Your Turning Within Will turn the world around, in many great ways.

The more you own and fill your own space, the more you discover how much more you are than you thought you were.

As you get used to your Daily Practice of turning within and running your energies, things you learn in the Core Spiritual Practice Training, the more you discover the Infinite parts of your true Self.

Physicists, biologists, even the AMA admit that there are some benefits to meditating; reducing stress, easing concentration, lowering cortisol levels, etc.

The more you (body, mind, emotions) experience the You (Infinite Being) “inside”, that part that is the real You, the more the two aspects can and want to co-operate; operate together.

I know the use of “you” gets confusing, so I use you for body-mind-emotions-personality, and You for the real You, Spirit, Infinite Being, the You that breathes life-force, dynamism into the cells and fiber of your physical being.

Body-personality self is the part that society says is who you are. It is part the DMV photographs.  But you know that your loved ones are more than that, and you know that you are too.

The more you turn within, the more you discover the amazing, detailed, fantastic aspects of your very own Self/Soul/Spirit.

There is a lot of pressure these days to multi-task, to spread yourself too think, to have a lot of interests and diverse commitment; there is a lot of pressure to dissipate oneself to the point where the most common sensation is scattered, maybe even dizzy, spacey feeling.

But the more you turn within in this energy practice of a meditation, the more You you discover.

If you could touch the face of Divinity in this moment, would you want to?
If you could experience yourSelf as Infinite, not in an ego way but in a real way, would you want to?
If you could contribute to world peace in a real way, would you want to?


Challenges to Turning Within

  1. There is no There there.
  2. It does not feel good.
  3. It’s scary.

There is no There there.

Many of us are so “other” and “outer” oriented that turning within can feel blank, or boring at the beginning.  “There’s no there there.” That is a great place to begin, and a great sign that this practice will serve you.

Think of it like having been out in the bright summer sunlight and going inside a cabin with all the windows covered. At first it is just pitch black and you can’t see anything. But over time your sight adjusts and you start to be able to see large shapes and outlines like the couch is there, a doorway is there. And the longer you are within, the more detail you can discern – the couch has a floral pattern on the fabric, and 3 pillows, the door opens to a library, and the like.

The more you turn within and go into that space, the more detail you discover and can experience, and the more accurate your reading of the space becomes.

Early on you may think you see a unicorn painting on the wall, but the more time you spend getting to know the place, the more you can verify those impressions, and get certain about what’s there.

And what if turning within is not as finite as it sounds?

Turning within a building would be finite because even if it is big, it is finite, in physical reality.

But turning within you, within You is Infinite You, with no bounds. 

The more you turn within the more you meet the Infinite cosmos – within.

You know how we keep hearing that all the answers are found within? This is that within. The within that holds all the information of the universe, from this and every other dimension, all your spiritual answers and powers, right here, right now. Within You.

It Does Not Feel Good

It is normal to discover the pain, insecurity, disappointments, heart aches that made being outer-oriented so attractive and The Answer in the first place.

Many people have taken up the cause of being of service to others and stopping Monsanto and Rocking the Vote because they would rather control the outer world than deal with their own inner world. All of these things are worthwhile activities, but that are not a substitute for turning within.

All change, world peace, prosperity, starts from within.

When you participate in these activities because they are righteous, or you are righteous, and people should do these things, then you are not actually contributing to world peace – you are contributing to world judgment and control.

However, when you have made peace with the little you that is scared and therefore wants to control every little thing about you and about the world; when you have loved that part out of competition and into cooperation, then you are able to contribute to world peace no matter what you do, making whatever you do a more potent contribution.

It’s Scary

The scariest part of all this is facing your fears. The fear of not finding anything there inside you; fear that you are empty, a hallow shell, or fear that you are really a bad person, or that you’re really weak, or evil or whatever your big fear is.

One spoiler alert about this – there is no new sin under the sun. There is nothing you have done that is unforgivable. There is no “hopeless case” possible. There is no thing that you have done that you feel you cannot tell anyone, including yourself, that hasn’t been done by many others, many times throughout time. Of all the ways that you are unique, how you have fucked up is not one of them.

But here’s the deal – you can live in fear of that stuff, running from it, hiding from it, but as you run and hide from it you are actually making it real.

It may only be an illusion but as long as you give it the power to affect the course of your decisions, you are making those fears an engine of your life; the exact opposite of what you intended!

Are you willing to love yourself no matter what?

What if you are a coward? Are you willing to love yourself anyway?

What if you are a loser? Are you willing to love yourself anyway?

What if you are a failure? Are you willing to love yourself anyway?

What if you are (fill in the blank)? Are you willing to love yourself anyway?

You grew up or now have relationships where you experience conditional love; love on the condition that you are nice, or kind, or do the dishes, or don’t have an opinion, or only smile, or keep quiet, or keep arguing, or never give in, or never give up. You know how that feels. You know what that does to your confidence, to your inner-peace.

Are you willing to try something new?

To stop trying to fix yourself, and go ahead and love yourself As Is?

Can you do this scientific experiment, and see what loving yourself As Is, 24/7, for 7 days does to your digestion, breathing, sleeping, shoulders and even your relationships?

Your turning within will turn the world around, in many great ways.

©Copyright Delia Yeager, January 2015

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Time To Know What You Know

p“I signed up for your Core Spiritual Practice Training because I have studied with a lot of people, and have studied a lot of the spiritual teachings, but what I want is to be able to access my own spiritual information, always.”  

I hear this all the time, and it is about my most favorite thing to hear. I love helping people find and own their spiritual wisdom and freedom.

As I tell people in the first class, I do this because years ago I was sometimes terrified in my own skin, not knowing what to do or how to apply or get actual, real comfort from all the wise people I had read or spoken with.  I would be panicky and ashamed of my fear, until I learned how to connect spirit as body, in ways my body-mind-personality could experience and identify. Not a mystical process, but a doable practice.

One of the things that made Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch? Oh my.  In The Hounds of Baskerville on Netflix portraying this particularly well) so amazing was he was so fully present that he saw and heard things that other people using their senses in the usual way did not.

The more present you are, the more you will see, hear and sense what is going on in the world immediately around you, and be engaged with and respond to that, not the past, future or disassociated fantasy.

My Mission is to teach anyone who wants to be able to access their own spiritual answers and assistance in the middle of the night when the sh*&’s hit the fan, or any other moment, night or day.

The more body-mind-personality gets the benefits of Spirit and using the energy techniques to help heal feel better, soothe and empower the body-mind-personality, the more body and spirit can get on board with each other, so you can CO-Operate as Spirit IN Body.

Learn To Read and Calibrate Your Senses

The other day I gave myself a treat of a sunny afternoon in a Victorian part of town. The streets were midday, midweek quiet and I could take my time walking through the uncrowded shops.

I had a lovely late lunch in one of the restaurants. I asked if I could sit out of the glare, so I could work on my laptop. They seated me in the wine alcove that had a few tables in it. I had the space to myself

After lunch I was waiting to see the desert menu while I sipped my coffee and working on my computer.

Keeping an eye out for my waitress, I noticed a waiter with 2 heaping platters of salad take a step out of the kitchen stop himself and step back to the wait-staff area and put the platters down. Soon 2 more platters were there as well.

Turned out I didn’t really want desert, so I finished my coffee and paid to leave. 

I thought that was pretty interesting. I checked with myself and yes, I was completely ready and at ease with leaving just then, but it caught my attention since my plan for the next part of the afternoon and been simply to be out in the world and write.

This place fit the picture of the kind of place I would have chosen to do that, and yet, I was perfectly happy to leave. When they put the platters down at the corner earlier, I flashed on the picture in my mind of the entire wait staff sitting in this alcove to eat together, family style. Maybe I was ready to leave and they wanted the table. I could check on this – verify if I was reading it right.

I think of this as a calibration check.

As I was gathering myself to leave I asked a waiter if they usually eat together in the alcove. He said yes, but I didn’t have to leave – I could stay if I wanted to. No thanks, that’s okay I said, and I left.

I have been at this a very long time – seeing pictures in my head, reading energies, getting impressions, feeling the vibe, and I have read many hundreds or thousands of people, and it is just like anything else, it is good to verify and fine-tune the instrument, and my interpretations, often.  It keeps things crystal clear.

Anyone who does something they love will tell you that they are always learning, always fine tuning their understanding, whether it is a history teacher, a virtuoso or even an athlete. Always learning more is a sign of someone who is present and paying attention.

And who wouldn’t love to Know what they Know? To be able to decipher and correctly interpret every thought, emotion and sense that your body-spirit experiences? That’s the kind of knowing that totally excites everything since it makes everything possible.

And this isn’t limited, cognitive, able to repeat it for a test knowing but real, visceral-comprehension-knowing. 

Sometimes people need to “be right” out of insecurity, to imagine they are better than someone else.

But most of the time, I see people needing to know what they can believe in – are their senses perceiving the energy-situation right? Are they able to believe in their senses?

This is a crucial question, not a psychological one, as Sherlock demonstrates in The Hounds of Baskerville. 

If your navigation is off, if you see dangers where there are none, and don’t recognize real dangers, how can you feel safe in the world? How can you trust your inner guidance if it is calibrated wrong? Which leaves you with what can you trust?

If not your eyesight, then who’s sight? Who evaluates things in the way that most matches you? And even if you can find someone else to be your eyes, what about when they are standing there and you are standing here – they cannot have your point of view. 

So much of the world today tells us over and over and over again that people are not enough; not smart enough, wise/strong/pretty/rich enough to do much of anything, other than follow instructions. Everyone knows it is a lie, but a repeated lie starts to sound familiar, and familiar is often misidentified as truth, or believable. 

You are the only one who can have and navigate from your point of view, and that is actually good news. 

To do that, you need reliable, dependable, systematic ways to release other people’s points of view to find your own; to release other people’s energies so you can find your own; to release other people’s emotions, so you can find and know your own.

Your thoughts, point of view, emotions all have vital information for you, to help you navigate your life through the choices you make. Accessing your own information is what sets you free to know/grow and BE who you came here to Be. 

The Core Spiritual Practice Training gets you trained up for that – training your attention and spiritual muscles so you can Know what You (spirit) Know, and release what’s no longer for your greater good.
New 1:1 Trainings starting the first week of February

Level I – Core Spiritual Practice – I have 2 openings for the Teleconference Call version. 

Level 2 – Spiritual Live Program – Self Healing Practice – This series facilitates your learning and doing this self-healing and cleansing process, so you can fine tune your own vibration even more.

The systematic clearing of other’s energies out at Level 1 or Level 2 helps you to fill and own your own energy, space and consciousness even more. Regular weekly teleconference sessions help you help yourself co-operate as Spirit IN Body in every area of your life.  

Call or reply email to let me know what day-time you want to book, or to ask any questions about this Training.

Level 1 – 8 weekly sessions $595  Click here

Level 2 – 4 weekly sessions $450  Click here
In Joy!


feeds bleed
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All rights reserved.
A Spiritual Perspective – Spirit IN Body

You Cannot Process What Is Not Yours – But You Can CLEAR IT!

Have you ever had the experience of becoming aware of some block or pain, then doing what you know to do to release it, and it gets better for a little but really, it seems like you just have to accept it as part of your life?Maybe you have not been able to make the kind of money you need to truly support your family (you by yourself count as your family, too!) Maybe you have been conservative and conscientious about recycling and reusing everything in your life. You may have even gotten a bit religious in your belief in this whole way of life.

Or maybe you have not been able to find a relationship of deep satisfaction to you. You keep working on yourself and accepting them as they are, asking less and less of them so as to take more and more responsibility for yourself but dang it, in the end you two break up – and they find the one person on the planet that they can’t wait to spend every waking moment with.Maybe you are fine with the income you generate and with the relationships in your life, but you really have just had to accept that you cannot be a singer.You’ve tried everything under the sun, but the chance to be Cher has just never materialized for you.

Now, you have done all the things you know to do about these things and they still keep happening, so they must simply be How Things Are for you, right?

But – what if that’s not the whole story?

Your energy system – physical body, mind, emotions, the bio-chemical and the electro-magnetic aspects to combine to make up YOU – is specifically designed for your unique vibration, and meant for no other.

Other people’s energies in your space is like sugar in the gas tank of your car.

You can still manage to sputter along with a little of that foreign (to your system) energy, but add too much and it gums up the works but good!

What if you had the energetic, spiritual tools and awareness that you need to release these energies that gunk up your system – release them once and for all?

What if the “silver bullet” isn’t switching the lights off, the “once and for all” part, but instead is –  knowing where the switch is – knowing the techniques to use!

As Spirit, Infinite Beings that have had many lifetimes, many bodies, and been everything under the sun, from the lowliest to the mightiest, from the poorest most abused slave to the most powerful being in the realm, You (Spirit) have gone to a lot of thought and trouble to create this body, this lifetime, this family of origin and all manner of thing so that You, spirit, can live ON this planet At this time = On Purpose!

The more you clear out other energies, and old agreements, and machines or biometric markers, all manner of thing – the more you OWN Your Space and release all that stuff that throws you off, creates problems and disappointments that match the pictures (energies) that are stuck in your system – the more you OWN Your Space, the more you clear that gunk out, and your life will start to reshape and form into the sweet spot, for you to flourish and thrive.

The first step to this is taking the Core Spiritual Practice Training.

You are spirit and you have this amazing body-energy system. Learning how to sense-feel-hear the information coming from your body-mind-emotions is a powerful act of ownership, commitment, and self healing.

If you are ready to really know what you know, to support yourself fully and completely, to live day to day in total commitment to BEing ON Your Side, so you can access all your own spiritual information at any time, this training is for you.

In this training you learn the techniques and awareness that you can use daily to begin the practice of Owning Your Space for Your Greater Good.

I have 2 spots open starting January 27 or 29th for private 1:1 trainings.
One series starts on 1/27 for Tuesdays at 4PM, in person, at East West Bookshop and one spot starts on 1/29 for Thursdays at 6PM by teleconference call.

These sessions are private, one to one trainings, with the information and examples that most suit you and your current needs.

Just hit reply with the best time when we can talk by phone so we can see if this is a good fit for you at this time, or

Click here for more info or to register before Wednesday Jan. 21.

Listen to more about this fabulousl training:


Many people have totally changed their lives using these techniques, discovering  and living the life they always dreamed of having but couldn’t dare to live – before.

Now IS Your Time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers to the amazing life you are ready to create! A life that really serves You and Your Mission and Higher Purpose! Yay!

IN Joy,


©Copyright Delia Yeager, January 2015
All Rights Reserved.

Delia Yeager
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Things past clients have said…

“Delia is experienced, highly skilled, authentic and, trustworthy.  These are the highest qualities in an intuitive healer.  Her readings and healings are immediately accessible.  She is also an excellent teacher and explains clearly how subtle energy works and how to manage it in our bodies.  We are truly blessed to have her in our community!”
- E.W.  Psychotherapist, Educator, Life Student

“Battling abuse… I don’t have to: my fear of my own light and my fear of hurting others by standing up for myself, is “cured” by simply standing by me. Standing by me is the purest and strongest way to protect myself even if I don’t say or do anything else. What I do say or do when I stand by me, is authentic. I am not afraid when I am living my truth. I do not have to teach anyone else or even get into what anyone else is doing in front or behind my back. It is not important.”  K

A lot of the work we do is very near and dear to the client, so I now post anonymous comments to respect the privacy of the people I work with. Here so come comments from anon. clients… a

“I don’t get sucked in to other people’s dramas all the time now!” e

“At work, when they are doing that stupid stuff that used to make me so crazy, I don’t have to get into it with them anymore. I just sit there and do my grounding and techniques, stay in my bubble and let them keep their energy out there. It’s amazing.” m

“I used to always get into it with this one woman friend. Now when she starts dumping all that dark stuff on me in conversation, I just use my techniques, remind myself to not take it personally – not take her personally, and take care of myself by getting off the phone.” r

2015.  Here’s to making this The Best Year EVER.
As Picard would say, “Make it so.”


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BE ON Your Side.  

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Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything – Embody Now
Subtle Energy Transformational Healings, Readings, Classes  & Coaching

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.


Be In Conversation With Fear

There are things you are passionate about. So passionate that it was painful, so you went numb. At some point it seemed better to be frozen than to feel any more. Numb became the new normal. But staying numb takes 10, 000 micro-decisions a day, and a constant vigilance to keep yourself there.

It is easier to not feel, to be above it all, to be detached this way,” is a lie in your space.

It takes 10,000 micro-decisions a day to stay numb, but it also takes 10,000 micro-decisions a day to thrive. You make the 10,000 micro-decisions every day any way.

Oh! But the flood of all those emotions after all this time – it would all sweep me away! I would be lost!

Aren’t you lost already? Maybe that flood would wash you clean, wash you clear.

No. What I have to shut off is too bad to face. It would kill me.

Isn’t living like this already killing you?

No, I am getting by. I’m exhausted and have to stay on guard all the time, but I’m getting by.


No, but I don’t know how to stop. I’m afraid. Afraid I’d be out of control. Afraid of what I might do. I might hurt someone’s feelings.

Do you honestly think that living frozen, bullying yourself through life isn’t hurting you? Isn’t hurting the people who love you?

Uh…. I don’t know how to stop. What do I do?


That doesn’t help. How do I stop?

You just do. Like Dorothy in Oz, you have the power, all the time, you just have to learn that you do – by doing.

No! No! I’ll die! It would kill me to stop, even if I knew how.

Aren’t you dying anyway? Aren’t you kind of dead now?

Stop saying that.

But isn’t it true?

Yes, but stop saying it. It’s freaking me out.

What if you didn’t have to freak yourself out any more? Would you take it?

I don’t even know what you are saying….. freaking myself out?

If you could life from a place so real, so authentic, so unpretending that you didn’t freak out any more, would you take it?

Of course! That’s what I’m trying to do now!

Sure, but now you are trying to do it, acting as if you don’t care by making yourself not feel, or think differently. I mean, what if you could be honestly at peace? Would you take it? Would you want to do that?

Of course! That’s what I am trying to do now!

Yes, but now you are doing it by suppression, judgment, manipulating your thoughts and emotions. Stop that – let things flow and things can change.

You know you don’t make sense, right?

I know it seems that way. This is that leap of faith you hear about. Trusting that underneath all that manipulation, judgment and suppression of yourself, your true self, light and power are waiting to come forth – you just have to allow it to, allow yourSelf to BE, and trust It instead of what your thinking can know.

But I might die.

Yes, I’ll validate that feeling but that smaller part of you grows into a larger comprehension. It feels like dying going in, but feels like being reborn on the other side. Trust the process, starting with the choice to Thrive or nothing.


Be kind to the little self that hangs on so meanly. Validate the fear or point of view, but don’t be ruled by it. Be kindly, but insist on growing.

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©Copyright Delia Yeager, January 2015
All Rights Reserved.
A Spiritual Perspective – Embody Now

Manifesting + Super Powers

The New Year – the blank page, the empty canvas, the next phase of the adventure.

Here are a few Super-Powers to remember to use:

Present time – when your energy and attention is all Right Here, Right Now, you FILL this moment, so you are More aware of what IS, “good” and bad”, what you’re grateful for and what is bothering you! This is the point of most power and filling THIS moment will show you simply what you are ready to change.

To vibrate at the appreciation (gratitude) and owning what you’ve manifested that you like helps you be more able to able to appreciate and own what you have manifested that you don’t like.

The more you can comfortably be neutral about all of what’s in your life, the less you resist any of it. The less you resist, the easier and more effortless is it to adjust what you’ve created to more of what you like, less of what you don’t like.

NOW is the point of most power. The more you are more consciously aware that You (Infinite You, not just body-personality you) are creating everything in your life, the easier is it not resist (or take personally = blame yourself for). Then it is easy to see what you want to adjust or change, and then you simply do change it – no fanfare or drama required.

When you really KNOW that you ARE and INfinite Being with an amazing body, creating your life materially, the fact of “create and adjust, create and adjust,” becomes an empowering concept and the obvious norm.

So when you find yourself doing that thing that you promised you weren’t ever going to do again, in that moment of realizing that you just, “did it again,” in THAT moment of most POWER – have your test question be, “Can I love myself anyway?” and always, always answer, “YES!!”, no matter what.You are a magnificent manifestor! If you can create this little pile of poo you can create a mountain of glorious, too! You know you can because you already have! Creating is how the physical world shows up. It’s easy to change what you create when you KNOW that you (big Spirit You and little body-personality you) are co-creating everything anyway!

The more you experience this level of Ownership of your life and unconditional love from yourself, the more you ARE On Your Side, and the more you are able to soften and focus towards where you want to go.

Your choice, thoughts, energy, imagination are super-powers! Learn to listen and dance with the communication of it all – all the parts of your body-personality and Your Infinite Self part.

The techniques that assist you in this process are what you get in the Core Spiritual Practice Training. Send me an email at if you are interested in the next Training.

Betwixt and Between

The week between Christmas and New Years always seems out of time to me.

It is neither a holiday or a regular day, neither fish nor fowl.

I love betwixt and between, like Halloween, because these are times when “the veil between the world,” is thinnest.

This time of year we are naturally lead to thinking about the past year and the coming year, an organic rhythm of look back and casting forward. The more you participate in this oscillation, the more potent your understanding and releasing the past can be (you cannot release until you get the message!) and the more potency you can cast into the coming year, so you can manifest more of what your heart desires.

On Sunday, Dec 28 I will be leading my annual New Year – New You workshop, which each year suites the energy of the day, so they are always a unique experience.
Click here to register and find out more about that.

Next Sunday, January 4th I will present a Teleconference Call Workshop – Owning Your Space!
Click here for more info/registration for that.

I’ve also written a blog post that you might be interested in –

Just because something vibrates at a rate out of normal human range does not mean it does not exist, or that it does not communicate. It only means it is beyond normal human awareness.   Click here to read more….

Peace on Earth, Good will to All.


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The gift of your presence is all that’s needed.
Joy to the World!

A Gift for you that only you can give

Tonight is the longest night of the year.
In my meditation, this present come up to present to you.
Tomorrow the sun begins its return.It is only a quick 6 months to the longest day of the year.And the circle, it goes round and round.

A lot can happen in 6 months.
A lot has happened in the last 6 months.

Think back to where you were in June/July 2014.

Be open to what that time wants to bring to mind.

Don’t tell yourself what was happening back then – invite who you were then to tell you – today-you  – what life felt like; what your struggles and interests were then.

Can you let present time self be curious what your summertime-self inform you? Breathe into that.

Jot down (or if you prefer prose, write out) whatever comes up about how life felt 6 months ago.

Be curious how and if things felt different; which things felt different?
What concerns were overwhelming then that you’ve totally forgotten about?
Which ones haven’t budged?

Just breathe, and be curious. Discover what comes up.

See if you can have a dispassionate, neutral view of last summer, and how far you have come since then.

Today is the window of the New Moon and the winter (summer) Solstice.

Right Now is a great time to allow yourself to thank all aspects of You (the parts you know about and the parts you don’t know about!) for all the great good things that you have accomplished, learned, done, grown, created, manifested and received in the past 6 months, or 2 weeks.

See how luscious you can be in your imaginings of what you want to manifest, what you want to bring into Being in the next 6 months… Imagine what you would allow yourself to desire if you knew that you could not fail… You Are an Infinite BEing, after all. What if you allowed yourself to conceptualize that? Imagine yourself that – unstoppable…

It is a great time to thank all aspects of You – Infinite Being Self as well as body-personality selves! for all the great good things that you will accomplish, learn, do, be, grow, create, manifest and receive in the next 6 months or 2 weeks.

Ahhhhh…. Bask in the glow of this amazing great adventure of getting to BE YOU all the time. OWN that, and breathe IN You.

Christmas day is coming soon. The magic of the Season is upon us, regardless of beliefs.

Just for this moment, invite the magic of the Season into your imagination, your heart and mind, to gently melt any thought, idea, belief, decision, or stand that really no longer serves you, with or without your knowing about it.

Open yourself to the concept, the possibility of miraculous redemption and a C-change of perception that illuminates, liberates, and invigorates every aspect of your creative Self.

Happy Solstice + be of good cheer.


BE ON Your Side.

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Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
Subtle Energy Transformational Healings, Readings, Classes  & Coaching

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

Highly Sensitive People and The Holidays

Most Highly Sensitive People or Empaths tend to have lives where there is a lot of alone-time built in. Whether through minimizing the quantity of people in your life, or limiting the amount of time you are available for friends and family, one way or another Empaths will find ways to protect themselves from the uncomfortable and unwanted energies of others.

This can look like not having a lot of people in your life. Empaths may prefer to have too few people in their lives after spending the first 20 years with way too many people around them. So many adult Empaths that I know have the additional cultural programming and worry that they “isolate too much,” and keep people away.

This kind of black and white answer makes sense when you do not know how to identify, run and own your own energies. When you know how to identify and run your own energies, you will stop taking on energies that do not belong to you, even those that you do not know where they originated.

As a caring, loving-natured person, many Empaths are steeped in the thick of their family life.

The Empath is often the chief cook and bottle washer Mom/Aunt/Daughter/Son/Brother/Father who is always stretched thin, trying to meet everyone else’s needs. And this person usually has the lie, often unspoken, that this caring for everyone else is not only their job but somehow their spiritual purpose!

This is a lie because when you recognize that every one, every being, every thing from rock to dirt to plant to pet to sibling to Other person IS A Divine, Spiritual BEing, you realize the absurdity of their needing you to be their maid, bottle washer, assistant.

The times we help each other the most is not when we feel sorry for someone (just think back to the last time someone felt sorry for you to realize what a debilitating, invalidating experience that is) but when we, as equals, recognize the courage and honor of the other person and help them help themselves.

Most of the time we don’t exactly need help from each other; we need each other to BE who they truly BE. A Bright Spark, a force of nature, a Divine, Infinite Being clothed in this fabulous body that walks and talks them into the world, into physical reality. The Powerhouse dressed in emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities – that’s who we need each other to be, and that is who we need us to be.

The more you occupy you – fill up all of your space (aura around and the physical body in the center) with your own energy, pull your aura in to comfortable around only you – occupy and own your own space and everything gets less annoying, more peaceful and… truer.

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The Core Spiritual Practice Training gives you the tools so that you can understand and recognize your own energies, your own thoughts and dreams.

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Identify sense/feel the vibration of your own truth, your own information, be in charge of your own instantaneous healing!

Let go and rinse out any emotions, thoughts or energies that are not your and that do not serve your greater good!

Consciously and consistently communicate with the God of your Heart, access your Inner Knowing and get your own answers for every area of your life.

If you are feeling the pinch and are ready to BE unstoppable, to BE who you came to Be, and to fully Occupy You – spirit IN body – this course is for you.

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BE ON Your Side.

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Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

“Do what you can with what you have from where you are.”

The holiday season of December is known as a magical season.

A time of anticipating what gifts you will be receiving from family, friends, or Old Saint Nick.

It’s a time of planning active giving and passive receiving gifts with people who matter to you.

But manifesting a wish of your own, bringing something you care about to real life is the most fun, most empowering thing you can do.

These days we are culturally told about a hundred million times a day how powerless and limited we are. And we are told about a hundred million times a day how we alone have the power.

This is very confusing for the body-mind. What the hell?! Which is it?!!

So the best thing to do – stop “just believing,” and start clarifying for yourself.

You are spirit – an Infinite Being with amazing, untapped capabilities! And you have this fantastic body to walk and talk You – Spirit – into the physical world! How does it get any better than that?

There are things that you cannot do. For instance, if you are not Secretary of State, you cannot go to China and discuss policy.

Okay, but really, do you want to be Secretary of State?

If that is something you feel called to do, take the steps and live the life necessary to become qualified for that position. Otherwise, move on to the work you do feel called to do, and leave that area of concern to the people who are called to that kind of work.

The more you DO what you came here to DO, what you feel called to do, the more the Universe overtly conspires with you to bring into physical being the things and opportunities that will help you on your divine mission!

And now more than ever do we need you to be DOING what you love and came here to do/say/BE in the world.

Stop buying the lie that you, Joan Q Public, must do something about everything that comes across your scanner every day or you aren’t doing anything!!! What a crock!

And notice how much energy and attention you spend doubting yourself and wondering what you should be doing about things that you are not in a position to do anything about! A huge waste of your time, talent, efforts and wellbeing! Not to mention an avalanche of invalidation for you!

Social Changers would never compete with a Kardashian, but don’t compete with Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi everyday either!

It is one thing to look at others for inspiration and guidance – we are built that way. But it is another thing altogether to compare and criticize, to put down and to overlook differences.

Comparing yourself to Martin Luther King’s public image success stories is a disservice to both you in the 21st century and to the very real human being that he was in the 20th century. The more you know about the public people’s beginnings, the more you find how human they were, and then you find how they were a “regular person” who followed their calling, even how they may have “just fallen into it,” the more you’ll see what you may have in common with them.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can with what you have from where you are.”

When you do that every day, you not only change the course of your life, you challenge and hopefully drop the lies of your powerlessness.

You are the Infinite part of your Being, not limited to the parts of you that you know about!

(But isn’t now the right time to start learning how to connect consciously with all that fabulous, yummy Infinite Self?)

See what fabulousness you can create and materialize today, every day. Spend your time and energy being curious about, looking for clues about that, and watch your whole life transform.

Making a wish come true for someone who cannot do it themselves, like the Make A Wish Foundation, is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Making your everyday life the kind of reality that you can’t wait to get up and do every day; to go to bed smiling and wake up laughing, looking forward to the days adventures, owning your power of Being Spirit with a fabulous body-mind-personality-self – is a blast.

The energy is ready for another Training to begin! You have been asking when – and the answer is Now. Let me know if you have any questions about this fantastic training.

Core Spiritual Practice Training begins December 9th at 4:30 PM
At East West Bookshop, North Healing Room

December 9, 16, 23, 30
January 6, 13, 20, 27


Teleconference Training begins December 12 at 6:00 PM Pacific

December 12, 19, 26
January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

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After December 3rd                         $648

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HAVINGNESS Clearings + Healing Workshop!

HAVINGNESS Clearings + Healing Teleconference Workshop

Wednesday December 3 at 6:00 PM Pacific time    $36

Havingness is the ability-capacity to HAVE AND TO HOLD – like the reservoir for Receiving to feed into.

Havingness is the ability to exist in comfort, feeling sated, satisfied, replete and ready for more!

Havingness is the ability and wilingness to let go of lack, doubt, “not enough” and free-fall into being supported even if you can’t say how in advance.

Havingness is a muscle you can develop!

Join in this workshop Teleconference call on Wednesday, December 3, at 6:00 PM Pacific time.

‘Tis the season to be giving, so it is also the season to get good at receiving!  Ho Ho Ho!

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