Leading Questions

I have been at this for a long time, and yet….

I had dinner the other night with an acquaintance. As profession peers, we have crossed paths many times over the years and occasionally get together for a meal.

During the dinner I noticed I was getting impatient. That caught my attention since I had been looking forward to eating at this restaurant for a while.

I know from experience that my energy feels good, expansive, positive, upbeat, since I’ve had ample proof over the years that I am an infinite being in a body having a fantastic human experience (fantastic in both directions at different times.)

The irritation I experience in the restaurant got my attention, so while nodding and listening to my companion, I also asked inside- what is it? What are you trying to tell me?

Is she trying to get in my space?  She is trying to find out what I’m thinking without being overt. Damn, that is annoying.

The body’s culturally engrained reflex is to resist, to become territorial and competitive, but I have learned that owning my space and not resisting is the surest way to make this a relatively stress-free experience.

So I stopped resisting, released any investment in what she said or meant, and in making my own points or being understood. After that it was more pleasant for me, and I’m not sure what it was for her.

But a few hours after I got home, I noticed my solar plexus area was a little tight, my breathing a little shallow, so I checked in again asking, what is it?

This time the answer was, “what if she doesn’t like us now?” Well, that’d be okay. Not fabulous, but okay.

Then I sensed into the energy further, in that neutral curiosity.

Do we have to be liked by everyone? Not exactly.

Do we have to like everyone? Not…. everyone. Just everyone we talk to.

Really? There’s a part that believes that we must like everyone we meet? Everyone we talk to? Ever?

The tightness answered – yes.

And I responded, “No, sweetie, we don’t. Any of you can dislike anyone you want to. Not every part of us has to like everyone we ever meet or talk to.  You know it’s not about being stuck or nice or perfect, it’s about being honest and telling the truth. That’s it.”

The knot released and body drew a nice big breath, and relaxed.

“Really? We don’t have to like everyone we ever talk to? That’s okay?”

Yea, that’s okay. You know that you don’t ever have to lie again – just say What Is and it’s all good. We will talk and come up with the right thing to do from there. You just need to tell the truth.”

And I wondered …. How long has that lie – that we have to like everyone we talk to – had been in operation, but I didn’t pursue it long.

I learned a long time ago that the questions we ask are the rudder, directing the ship of our experience down the stream of life.

Ask, “What’s wrong with me, them, this situation, etc.,” and you’ll get a series of answers that take the wind out of your sail and brings on dark clouds, dread and in time, fierce storms.

Ask, “What’s right with me, them, this situation, etc.,” and you’ll get a series of answers that enlighten, calm the seas except for playful winds and whitecaps that make the journey refreshing and invigorating.

Contraction and depression or expansion and empowerment?

I know which ones I choose, now.

But that’s after I allowed myself a long period of compare and contrasting, of digging the diamonds out of the pits, and learned how to listen to all aspects of myself.

Today, do yourself a favor. Let yourself know that your survival does not depend on your liking everyone you talk to, or everyone you meet liking you.

Even if you think it’s silly, even if you think you know better, even if you know you know better, tell yourself today – “We’re okay, no matter what. I am an Infinite Being having a physical experience and all the parts inside me have something valuable to contribute. Together, we’re okay.”



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A Spiritual Perspective

Where Is Your Attention?

“I can’t ask him to be less than he is, Max.” Maria says about her new husband, the Captain, when Max Detwieler is trying to get her to get him to “get along” with the Nazis in The Sound of Music.

“I can’t ask him to be less than he is.”

How many times a day do you suppose you ask yourself to be “less than” who you are?

To get along… to keep the peace… to accept… to not rock the boat.

Can you imagine asking your child or best friend or someone that you love, admire and respect to be less than they are?

“Go to school today, daughter, but don’t be too good at math because a boy might
not like you so much.”

“Go play ball after school, son, but don’t do too well at it in case that would hurt
the other player’s feelings.”

“Go be in the world today beloved, but water yourself down so no one can object
to anything you say or do.”

“Go out into the world today but leave no mark.”

These are all things that you would never say to anyone you love, admire and respect.

Maybe you would never ask them to be less than they are, but you may ask yourself to be less, so you can get along with your dad, or to keep peace with your sister, or in an unspoken barter to keep your job, or maybe get a raise.

“Oh, I am strong enough to give in here. I’ll just let them have their way on this.”

“It’s not worth it to me to argue about this – I’ll just keep it to myself and let’s
  get on with it.”

“I can’t change them, even if I wanted to, so why say anything? It’s just cause
I see wonderful heart-centered, highly sensitive,  empathic people every day in pain and disorientation because they have been trying to manage their sensitivity through making themselves not care, or care less, choosing their way into being what they think someone else seems to want them to be.

Because your sensitivity is not valued by the culture at large, that does not mean you have to ask yourself to be less than you are.

Because you are sensitive and loaded up with misinformation about the messages your senses are trying to convey, that doesn’t mean you have to ask yourself to be less than you are.

Because you are sensitive and the world doesn’t want to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell yourself the truth.

Every time you dis- your feelings, or go against your own well-being, you are asking yourself to be less than you really are, and effectively telling yourself and acting as if who you truly are is not of value – to you.

Today, instead of keeping an eye on whether or not you are getting out of line, what if you keep an eye out for how good you are doing? Or if you’re really strong, how about how looking for how great you are doing?

Today, instead of keeping your focus on others around you, outside of yourself, what if you switch the focus to inside you? Instead of how you think/feel the supervisor or co-worker is thinking/feeling, what if you were that curious about how you really think/feel in that moment?

There’s still plenty of sensitivity to go around, but what if just for today, you spent some of that valuable interest, curiosity and compassion on yourself? 

What if today you put the oxygen mask on you first?

Try this at home (or at work, or anywhere else you may find yourself.)

Imagine a large circle to represent you; your conscious awareness.

And imagine a dot that belongs in the center of the circle.

The dot in the center of the circle shows your attention being in the center
of your business, right where it belongs.

During the course of the day, ask yourself, where is my attention? And
allow the dot and the circle to tell you.

Remember to have some compassion for yourself and balance that with determination to put that oxygen mask on you first.

Change takes discipline.

Remember what discipline is?

Discipline is continuing to choose what you want most of all, instead of what you want in the moment.

And while you are growing, changing and learning this dot and circle way of bringing yourself back to yourself, remember that growing is a living thing – expand, contract, ebb and flow, not that judgmental 2 steps forward, one step back business.

Allow yourself to be living, growing and changing being that you are. Revel in your humanity; appreciate that you are a vibrant cosmology of energy and matter.

When you are used to turning the volume down on who you are to keep the peace, it can be challenging to turn the volume up for a change.

Allow it to take the time and space that it does, but don’t stop. Keep on migrating till putting the oxygen mask on you first comes so naturally you don’t even remember that you ever didn’t.

Now, where’s your dot?


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Fear 360

Fear 360. It’s everywhere and it’s misinterpreted.

You know how it feels to be chronically misinterpreted?  Exactly.

I’ve heard a lot of out of balance things about Fear this week and am inspired to clear up some pervasive misinformation about this dynamic energy.

Fear is a great energy. Fear keeps an eye on the perimeter at all times. That’s its divine job – to be aware and let the rest of the system know if there is a breech or challenge to the perimeter.

If there is a breech to the perimeter, Fear lets Anger know. Anger’s job is to re-establish or establish a boundary as needed. That’s Anger’s very useful and loving job.

Fear is the psychic, the sensitive and anger is the restorer.

When I hear, “feel the fear and do it anyway,” I cringe.

There are many times when you will want to do that, but not as I see so often, at the expense of Fear.

Listen to it, see its point of view, validate it for the truth it is conveying, and then decide what to do.

A few years ago, I arranged with the Universe to have myself kicked out of the nest of a job I wasn’t suited for.

It was a rude awakening, and an even bigger relief.

So my body-personality finally relented that maybe what I should be doing full time was what I as most guided to, trained in and loved the most – doing readings and healings professionally.

I had been doing this work for decades but “on the side.”

When I read a great little book, THE WAR OF ART, by Steven Pressfield and Shawn, I saw for the first time that I had been approaching my true work, my Energy work, as a hobby, not as a profession.

I had invested years of study, practice and experience and yet I still did not take it seriously. That all changed then.

I signed up for a training program on how to market and be in business.

Naturally they talked of the inner game and fear. They talked about gremlins and lies and how stupid or wrong the fears are.

But what really started to change things for me is when I started listening to the fears, to take them seriously.

“I’m afraid that if I am seen in the world, I’m just a bigger target and will get killed.”
“I’m afraid they will laugh at me.”
“I’m afraid if I am really myself, and they don’t like me, I’ll have nothing.”

When I fully engaged in what the fear had to say, validating it and honestly hearing, without judgement, that’s when everything started changing and improving dynamically.

I used the techniques that I now teach in the Core Spiritual Practice Training and the Spiritual Living Program, along with this new comprehension of what the fears were telling me, and everything started flowing more.

“I’m afraid I don’t know enough,” was absolutely a fair and honest assessment about being in business, not about my craft, as I had assumed before I stopped judging and not hearing my fear.
Usually fear is telling you about something you either need to get – information, support, guidance, permission, present time, or asking you, do you really want to do this thing that is remarkably similar to that other thing that did not go well before? It is a useful question, not a bulldozer mandate.

“I don’t want to be judged,” is a fair contribution. But then I heard Brene Brown talking about this from her perspective. She said to never let your actions be affected by someone who has no skin in the game. Or if someone is not doing what you are doing – stretching, growing, getting out there, if they aren’t in the game, their viewpoint is nothing you need to consider.

Besides, living by what you think they think about you gets boring after a while.

And there are fears that are coming up because they are ready to be grown out of!

A fear of crossing the street is bloody useful when you are a little kid, even if it is a fear of getting in trouble.

But as an adult, that fear is crying out to be heard, that part of you wanting to be healed by being listened to, and validated in some way, so that part of you can stop being frozen and stuck in that long ago moment.

A fear of being burned at the stake is intense and can keep you from being more boldly and directly who you really are in this lifetime. But it is a fear and a caution from another lifetime, from an even that happened to you, Infinite Being, but not this present-time body.

Listening to the fear allows it to complete its task, and releases all that stored energy to flow and reintegrate in present time.

All emotions, especially those that the culture doesn’t like, hold very valuable information and once heard they will naturally and organically move your awareness and consciousness to a higher perspective, a deeper understanding and an elevated mood. Naturally.

Fear is not False Information Appearing Real. It may not be accurate in present time, but it does come from something very real that your system wants to prevent from happening again.  Validate it and point out that in present time, it is currently illegal and unlikely that you will be burned as a witch.

People might not like you, sure, but that’s not being burned at the stake. And that experience never did happen to this body, in this timeline.

Fear, anger, fury, depression – everything is divine in origin and has valid, useful information when you listen.

On the other side of shunning fear, it usually becomes Feeling Energized And Ready.

Listening, engaging in your thoughts and emotions – communicating, not falling for or suppressing any of them, is the key.

If you feel called to BE You in the world, I have The Practice for you.

Happy new week, my friend.
In Joy!

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Be On Your Side.

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A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
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This living business – this is an awfully big adventure.

You are smart and know you have so much to offer.

You feel the pressure, the intensity, the urgency to get out there and Go, Do, BE – to get out what is inside you!

            “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
              If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth
             will destroy you.”                                                 –    Gospel of St Thomas


Imagine the world if Adele did not live in alignment with her Greater Good and EXpressing that which is in her. Or Maya Angelou, or The Beatles, or Jane Austen, or the great Ben E King who just transitioned out of his body last weekend. The man who brought us the song, Stand By Me – one of my theme songs – Spirit and body-personality singing to and committing to each other.

Where would we be if these people had not let the pressure of the need to BE themselves lead and guide them to Go, Do, BE all that they are?

You know what that’s like. You know that it is true – that feeling that you will expire if you don’t express what is inside you.

That’s a big part of the pressure that’s been building up in you – it’s time to contribute what you love and know to be true, or bust.

And you’re right. You know you are. That’s why every time you try to manipulate yourself into acceptance as a way to be okay with what is not okay any longer, it doesn’t work.

If you are ready to Stand By You, and to commit to living the life of your dreams, the life you know is possible but at the same time dare not dream of – you know, that life, then now IS your time.

             “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into                        action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if
               you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
Martha Graham

     What if anxiety is excitement without an outlet?

What if that energy could fuel your successful, adventurous life of more depth, fun, fulfillment and WOW than you ever thought to dream of?

Yea – let’s do this.

Your peeps can’t find you while you are hiding, doing, saying and being things that you think you need to or have been trained to but that aren’t not really you.

Your peeps cannot find you until you do, and you come out of hiding.

The world needs who you really are as much as you need to BE who you really are.

You are such a powerful treasure, and it is time to create from and share that.

If NOW Is your time, hit reply to this email and let’s talk.

In Joy!

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Be On Your Side.

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Make Your Day – Better

Here it is, the May full moon, with all the relief and excitement of extraordinarily good weather and the Earth and Sun have been shaking things up like nobody’s business.

You know that sense of urgency you’ve been feeling? It’s not just you, and it’s not an emotional response; it is the quickening that all living entities are experiencing.

You can either learn how to listen and work with it, or you might find yourself with anxiety attacks and having trouble making good decisions.

So what do you do right now to support yourself in these turbulent, exciting times?

Here are 5 things that you can start doing right now, to demonstrate your commitment to YOUR Greater Good.

1. When you wake up in the morning – first thing, even before you open your eyes and your analyzer starts to troll, looking for what to light on , try re[eating your version of these:
I can… I Can…. i CAN… I can….  I cAn…  (see how many different ways you can sound it out
I don’t know how, I only know that ….  (I can, I will, this good thing and/or that good thing IN my life)
I am looking forward to the day’s adventures!
What amazing fabulous “coincidences” can I create and encounter today?
How fabulous am I willing to have this day be?
I AM On My Side – Spirit IN Body
The Universe is on my side
The Universe is conspiring for my Greater Good

2. Set your alarm for 2o minutes. Every 20 minutes when it goes off, take 3 slow, deep breaths, and 3 sips of water. Stretch your body, and think, “Good body. Good body! You’re such a good sport, body! Thank you!” See if you can do that 10 times during your work day, or more!

3. Every time you are at a loss about what to think about, when you area on Hold on the phone, at a traffic light or find yourself having a line of thinking that is getting you riled up about something you can do nothing about, repeat your favorite line from your morning exercise.   I like “I can” because it is so easy to remember – just 2 words.  Instead of letting your thinking lead you down any more unproductive but troubling roads,  notice what’s happening and switch to, “I can. I AM On My Side. The Universe is on my side. The Universe is conspiring for my Greater Good.” Find the one that is your favorite and repeat it, over and over, mindlessly even.

4.  Pat the body. Sounds silly but so what. Rub or pat your leg as if you were having tea with a really good friend who is going through something. You totally know they’ve got this, they can and will triumph through this, and you want to acknowledge that it is challenging. Be friendly with yourself, as though you really do stand by you.

5.  Register for the Core Spiritual Practice Training to learn techniques that you can do at your desk, in your car, as well as in that morning and evening Energy Workout  aka meditation that you have truly wanted to do for as long as you can remember.  Or for the Healing Program if you already have your Practice in place.

I was going to close Registration as of yesterday, but the full moon (and some of your emails) encouraged me to keep it open till Tuesday the 5th.

If you want to have a free consultation to see if this Practice fits your commitment to your Greater Good, well being and happiness, reply to this email and let’s set up a call. Reply with your phone number and the best time to call you. Let’s get started.

I only have 2 spots left, so let’s talk today or tomorrow.

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The world needs you to BE You more that you know. Your peep’s are looking for you. Let’s get started.

Standing By YOU does make the world a better place for everyone.

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Be On Your Side.

© Copyright Delia Yeager, April 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact delia@deliayeager.net first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything.

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