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Breathe like you have all the oxygen and time in the world.

Please forward to a friend or two who might enjoy reading this. Thank yoU!

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Saturated With Validation – Could You Stand It?

I re-watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night.

Towards the end Harry has to produce a wicked amazing Patronus to save the earlier Harry and Sirius from the Dementors.  Harry is waiting for his father to somehow show up and Hermione tells him that no one is coming.

He’s justifiably freaked out for a moment, and then runs out of hiding and with all his might and fury; he conjures a brilliant Patronus, saving earlier Harry and Sirius.

It is such an awesome moment in the movie. The Dementors are horrible and a very real threat to our heroes, and then this brilliant stag comes radiating out across the water, pushing all the Dementors out and away.

It reminded me of how often we are horrible and threatening in our own minds, thoughts and emotions, towards ourselves. Sometimes I have advised clients to put up post-its to stand BY themselves by saying in their mind, “Stop threatening me,” to interrupt that old unconscious flow of threats, accusations and recriminations.

Stop threatening yourself now.

Just for today, instead of the same-old running yourself down, turn that sentence or phrase completely around. I am awful at _____ becomes I am awesome at _______.

By saying that reverse thing to the max,with the same vigor and repetition as the old running you down one – do this for 3 days, and see what awesomeness you inspire, create and generate in your own life, body, and world.

Notice how much better your whole body feels when you’re saying all this great, validating, appreciating stuff to yourself as much as you can.

Imagine focusing and spending that much intensity on your own well-being and in protecting your self as Harry did on him and Sirius.

Harry seemed to have been channeling all the pent-up love and hope for Family – hope for being known, loved and protected – in that moment to protect Sirius and himself – to protect the only family he knew in that moment.

You are family to you. Or you could be. You could be a whole and compete family of One if need be. Don’t just that as lacking; stand in the wholeness, the complete-with-the-Universe-ness of it all. 

Imagine what it would feel like if you were the one who got all your own loving attention, true caring, beloved and even sometimes indulgence energies…. Imagine being saturated with luxurious amounts of validation, support and constantly hearing how awesome you are…. Could you stand that? Would you take it? Why not try it – just for a few days.

It’s time. Time to think and be ON Your SIDE – Spirit and body, body and all aspects and emotions all in alignment, all shoulder-to-shoulder, all on each other’s side, from the smallest to the largest aspects of You, Spirit and body, aligned, together, unified. And just look out!

Meanwhile, Saturday is the last day for these great Specials!

Click here to read more and/or purchase.

Breathe like you have all the oxygen and time in the world.
Please forward to a friend or two who might enjoy reading this. Thank yoU!

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right ON time

Celebrating the June New Moon with a 72 hour Special!

A 72 hour Special Offering in Gratitude of YOU!

So many of you have told me that you are really ready to grow through whatever has been in your way of bursting forth to shine, contribute, and have radiant fun in your life! You are so inspiring! You Rock!

right ON time

Out of appreciation and joy of working with so many of you, I’ve come up with a couple of Gratitude options for you to choose from. 

These sessions are done from the privacy of your own home so we can optimize your healing and convenience. 

$49 Special Reading – 
Focusing on one of your Super Powers, a Block or Past Life Clearing, or clearing your Chakras, or whatever your guides want to do in the session!

These are done by phone or Skype and take about 30 minutes.
$176  1:1 Coaching Sampler –
This is a 2 session package focusing on the healing and clearing work that brings you more power, focus and joy in your own life and situation. This is an excellent deal for getting the 1:1 attention for your healing, business or health project that you want to Breakthrough now.  It is a taste of the 1:1 work we do together in the packages listed on the website.

These are done by phone or Skype and take about 50 minutes.


Upcoming July Events – Save the Dates

First Thursday Healing Circle
July 3 at East West Seattle
12:30 – 1:30 pm in the Main Events Room

Join us on the first Thursday of the month for a Healing Meditation specifically designed to assist each person in aligning with their own highest good.Witness yourself naturally release any energies or influences that cause pain, confusion, lethargy or stress while simultaneously drawing in more divine energies for peace, flow and ease in all your relationships.

Living in this graduated spirit-body alignment also assists with accelerated manifesting, allowing more of what you want; leaving what you don’t want!

and the week after next…

Full Moon Energy Cleanse
Saturday, July 12 th   - $20

3 – 6:00 pm at East West Seattle
Register Now!

Being YOU is invaluable, yet not always easy in a world where we are bombarded by everyone and everything else. Energy Intuitive and Healer DELIA YEAGER offers this afternoon dedicated to releasing other people’s energy and getting you back to square one: YOU! The full moon is a perfect time to expedite healing and cleansing. We’ll harness this energy and amplify it with our collective intentions for a refreshing, empowering experience to be savored all month long. See you here!

If you have any questions about any of these offereings, just reply with your question! 

Breathe like you have all the oxygen and time in the world. 
Please forward to a friend or two who might enjoy reading this. Thank yoU!

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The Magnetic Power of Expectation

The power of expectation is alive and well and working in your life every day, in this moment even.

Expectation is like gravity – it is magnetic and at work whether you believe in it or not.

Expectation is what sets your tone, it underlies your mood, and it is the foundation of how you stand in the world.

I work with a lot of people who are Solopreneur and starting out in their own business; maybe just like you.

They have a lot of criticism from inside and from those around them, even from the people they hire to help them build up their business.

“Stop procrastinating!”

But when you break it down, when you really look at what is going on underneath the catch-phrases, a very different story will unfold.

Have you ever procrastinated from doing something that you knew would be a lovely, manageable success, doing what you are great at, doing what you love to do, and that people love participating in?

No. You could have a scheduling dilemma, but not a procrastination situation.

We don’t procrastinate from what feels great and is empowering to self and others.

We procrastinate from what doesn’t feel good, what hasn’t necessarily worked, and may have even been unpleasant in the past.

When you expect to fail, you can’t hardly drag yourself there.

When you expect to be wonderfullly received, appreciated and saught after, you can’t wait to get going, naturally!

We procrastinate failing. We pro-activate flying-fun-success-accomplishment.

All the good souls I have worked with are blazing a new trail for their own life are hard at work, dedicated, heart-centered and determined, AND

They are as critical of themselves as others around them, misunderstand the process, get on their own case, trip and judge themselves for it, and generally are beating themselves into resisting their own calling.

Then, instead of magnetizing the people who love what our Solopreneur Shero is offering, there is a big, vast void of response. And our Shero is exhausted, mystified and underneath that – at least a little relieved.

This makes total sense!

It makes sense because underneath what you think you believe, what you tell yourself you believe, is a whole other river of denied, rejected and resisted beliefs, and as in all areas of life, they are what is running the show. They are what is actively magnetizing and manifesting your life.

When you haven’t cleaned house and gotten present to what is going on, you don’t know that you are attracting exactly what you are expecting – failure, no clients, and a dearth of what you want.

Those feelings of inadequacy, of not being prepared yet, of not knowing what you are doing, of being a phony – they are all trying to let you know what needs attention! They are trying to coach you up on what you need to do to BE prepared. They have real information to listen to!

They are giving you your marching orders: address these areas, and then we are ready.

Instead of trying to talk your way into “feeling good,” listen, take action step notes, and attend to the blocks as though they are instructions from the Universe on what you need to do to take your next steps, because that’s what they are.

Help yourself expect to succeed – by your own standards – because you have taken the necessary steps. You’re ready to succeed because you know what you are doing.

Along the way you have to get comfortable or at least familiar with the on and off the mark process of learning. You have to adjust your expectations to what learning looks like, as opposed to what it looks like after someone has been at it day in and day out for years.

Your test questions everyday need to be things like:
Did I do my best today? 
Did I give it my all, regardless of what I had to show at the end of the day? 
Did I learn one thing new today, even if it was now not to do what I set out to do today?

You must make the answer a resounding, “YES!” and live up to both the question and the answer, every day.

Remember, some days your 100% may be 20%, and other days it may be 110%. Love that you DO show up everyday – forget perfect. Redefine perfect from unchanging and dead to alive, with a lot of variety and in full living color, every day – let that be the new perfect!

And when you’re in a challenging learning curve, be sure to schedule some time each day doing something you are really good at doing and that you love doing. Validate yourself for practicing at something you’re not yet good at by also spending time on something you are very good at. Balance helps!

And – cheer yourself on! Celebrate every baby step, every new thing you learn, every micro-success along the way. Really and truly – celebrate your learning! There is not enough of that going on in the world these days.

You are totally committed to your spiritual as well as financial, emotional, health and business success. Now IS the time to do the inner work so the business-money-client flow can begin to build momentum at a rate you can integrate, naturally.

I want to help you build the spiritual muscles so that you can BE who you came here to BE and DO waht you came here to DO.  You are ready – let us begin.

Success – It’s An Inside Job Coaching

In the initial session you will clarify what you want to focus on and then the fun begins!

You will get -
- spiritual energy workouts to practice twice a day
- homework designed to help you bring out more conscious awareness of what you want
- tools to handle the unsets and challenges that you can use as many times a day as you need

All of this will give you –
- real confidence in yourself and the tools, because you experience them making a difference
- more calm and peace, and yet more enthusiasm and excitement (the good kind) too
- skill at clarity and attracting what you want more often

Bring the money-clients-love-time-peace-travel-contribution-fun into your life more every day.

Step up to Being ON Your Side and attracting, magnetizing, manifesting what you love, more and more every day.

Check out the 1:1 Packages or just send me an email – let’s talk.

It is time that you are supported and successful in all areas of your life, from the inside out.

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Clearing the Way for More Validation

Validation, being acknowledged and recognized for your strengths and abilities is always a wonderful thing.

Validation is like sunlight and balmy weather for a garden – it helps everything grow.

Validation is like being rooted in soil that nurtures and satisfies the plant’s needs.

I love good writing and used to watch The West Wing avidly.

(Okay, I admit it – I am going through the series now on Netflix – again! Because there is so much to it! And it’s written like Bach.)

In one episode or another I suddenly saw how everyone around the President was there to pull their weight so the President didn’t have to think about whatever it was. He trusted the other people to have his back personally as well as professionally, and he could not have done that job without that kind of 360 degree support around him.

This point was really driven home to me when President Obama was elected. I could feel the joy and prayers of good wishes and protection of billions of people on the planet towards him, as I still do today. And when they were in early days and talking about getting the First Family situated and accustomed to living in the White House, someone explained how anything that can be done by someone else needs to be handled by someone else, from menus to choice of ties and clothes, taking meetings, making appearances because if this one man did not have that kind of 360 degree support, he could not do this job. No one could.

His task lists had to be cleared of anything that someone else could do so that he could do the things that no one else could do.

You can just feel the amount of support that it takes – like the infrastructure of the Brooklyn Bridge – to hold up the person in the Office of the President of the United States.

That is a lot of validation. Agreement with and even affinity for the person are not required for that validation. That validation holds up the Office and therefore whoever is in it.

Now imagine having that kind of support and validation in your life today – whether your personal life, your love life, your friendships, your career, your business.

And look at how your life is currently set up.

Chances are your life is arranged and designed to validate someone else’s life, someone else’s Purpose and supporting them in their ability to live their True Nature and carry out their Spiritual Purpose.

So – what if you chose to – from now on, BE in support of YOUR True Nature, and carrying out YOUR Spiritual Purpose?

What would it take to restructure and rearrange your life so that you spent your time doing what no one else but you can do?

What would it take to believe that satisfying your True Nature and carrying out YOUR Spiritual Purpose was that important?

Clearing out Invalidation will top that list

It is time to put your satisfaction and success at the top, not the bottom, of your To Do list.
Balancing your giving and receiving, your Male and Female Energy comes next.

To help you with that, I am now offering these Clearing Healing sessions and Balancing Sessions.
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No matter what, start Being ON Your Side.

Validate for yourself the value and importance of what you love and what you came here to bring into the world. No one else can do that.

@Delia Yeager, May 2014, All Rights reserved.
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BlogTalk Radio show – A Spiritual Perspective
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