Invalidation Colors Everything

The more invalidation you normally run in your system, the more likely you are to take exception to things that other people say.

The more likely you are to hear, “You normally don’t look very good,” when someone says, “Hey! You look great today!”

The more invalidation you normally have in your system, the more likely you are to have your feelings hurt, to prefer fantasy to real-work-right-here-reality, the more likely you are to be tired, not feel very good about yourself, and like it’s just not “realistic” to think that things could ever really get very good.

The more invalidation you are used to, the more likely you are to believe that, “How things are is how they have always been and will always be,” and not in the good way!

Invalidation takes a sunny afternoon and turns it into global warming and a cancer scare at their worst.

Invalidation takes the news of the latest wars and turns it into there is no point to anything, it all gets turned to sh*t anyway.

Invalidation says that no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, nothing is going to turn out right, and nothing could.

Invalidation casts an iron net over everything, leaching the color out of life, draining all goodness out of possibilities.

Someone else is cheery – clearly they do not properly grasp the situation.

Someone else comes up with some silver linings – clearly they are not intelligent enough to know that this kind of thing is just an opiate of the masses.

Invalidation sucks the life out of anything and everything.

Oh, but critical thinking is valuable – it is what got me through my early life/mid-life/career/fill-in-the-blank.

Yes, critical thinking can make tremendous contributions to self and others, but critical thinking and life by the mind alone is as out of balance and disturbing as living only by emotions and impulse (emotional bumper cars at best!)

Imagine thinking is like the flat-head screw driver. It is unbeatable for securing and unsecuring flat-head screws, but it lousy at managing a philips head screw and hopeless where what is called for is an allen wrench or a hex key.

The world may tell you that the straight-edged screw driver is the only one of real value since it is the one that schools, institutions, governments and business mainly use.

But life is not a series of straight-edged screws.

Life is full of all the other kinds too, and they are just as valid as the straight-edged and in many areas much more valid than the straight-edged screw and you need to be present enough and conscious enough to distinguish what each situation is calling for, not because someone is telling you but because you can discern and know these things for yourself.

You are Spirit – an Infinite Being that has had many lifetimes in many bodies here on the planet, and many other lives in many other dimensions, way beyond the limits of this time and space we currently call home.

As Spirit You know there are hundreds of perfectly viable ways of doing, creating and accomplishing things – wonderful things that You came here to do for the joy of doing them – and that Your capacities and abilities are much more diverse than just the straight-edge screwdriver and nothing else. Heck, a screw driver is great, but useless when what you need is a hammer, or a tea towel!

You the Spirit know everything is possible no matter what.

It’s time to start draining out the invalidation and develop the taste for Validation.

Now’s the time.

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A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything

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Point of View

Your POV can be a source of great pain, struggle, problems, social difficulties and a lot of other limitations.

We often hear about POV as an illusion like time or reality.

We hear about the need to let go of our POV.

And here’s the thing – some people DO need to let go their iron-fisted absolutist POV and make some room for someone else’s POV. Fabulous! There are a lot of articles out there for you already.

This is for a different person.

This is for the person who doesn’t really know, much less own, their own point of view.

The Empaths, the sensitive, the untrained clairvoyant or clairsentient for instance.

The child who navigated her/his lives by tuning in to everyone else’s emotions for survival sake.

The person who – to this day – knowingly or unknowingly calibrates their energy and experience to match the people around them, to be included, to feel loved and/or connected, to feel safe.

You are the one who is sensitive, caring, has more feelings and thoughts than you know what to do with; and you are the one who cannot stand it anymore.

To you I say – congratulations!

Being at the end of your rope is exactly the best place in the world to be right now!

Why? Because you are right – you cannot go on like this anymore.

Without your own point of view you have to navigate your life by other people’s views and that is even less reliable than trying to navigate the ocean by the stars – when you don’t know how to read the stars!

Without your own point of view, you are always looking outside of yourself for others to reflect back to you or tell you who you are, what you need, what you should do, how you should feel about things, and the meaning of things.

This is no good for anyone. You can only bumble along following someone else’s map with definitions that aren’t grounded in your experience, your reality, making you both wrong.

Their answers can work for them because they are standing in the center of their life (that is an assumption by the way. If they were, why are they “helping” you so much?)

YOUR answers work for you, but you have to turn back into you to find them. 

For you a lot of what you read about letting go of your point of view is only partially correct.

It is true that it is time to let go, but what you need to let go of is OTHER PEOPLE’S POV! 

The people you have been looking to for your survival – they can’t save you – but YOU CAN save you. To do that you have to fully occupy and BE you.  Own your experiences that inform and create your unique point of view; standing BY you IN the center of your life, your experiences, your BEING. 

It is time for you to let go of other people’s emotions.

It is time for you to let go of other people’s thoughts.

It is time for you to let go of your old way of needing others for your survival.

It is time for you to find YOUR point of view, your still point, your center.


When you stand IN Your center, occupy Your Point of View, the world and everything in it will look different.

When you stand IN Your center, occupy YOU, you can start to Stand BY You.

When you Stand By You, your body-mind-personality experiences a safety that you may have never known.

When you Stand By You, you experience the fullness and richness of BEING You, right here, right now, THE Point of most power.

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Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

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e-notes: Growth Periods

Did you know that the Healing Process is predictable?

The bullet points could be:
- Shock/awe/blast-imprinting intense
- Pulsating cycles of denying, pretending, running away from, ignoring, minimizing
- Implosion  cycles taking things out on self, then Others, in turn
- Critical mass crisis – something  must break!

Choice – either turn around and face the thing, or crash, freeze again and repeat the cycle

We are meant to Break – as in break through. Break through involves some degree of break down.

When you have been through the healing cycle enough times you start to recognize the landmarks;

This is the place where you know you cannot go on anymore

This is the bend in the road where you really wish you were dead, or someone else

This is the rise in the hill where you are just too. tired. to. go. on.

All of these could be those small metal circles in the pavement, like GPS uses.

In the landscape of being human, these are naturally occurring places to pass through, especially in a culture that does not know how to have emotions – what they are for, how to interpret them, how to feel them or get rid of them.

Ironically, all you have to do to understand or get rid of an emotion is feel it. No resistance, not even buying into it completely; just feel it, allow it to “show you its point of view,” as though you cared, as though you respected its contribution to your Wholeness.

That’s it.

The absolute second you do that, it will automatically change, and flow into something else. Something else higher, clearer, cleaner, brighter and with the great release of amusement.

Emotions are trying to convey a message. Every time you resist and refuse to hear the message or open the envelope, the emotion becomes more insistence, stubborn, determined, louder.

Our higher self and the Universe communicate first with a whisper, a feather, a tickle. If we hear and respond, great! Transmission complete and the whole system can and does move on – no thinking, analyzing, explaining or figuring out required.

But when we refuse to listen, run away, put our fingers in our ears and say, “La! Lalalalalala!” at the top of our lungs, well, then we get the stick. If we still won’t listen we then get the 2 by 4. And if we still don’t listen, then we get the MAC truck, etc.

You know this cycle.  You’ve seen it in your friends over a hundred times. If you could hear above the “lalalala” you’d know you’d seen it in your life a hundred times. That’s okay.

So the other thing that is predictable along the way is what’s known as a Growth Period.

A Growth Period is just what it sounds like.

You know how in diet and physical natural healing, sometimes the first thing that happens is the experience of things getting worse?

That’s a sign of a Growth Period.

A growth period is when you are growing out of your comfort zone.

Imagine the seed, buried under ground. It is this hard little thing, down in the dirt, in the dark, and the pressure builds up inside until – until it cracks. Cracks wide open.

Then there is this spindly, weak little shoot that has to force its way gently between the cracks of the soil as it blindly grows up towards the sunlight it cannot see.

From the outside, above ground, it looks as if there is nothing happening.

But inside, some of the more empowering transformation is happening; the transformation that sets the stage for so many others.

Often times growth periods are recognized by being somewhere between uncomfortable and in pain; maybe miserable; maybe angry; maybe you’re eating more chocolate than usual, or working more, or crying more.

A growth period usually has some quality of, “this crap – again?” maybe with a little whine to it. Or it might be steely and determined – on top of a lot of anger/pain.

If you are doing your Spiritual Practice daily, you will be more at ease or at least resist your growth period less, which will make it less painful.

Whatever the original wound was – it is not nearly as wrenching, painful, tearing at you and bleeding you as the accumulated resistance you have to It, whatever It is.

My Rx for Growth Periods: 

Pat your body and remind yourself, this too shall pass.

All of life IS a Spiritual Process, whether you believe in it or not. Just because it is not recognized doesn’t mean it’s not true. Life can only BE a Spiritual Experience because life – that bright spark – is spiritual. 

Everything else is just a story.

Meanwhile make your test question:

“Can I love me anyway?” and make the answer Yes. In all cases, no matter how you feel or what your head says – make the answer, “Yes – I love me. “
Now is a great time to give yourself the gift and support of an Energy Healing, to help yourself with releasing what no longer works for you and integrating more of your spiritual energy into your body and life.

Stand By You in your growth, transformation and healing = Life. 

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A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
Spiritual Living Coaching, Energy Readings, Healings

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

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Stasis, SuperPowers and Growing

“That brought tears to my eyes!” was a comment on my FB in response to a New York Ballet video post.

It’s like that right now, isn’t it?

One minute feeling like bursting into song and dance with how fabulous and energizing things are, and the next moment, feeling like bursting into tears at how tired of the same old hardships body is.

It’s almost enough to give you whip-lash, or make you wonder if you aren’t going crazy.

This is actually a sign that things – and you – are changing, as in growth opportunities.

Now, body has a lot of super-powers that it contributes to the Amazing Adventure of Spirit-in-a-body-on-the-planet-at-this-time.

The one this sensation is a sign of is stability. This sense of stasis – things being as they should be – is a definite super-power because it frees up energies and aspects of yourSelf to be devoted to creating, enjoying and manifesting from the fullness of being safe, not currently threatened or under siege.

This is a huge super-power in its natural state. We usually only hear about its shadow side – too security minded, fearful, stuck. But that is for another day.

Remember the image of the little inch-worm? And how as it inches up a stem, it bunches up one itself for a moment, and then – it holds on the bottom and its top is reaching up, unattached to anything! A very precarious moment! That’s when its system may say, “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!” and rightfully so!

That’s why Being IN Present Time is so important. So you can access if this is a danger that needs to be grown through, or a danger that needs to be addressed in some other way, like turning and running? You need to be present to the momentary circumstances to know the answer to that one!

This warning system goes off whenever things are – different. It’s not the warning system’s job to determine if it’s a “good” or “bad” different – that is Your job – You the Spirit that your body-mind can become more conscious of and attuned to. This is where the Present Time super-power comes in.

So – as many of you have told me, and I have myself experienced, these days have that lightening energy – one minute it’s all breakthrough and clear skies, the next it’s all catastrophe and endings – welcome to Fall!

Whether you use the language of astrology, numerology or tea-leaves, change is in the air no matter what the thermostat stays. And it is an important time to Stand BY You – Spirit IN Body – as things change = as you grow.

So next time you find yourself alarmed or upset, instead of dismissing yourself as hypochondriacally or being silly, consider what being On Your Side might look like in that moment – how could you be, think, do – demonstrate that whatever it is, you ARE on your side and curious, interested instead of disapproving.

The world keeps giving us narrower and narrower ways of being – all happy, all sad, all dead, all technical – and we are HUMAN BEINGS! We have HUGE capacities for all kinds of wonders, thoughts and emotions all at the same time!
LIFE Is a Mighty Big Adventure, and We are Up to it! Spiritual Ranger Explorers in Bodies, trekking the wilds of time and space, the jungle gyms of friendships and freedom – all kind of wonders to behold!

And that includes compassion for, comforting (not indulging) and bringing along the smaller, weaker, stuck-er parts of our immense Self along the way.


©Delia Yeager, September 2014, All Rights Reserved.
A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
Spiritual Living Coaching, Energy Readings, Healings

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

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Ready to BE better, not just feel better?

I have been waiting all my life for this class. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve
wanted Super Powers. And I’ve always knows we are energy Beings.
I am so glad to be in this training!”

(This is exactly how I felt in my first class of this Practice too!)

We were talking about the difference between knowing something with your head and actually KNOWING something.

“Is it this and then that? Or that and then this?” He asked.

How often do you ask this, or questions like this?

Some of us need to know with our heads.

Some need to know – viscerally. Not emotionally, although there is an emotional component; not intellectually, although there are aspects of mental intelligence; not just lip-service to sound good; and not just the appearance of knowing – but actually, deeply, inside KNOWING.  

I lived for decades knowing things with my head but living from I did not know where! My head knew all the answers – forgiveness, peace, kindness, etc. but I knew nothing about how I really felt. I knew more about what the people around me felt, my family and loved ones, than what I felt, or even what I really thought – I only knew what I thought I felt and what I thought I thought!

That is why I – and soooo many others – love this practice so much. Finally – to Know from the inside out.  

Knowing the answer, knowing how this is supposed to go or what is right in that situation is not the same as Knowing, thank goodness!

Knowing in your head doesn’t help you live better, feel better, or be more authentic and joyful in your skin – it just means you know how to act like it better.

This course is for when  you are ready to shift from just wanting to feel better to actually, truly, deeply BE better – more You, more present, more consciously aware of your Spirit Self WITH your body. Experience – not concept.

Look around my site. Read the past email listed below here. Look at the Inspiration Corner and the Testimonial page.  Then sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take a few calming, deep breaths like you have all the time and oxygen in the world, and ask yourself: how is your life going to be in 2 years if you do not start this Core Spiritual Practice in support of your life and spiritual purpose? And how is your life going to be in 2 years of you DO start this Core Spiritual Practice?

That’s what the Core Spiritual Practice is for; so you can BE Your True Nature and satisfy Your Spiritual Purpose. 

Comments I’ve heard this week from people currently in their Core Spiritual Practice Training:

“I had felt like they were being unreasonable and picking on me. After doing the techniques from the first class for a couple of days, I realized what the information they were offering me was, and that it was accurate. They were’t picking on me – they were asking legitimate questions. Things I care about, I just had not been able to get past feeling picked on enough to hear them! Now I get it!”

“I had thought that being separate from someone I loved was cold and lonely. Doing this technique, I can see that being fully me and letting them be fully them may not be so bad after all! It actually feels good – freeing. How unexpected!”

“This week, since the first class, I have been noticing how much of my energy  I just – give away. I couldn’t stop it from happening, but over and over again I found myself in situations with people where I was helping them, listening to them, helping them with their projects and I simply could not get to mine. No wonder my stuff is so “stuck” and hard to get done! So I was frustrated this week, but I remembered your saying to notice how things were different this week, and they were. Not that I was giving all my energy away – that was depressingly normal; what was different was how much and how often I noticed myself doing it!”

Whether you follow the language of astrology or numerology or plants, as long as you have a pulse right now you can tell that the pressure is ON. The Universe, your Highest Self, the laughing gods, Kali, St Jude – everybody and their brother is currently conspiring to help you free yourself from limiting notions, lies, misunderstandings and just bad and wrong information.

If you want to –
Be able to know what’s the right thing for you, in any situation
Be able to let go of what’s not yours so you can be calm and at ease
Be able to have all your vitality, wisdom and power available to you when
               all those around you are (fill in the blank)
Be able to know what to do, and how to support yourself in doing it
Be able to feel/experience/know that you ARE spirit, and you HAVE this amazing BODY

… and if you are ready to stop rearranging the furniture and really make the changes needed, this is the course and the time for you.

Contact me at if you have any questions about the Training. We can set up a phone call where you can ask your questions and we can have a conversation to see if this training is a good match for you at this time.

Hope to see you soon.

tune in to YOU

©Delia Yeager, September 2014, All Rights Reserved.
A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything
Spiritual Living Coaching, Energy Readings, Healings

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

Please forward to a friend or two who might enjoy reading this. Thank yoU!
© Delia Yeager, September, 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Why Own Your Space? What if….

I’m always talking about Own Your Space, Own Your Space. Maybe you’d like to hear it a different way.

What if over 90% of the thoughts that occupy you – your focus, mind, brain-power, planning and life-force energies – aren’t even your thoughts? Not your own thoughts but the thoughts you are stimulated to think, like Madison Avenue stimulates the Hole That Is No Fillable that gets people to feel lacking, less then, and in need of this or that purchase to make them happy.

What if over 90% of the feelings that occupy you – anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity, ecstasy – aren’t yours either? Not your emotions but the sensations and emotions you expect yourself to have, based on thousands of hours and images of TV, movies, conversations, ads, books, stories, watching other people living or in media, plus all the other external stimuli that actually is meant to control you.

So what if 90% of your life-force energies are occupied and entangled with people, places and things that aren’t really that important to you? Not that you are wrong or uncaring, but that all this energy that is occupying you is stimulating your and occupying you in things that aren’t really your business, leaving the things that ARE your business neglected, abandoned and forgotten?

Sound familiar? Getting so upset you can’t sleep at night – about something that is not your career, your direct responsibility, in your power to do anything about beyond 15 minutes here to write to congress person or the 5 minutes it takes to sign a petition; yet you spend hours, days and weeks emotionally and intellectually churned up and bleeding energetically – about something you cannot take direct action in present time to change. This is one of the most effective diversionary tactics there is. And it is one of the very powerful, frequently employed hooks in play these days.

Now, imagine having a daily energy practice that helps you be aware of what your energy feels like, so that you can tell when the energy-thoughts-emotions that are running you are not even your own.

Imagine having a do-able thing – as pragmatic as lifting weights or spinning at the gym – that is like taking an energy shower every day that clears out other people’s energies, those that you know about as well as those that you don’t.

Imagine being able to get the grime and numbing grayness out of your head, heart and body, so you can become and experience more and more of your very own life-force energy and vitality.

That’s what comes of Owning Your Space. You learn the energy processes to actually Occupy You.

If you are ready to Occupy You, let’s get started.  You need you Now, more than ever!

Occupy You

Be IN Present Time – A Guided Way IN

September 8 – another full perigee moon or Super Moon

From what I’ve been hearing, a lot of you are experiencing the pressure to get clear, to break through and to get moving in the direction of your Spiritual Purpose and pronto!

Some people have described experiencing – confusion, pressure, a sense of urgency, a feeling of impending doom even. A lot of people find themselves going over (and over) their past, and others are minimizing (escaping) the discomfort of this energy by being so focused on their future plans they are numb to what’s happening now.

The conventional wisdom of our culture has trained us that if things are unpleasant or uncertain today, it is best to 1. Go back over the past to see why and how you got here, so as to never make those mistakes again (ha-ha!) or 2. Spend your time and energy seeing the future and where you want to go that gets translated into go be IN the future.

Obviously as infinite spirit beings in bodies we can do either of these, and often do. After all that is what we are trained to do, and yet – there is a different approach that is much more powerful.

Be IN Present Time.

NOW IS the point of Most Power.

Now may well be the point of most power but most of us have not been taught how the heck to be IN Preset Time, much less how to deal with the emotional discomfort of the discrepancy between how things are now and how you want them to be.

Being IN Present Time is a worthy skill. It brings you to the point where you can access and experience your tremendous and infinite energy.  Present time is where all healing takes place; and from Present Time you can give yourself a healing across the time line – retroactive healing – wow.

Present Time is right here, right now, with the body.  That can explain why it is so challenging!

To be present, in real time means becoming aware of what is going on in your body. It means becoming aware of physical and emotional pains, discomfort, frustration, tensions, things you’ve been avoiding even.

At first blush it can be challenging to stay present with the body, but as you do stay present, you are actually building trust and giving yourself a healing.

When you find yourself feeling scattered, harried, late, lost or lonely, try this:

Close your eyes and turn within. With your feet squarely on the floor and your hands in your lap, take some nice, slow, deep breaths – in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, as though you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

As you breathe, allow your body to squidge around in the chair becoming more comfortable.  You want to allow your torso to tip forward at the hips till your body gently finds its proper center of gravity and your spine easily relaxes and lengthens into being naturally straighter, drawing you up in your posture.

Continue to breathe deeply, bringing in your energies and attention on the inhale, and on the exhale releasing anything that is no longer for your greater good.

You can periodically recite the day’s date to help bring all your attention into right here, right now, with your body.

As you gather your energies and attention all around your body, right here, right now, sense-feel yourself surrounded by the power and protection of your Infinite energy – and breathe that in. Breathe in how in this moment, you actually have everything you need. In this moment you have all the oxygen in the world to breathe, you have skin and a body to walk you the spirit into the physical world, and body-mind-personality has You, the Spirit to animate, protect and heal body.

You can open your eyes and list out your current reality by naming what you see, hear, feel, smell, right here, right now. Let that bring your attention back from the past or the future, filling up right here right now with all of you – the parts of you that you know about as well as the parts of you that you don’t know about. And breathe that in.

When you’re ready, relax your focus, take another long deep breath, pat your knee kindly, open your eyes and BE all here, now. Notice how your body responds to all of becoming present.

©Delia Yeager, September 2014, All Rights Reserved.     

Be here NOW