Seniority and How To Get It


It’s not a trick of the mind.

It is not a tweak that your analyzer can contort reality and/or your emotions into.

You don’t think your way there.

Seniority is a way of relating within yourself.

It comes from practicing – taking thoughts and actions based on – BEing On Your Side.

Your body knows the process of getting senior – you do it all the time.

Think of a time you did something for the first time.

Remember the first time you got a smart phone? (or when you changed from iPhone to Android)

It did more things than any phone you’d ever had before.

It felt awkward and clunky in your hand.

It had all those settings, all those choices to be made. Choices about things you’d never thought of before. Ring tones and alarm sounds, set up email or not? So many choices!

So much unknown demanding you make decisions and come up with answers for questions you’d never thought of before.

Really it was pretty overwhelming. So much to learn!

The smart phone was completely senior to you in that moment. It controlled you, by the questions it demanded you answer.

But you really wanted this smart phone! You really wanted to know how to work it. You really wanted to be able to use it, or at least use a few of its functions!

(Or you did not want to have to deal with the so-called-smart phone and you resisted with all your might, and made yourself crazy-tense-upset it about it all!)

Finally you read the manual, you asked friends, you spent time and energy learning how to get it do what you wanted it to.

(Life feels better when you quit resisting!)

You invested yourself in learning how to work it.

In other words, you spent your time and energy on becoming senior to your smart phone.

In time your smart phone became your best pet/friend.

It no longer ran you – you were senior to it.

You learned that you didn’t have to answer the phone just because it rang. If you were busy, you could let it go to voice mail.

You were senior to your phone and could make choices based on what was for your greater good, not just react.

You learned that while it was fun to have all those apps on your phone, most of them didn’t really contribute to your quality of life, and you just stopped using them. You gained your seniority over the apps of your phone.

Getting seniority over something goes something like this:

  1. I can’t
  2. It’s bigger than me
  3. I have to do what it says
  4. I have no choice
  5. It has the power
  6. Learning by doing – often clumsy
  7. Learning by doing – taking time and energy
  8. Learning by doing – showing up over and over again
  9. Learning by doing – falling down a lot, and getting back the saddle over and over again
  10. Learning by doing – hey, this is pretty fun!
  11. Learning by doing – hey, I’m getting good at this!
  12. Learning by doing – hey, look at what I can do with this!
  13. Learning by doing – hey, I can teach you how to, too!


This is the process of growing and learning and getting seniority over something.

You can get seniority over emotions, too.

But not my dictating, micro-managing, judging or shunning emotions.


Seniority over emotions comes from – listening.

Not buying into them, not ignoring them, but by listening.

Listening to your body’s emotions is not the same as being a victim to them.

Suppressing, ignoring and indulging in your body’s emotions is how to be victim to them.

Been there, done that.

Listening is how you learn.

A neurologist said that emotions are electromagnetic impulses call to action.

Okay. That is a better description than most.

Organic. Visceral. Before and underneath thoughts.

So – if emotions are an energy impulse, a call to action, let’s say we ignore it. The call goes unanswered, and the call keeps repeating until it is answered – that is its job.

Like in Start Trek IV, The Voyage Home, the beacon keeps sounding until it is answered. And, like in the movie, the emotion keeps sounding, and your resistance to it wreaking bigger and bigger havoc in every area of your life – until the emotion-call is answered.

It is simply the electromagnetic impulse doing its job until it is heard – the charge is from the resistance to the impulse!

Once it is heard, the calling can stop!

And like in the final scenes of the movie, the storm stops, the clouds part and the sun comes out – everything turns blue skies and clear sailing – and not because you thought yourself there!

Listening with curiosity, being curious what information your body is trying to convey with this emotion, being IN the conversation, is a potent way to BE On Your Side.

Once you hear the meaning of the emotion (instead of dictating to the emotion what the books and world says it means) – once you are IN relationship with yourself, you won’t be a victim to your emotions and you will begin to shorten any existing cycles of being run by your emotions – fear being the most common one.

What do you get from Seniority?

Peace of mind.

Knowing that under any and all circumstances, you are ON Your Side – that you really do have your back.

Knowing that anything you need, if you don’t already have it, you know how to get it, whatever it is.

The ability to meet life head on, with an easy calm, based on the experience of being able to trust You – Spirit and body-mind-personality working together, comfortably.

Plus, with seniority comes a huge increase in your ability to comfortable just be yourself, with your desires, appetites, joys, passions and emotions, all flowing easily and effortlessly bringing you the people, places and things that collaborate with you to create your fabulously successful (by your standards!) life.

It’s a beautiful thing, living with sprit and body in full cooperation.

It is Heaven on Earth.



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Stand By You & Change the World

“I want to contribute, to make a difference in the world, but I am having trouble in my own life. I guess I can’t do anything for the planet until I am in better shape.”

Notice how invalidating this logic is?

Notice the closing down sensation in this conclusion?

Notice how 340°’s of your self is shut down based on your judgment of 20° of yourself?

In some circles this is called stinkin’ thinkin’.

You could spend a lot of time analyzing and fussing over it all, trying to figure it all out or something. But as you know from experience, that tactic never works. It just drains you till you’re exhausted.

You can’t make sense out of insanity.

Trying to will keep you in a loop of frustration and if you keep at it, it’ll make you crazy too.

And you can’t disprove a lie like this because it is designed to keep you hooked, off-kilter, distracted and therefore out of the game of your own life.

A lie like this has just enough grain of truth to it, “I’m not perfect,” to keep you hooked.

“I can’t contribute (or be happy, or have a relationship, or succeed at business) until I am in better shape,” is a lie, and a lie cannot be thought away, unless you want to.

At some point you have to choose to empower the lie by wrestling with it and resisting it, or empower something else.

Choice. Decision. And acting on that choice and decision.  

Simple as that.

Easy is an option, but that’s not where people usually start.

Most of the time we resist the lie so much, it’s all we can think about, even if we do that by pretending we don’t even have that lie running the show.

Now imagine having steps that you can take when you get wound up, so that you catch yourself earlier and earlier in the process.

Imagine using the super power of Present Time to bring yourself back from the future and from the past to bring you into right here, right now, the point of most power.

Imagine going through your normal day, and checking in many times during your work and life, asking, “Am I don’t my best in this moment? Am I making the best choices I can, given what I know right now?”

And answer honestly.

If the answer is no, then gear up and actually do do your best in the moment.

Don’t judge but be honest – today your best may be 80%, tomorrow may be 110% and some days your best may be 20%, so allow your best to be what it is, but be honest with yourself as to if you are doing your best or not. You know that you know the difference.

So if your answer is yes, you are doing your best in this moment, today, regardless of if your best is 20% or 110%, once you know that you are doing your best right here, right now, let yourself off the hook.

Standing By You includes not second guessing and invalidating yourself.

It includes making a choice on Monday, and on Friday when the results are different from what you anticipated, not turning on yourself and saying you were some form of “bad and wrong” for making the choice that you made on Monday because, now that you are checking in with yourself every day, you know for a fact that on Monday, you did your best, and you made the best decision based on the information you had at the time. ­­

And you know what? Your doing your best in every situation every day makes the world a better place, and not only for you.

Go ahead – decide and make it a great day. Stand BY You and see what happens.

 enemies cannot hurt

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A Spiritual Perspective ~

Learn to Read You

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get someplace when you know where you are going, there are roads, and you can read the street signs? Oh, and are in some kind of vehicle?

Yea, well, what if you didn’t know how to drive? Or didn’t know how to read the instrument panel? Or maybe didn’t even know there was an instrument panel that was giving you readings?

Now imagine living in a world that at once tells you that you should already know how to do all those things, without ever having been told or trained, and then turns around and says that you’re just making all that up anyway and ignore it or be put away for being crazy. That in itself is pretty crazy-making!

This loopy analogy is what it is like to BE spirit with an amazing body/vehicle in a world that says that you are only the physical parts that can be photographed AND that there is more to you then meets the eye.

Yea, it’s all pretty crazy-making.

Until – you start to learn what is the spirit-energy part of you and what is the physical part of you and how the two can work together and relate better.

There are lots of kinds of meditation in the world, but this is an awareness or consciousness raising spiritual work out, that helps you occupy your spiritual aspect IN the body, more and more. Experientially, not theoretically. BEing, not thinking.

And like driving, in the beginning it can seem challenging, but over time, with repetition of doing and noticing, it gets easier and easier until even a stick-shift is effortless.

Becoming conscious and aware of your spiritual, energetic aspects can be like this too.

Imagine knowing which way to turn, which meal to eat, which job to take – all with the criteria of “for your greater good,” and no guessing!

Imagine even the most challenging of relationships being easy, knowing how to respond, what to do and not do!

Imagine not second guessing yourself any more, because you now have a reliable way to get your Spiritual Information.

The April Core Spiritual Practice Training begins next week, and the cut off for registration is Sunday night.

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 Spring Clean your life – spiritually!

Core Spiritual Practice Training Testimonials

Core Spiritual Practice Training Testimonials from past participants:

What was the one big challenge you were having that the CSP Training helped you with?

Before I started the Core Spiritual Practice Training, and practicing every day, I had the feeling there was something wrong and I might just have to leave my husband. I hadn’t told anyone that, but I had the feeling and jotted it down in my notebook doing the morning pages.  Within a few weeks, it turned out he wasn’t so irritating. A few weeks later, I looked back over my notebook and realized that I had forgotten that feeling, and had forgotten to think I might need to leave him. We’d started talking and doing things together again, and I’d forgotten all that junk resentment stuff.  I took the Training, and he got better!  Thanks, Delia!   AM, Seattle

I used the techniques today to clarify if I needed to take my medication. I have to take it in stages and in order and I got sidetracked and couldn’t remember if I had taken the last one yet or not. I used the roses and the water techniques to verify that I needed to take the last one. If I had double-dosed, it would have made me sick in the stomach. I took the dose and was able to go for an evening walk later. I love using roses!  They’ve got my back!  BH, Stockton, CA 

I was sure that I was going to have to move, and I didn’t know where to go. I used the roses and techniques to make separations from the situation, and then I clearly saw a whole new avenue of what to do that I had just been too stuck in my analyzer to see! And it was light and all came together effortlessly!  I love this Practice!   SR, Vancouver, BC

I was coming into the most intense part of graduate school. A lot of team work with a bunch of people and we were not getting along. It was really making things very challenging and I was full of resistance, to the people and the projects. Being in the Core Spiritual Practice Training during that period was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. I didn’t know where the money or time would come from, but it all came together and the training classes and using the techniques every day made a situation that had been almost unbearable and turned it all into a major triumph!  And I got my graduate degree! Thank you, Delia! I hadn’t thought I’d make it and now I know I can do anything because I AM Spirit and I do have this amazing body!    MM, Austin, TX

New Series begins next week.  Registration closes tomorrow (Sunday) night. email me at if you want to register, or click here.

“I Am The LUCKIEST Person on the Planet!”

In the Daily Practice from the Core Spiritual Practice Training there are a number of “I Am” statements that you use every day.

Each one gives you an orientation and chosen way of relating to certain aspects of life.

As I say all the time, You Are Spirit and You HAVE A Great Body.

I also say that as Spirit in the world, there is no such thing as luck, but that bodies really like the idea, so we end with, “I Am The LUCKIEST Person on the Planet!”

Pretty often I get asked, “So then why would we say that? IF there is no such thing as luck? Why would we lie to the body that way?”

I love this question, and the energy behind it.

I used to have my own version of this.

Years ago I was so devoted to The Truth and being True that I abhorred every kind of lying.

I believed fervently that The Truth was serious and needed respect, and to be taken seriously.

That The Truth was hard and strong and shouldn’t be toyed with.

In that vein I had sworn to uphold and live by The Truth, even if it hurt me.

So when it came to telling The Truth about myself, it had to always lead with what my faults were, shortcomings, vulnerabilities, weaknesses.

That’s what Telling The Truth meant to me for decades.

Then, one day, in a meditation, my Teacher-self Guide gently pointed out some things.

Sitting by a crystal fountain with my Teacher of brilliant, clear light, looking vaguely like Gandalf or a Guardian Angel, my Teacher asked if there was ever any mention of any of my strengths, abilities, capacities or gifts on that list of The Truth.  No, I said.

Was there ever any validation for any of my healings or paintings or poems that I had written? Were they included in this list of The Truth about me?  Uh, no.

Was there any mention of all the times the Universe/Spirit had sent messages to me in my body through the breezes, the sunsets, the wind rustling through the oaks and pines in all the areas that I roamed and played in all my growing up years?  Do these constant communications not warrant to be on this list of The Truth that I had taken a vow to uphold? Gosh, no.

So – the only Truth you will uphold and be loyal to is the Truth as told by your pain? The Teacher asked.


The Teacher said, “I have heard you repeat over and over, like a mantra, how effed up or lost or wrong you are; how dumb or wounded or not good enough you are; you repeat these more often than Stairway to Heaven has been played on the radio, in bedrooms, living rooms and cars in the past 20 years.

You repeat these things with fervor, and a righteousness, a passionate belief, and yet ignoring your mantra at the same time.

You have built your identity around being effed up, as though that IS the Truth, and the whole truth at that.

For that to be The Truth, I and all the goodness you have known and say you believe in has to be a lie.

So what it The Truth for you, Delia – Are you fundamentally effed up at your core, or are you essentially Divine in nature?

Think of your best friend  and answer for her first; is Dru fundamentally broken and beyond repair, or is she essentially Divine?

The Truth that you believe in must be the same for both. It can’t be that others are divine but you are worthless. You must reconcile for yourself.

One day you may find that you honestly can write down 10 True things about you, and all of them are assets. “

This message came to me on my birthday that year like a homework assignment:

“BE as comfortable with your Angels/strengths as you have always been with your Demons/weaknesses.

Remember there is never a weakness that hasn’t saved your life, and never a strength that hasn’t been a weakness. Go!”


Part of what I learned from all that was that I had been so comfortable with lying to myself about my perceived weaknesses, that maybe I could do with a period of counter-training.

My body got such a kick out being told I was the luckiest person on the planet – like a Disney princess being shy on the red carpet – Me? Really? Do you mean that? Is it true?

It was the perfect , outrageous antidote for the part of me that had been most flogged, forgotten, judged, and abused for so long.

And it has been the perfect Healing for many, many, many judged and abused parts of many, many, many more people.

Try this at home:

First thing when you wake up and last thing when you go to bed think this sentence 3 times, and really step into the Truth of it – feel the vibration of this in your body:

I AM The Luckiest Person On The Planet!!!!!

Do this for 21 days. Jot a word or 2 at the end of each day about how your mood and the days events. Note what happens when you allow yourself to BE The Luckiest Person On the Planet*.

*Remember, this position is open to any and every one. Not your job to know how you (and 7 million other souls with bodies) CAN BE The Luckiest Person On the planet at once, and with all that’s going on, and yet it is so.


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Spring Cleaning Special


I woke up laughing this morning.

I couldn’t remember what I had been doing on the Astral plane (aka dreaming) but I felt so expansive and energized, like Christmas morning or something.

This is the anniversary season of when my mom died.

Mom always did talk about the grace of a happy death, and the joy of being born into eternal life. On top of all her Catholicism, she was deeply spiritual.

She died about 2 AM on a Monday morning. At 8 a cousin and I were in the car driving down to Galveston, to the beach. Both of us could feel her spirit in the car with us, utterly delighted to no longer be in body, tethered to the aches and pains or the oxygen tank. We all had a great day at the beach.

We had a surprisingly good relationship towards the end of her life, but like all mothers and daughters, there was a fair amount to clean up. Misunderstandings, different points of view, hurt feelings, regrets – the usual stuff.

At the time I would have told you that we really had nothing to work out, that we understood each other completely and there were no hard feelings.

Then, when I started the energy practices of owning my space and clearing out other peoples energies, well it was hard.

She had already passed over, and I wanted to stay connected to her in any way possible.

I did not know I believed this way – my head know it was good to make separations from her, what with her being dead and all, but large parts of me did not want to let her go.

But my practice was to clear her energy out, a little at a time, every day for 365 days.

During the course of that practice a lot of things I did not know I was holding, carrying and stuffing came up and out. Sometimes it was peaceful, sometimes it was rocky, but more and more I felt clearer, lighter and most surprisingly, more connected with her true Spirit self.

She had died, AND our relationship got easier and better.

She comes to mind quite a lot this time of year for me. She loves to just say Hi, tell me how much she loves me, how proud of me she is.  I do not know how she is still the essence of my mom AND an unlimited, Infinite Being who has long moved on to her/his next adventures – I only know that this is true. 

Use the energy of this amazing time to connect with the Spirit that has the most impact and potency in your life – YOUR Infinite Self.

Try this at home:

Take a pen and notebook out in nature to a favorite spot and give yourself a chance to write down all that you would like to have said to a loved one. All the stuff you felt you could no say to their body-personality, everything you stifled or couldn’t let yourself admit to feeling/thinking. Don’t think about it too much, just write for the purpose of “emptying the cup,” whatever that means.

Once you have emptied yourself out, allow yourself a time of “in between” and notice what comes up for you. 

Allow memories of old conversations to rise up, or if you are open to it, just allow yourself to hear what they want to tell you now, now that they aren’t in body anymore and don’t have that body-personality that you remember so well. Allow yourself to feel the cheers, love and happiness for you that this spirit has for you.


To know if this Healing Session is for you, close your eyes and take nice, slow deep breaths, and notice how your body feels as you ask – 

Truth – what will my life be like in 5 years if I book this Healing Session with Delia now? and
Truth – what will my life be like in 5 years if I do not get this Healing with Delia at this time?

Look for which one feels light, expansive, relaxing for your body. You Know what is right for you, timing and all!

Whether in the name of the electromagnetic  solar storms, the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and/or the Vernal Equinox  on Friday – I believe in celebrating all of it – let’s kick-start the Spring Cleaning Season with a Spring Forward Special. 

A Healing Session for $150 and a BONUS – a $50 value
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When you purchase your session between now and midnight March 20, Friday night, you get an additional Chakra Balancing Healing Session – a $50 value – at the same time, so book an extra 30 minutes to your session. We may not use all the time on the phone session, but you can use the extra time to allow your body to soak in the and digest the Healing. Imagine – 90 minutes of valuing your own healing, empowering yourself to Be More YOU!

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These Healing Sessions are to help you connect with your own Spirit Self, and get more of the support that you need to bring YOUR true nature and what You love INTO the world. Wahooo! Here’s what others have said:

“I no longer get a knot in my stomach when I think of public speaking!”   Althea S.

“I no longer have issues with my manager at work. He hasn’t changed a bit, but I sure don’t react to him like I used to!?”  Sue R.

“Every time I thought about my business, I would start coughing, feel woozy and like I needed to lie down. Now, I feel much more comfortable saying what I want to say and even standing up for myself. It’s amazing!”  Kendra W.

“I used to feel all constricted inside, especially my solar plexus, when I thought about talking to potential new clients. I hated talking about money and sometimes almost let the client leave after a session without paying me. Now, I am comfortable asking to be paid for what I do! It’s all nice and friendly but now I get paid before the body work! Wow!” Grace L.

BE ON Your Side.

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.


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Getting Yourself Off the Hook

I got an email the other day.

“What is this True Nature and Spiritual Purpose you speak of? It sounds good, but what does it mean?”

I love this question. 

Often people come for a session hoping to find out what their Purpose is. When I ask them what that will do for them, they say that if they know what their purpose is, they could do that and then they’d be happy.

When I ask them what they want to do, they say they don’t know; that’s what they want a healing about.

“When you buy a book that by an author you just discovered and love, like a J. K. Rowling or Paulo Coelho, do you sit down and savor it from the beginning, or do you read the last few pages first?”

“I love to get settled in at the café in my neighborhood with my Chai tea, and I start by reading the first page. If there’s anything before that I read it after I have finished the whole thing. I like to savor it all first.”

So you don’t like spoilers or reading ahead? You don’t want to know how it ends first?

“No! I enjoy the unfolding – that’s the best part – the ride!”  

“Yet, when it comes to the most amazing story you’ll ever know, and the best ride ever, you want to know how it ends before it begins, or from the middle? Really?”

“Well, when you put it that way, no. But I do want to know what I am supposed to be doing. I do want to do what I came here to do!”

I know that feeling. When I was still working in the corporate world, still spending my life force energy to manifest someone else’s vision and pretending I didn’t have my own, I ached to know what I was supposed to do.

If I knew what I was supposed to do, I could still be a good person and go do that. Then I’d be off the hook, right? I’d be doing what I was supposed to be doing…

But what if there is no supposed to?

What if you really are an Infinite Being, capable of so much more than what you have been told or think you are?

I wanted to know what I was supposed to do so someone else would validate me, give me a gold star, tell me what I good person I was and what a good job I was doing.  

I wanted to get somebody’s approval, because I did not yet have my own approval, or credibility to be the decider.

One day I started asking myself, “Am I doing my best in this moment? Am I making the most of what I have and know right now?”

If the answer was yes, I would picture taking myself down “off the hook.”

If the answer was no, I would identify what I could do in the moment, and did that.

I kept checking in and adjusting so that the answer was always Yes, I was doing my best in every moment.

Next time something happened that I didn’t like, I’d ask if I had done my best to get to that moment. I now knew the answer was Yes, because I had been checking in so often for weeks. And before that I know the answer was yes as well.

It is much easier to build your own credibility when you pay attention along the way.

Participating in your own life and thoughts,  by turning within, by learning how to get in to your body, to occupy you – spirit IN body, dropping  the need to be seen as a good person and instead align to your own greater good, whatever that means, and experience yourself as an Infinite Being in the world, creating, adjusting, manifesting, growing, loving, BEing.

What if what you are supposed to do is create and adjust that everyday? Would you do that? Would you take that if you could?

Great. Today’s a great day to start.

I am so glad you are here!


©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything.


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Validation In Action

Hello!  I am so glad you are here!

Thank you for taking the time to read these emails, and for all your wonderful emails in reply. I am so honored that you share your journey and inspiring growth, joy and awesome manifesting feats with me!  I am truly humbled and thrilled how our living our truth every day is contributing so greatly to the world. Heal yourself and you heal the world is so true, pragmatic and effortless!

The other day I was talking with a client about what she has noticed in her life since she started her Spiritual Living Program two weeks before.

She said that she was tired from the week but when she thought of it, she had missed a morning of her Practice and it had set the whole day off. She felt rushed, she was cranky and irritable and felt like she just could not get in the swing of the, all of which she had not been feeling since she started the Core Spiritual Practice Training a few months before, but they came on strong on the day she didn’t do her morning practice. ‘

At lunch she put 2 + 2 together and figured out what was wrong with here day, so she took a few minutes to run her energies right there at her desk while everyone else was otherwise occupied.

By the time she had to go to the afternoon meeting, always a high-stress situation, she was able to be centered, complete within her Self, able to listen without getting hooked, and check with Spirit how or if she should engage in what was going on around the table.  She said it was easy for her to speak up as needed in her professional capacity and for the rest, it was remarkably easy for her to keep her thoughts to herself.

She related how in the past that would have been an impossibility for her. She used to not know what was or wasn’t her business, her responsibility and if they were saying something at the meeting that she had an emotional reaction to, she would not have been able to keep herself from speaking up, she used to get so worked up.

When we had started the conversation, she had thought that nothing in particular had happened in the week, and now was over the moon proud of herself. She had just validated how much her using the techniques contributed not only to her quality of life and well-being, but also to the people she worked with – because she could easily not participate in the escalation and blame game that those meetings were.

One of you wrote to me asking what the benefits of doing the 3 pages – 15 minutes journaling every day is.  This is a great example of the muscles that you build in that practice – the muscle of validation. To be able to see clearly what you are doing instead of only emotionally, which can be indulgent one way or the other, or analytically, which can be hypercritical or full of rationalizations, is priceless.  The more you tell yourself the truth of What Is, the more you are standing on solid ground, feel less crazy, less manipulated, more sane. A real asset in a crazy and crazy-making world!

I’ve only got one spot left for the March Core Spiritual Practice Training starting next week, and one for the Spiritual Living Program. Reply to this email to let me know which one you are ready for as Registration ends on Sunday, March 15.

Or if you feel called to give yourself the gift of a Healing session, click here  to book and secure your best time.

In JoY


©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything.

BE ON Your Side.

Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

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A Practice for Being On Your Side

There are a lot of changes in the air these days.

So many of you are coming to see what the heck is going on with work or your business or some other key aspect of your life.

It is a time to make decisions and choices, to build a life that is more supportive and bountiful, and making those decisions is crucial.

The other day I was working with a wonderful person that I have never met before. This person is in the process of growing a business that has the potential to be a major life-changer in a short amount of time. Naturally there’s concern about if it doesn’t go as hoped, but more tension about if it does go big overnight.

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get more stressed and hunkered down than it is to get more lighthearted, relaxed and feel safe and cared for?

I often hear things like, “fear of success,” but that’s not what I see.

I don’t see people being afraid of success or having what they want or getting their needs met.

I see people who have applied themselves to making the best of their situation for so long that they don’t know how to tell themselves the truth anymore.

Just to validate What Is for themselves – I don’t like this food/job/person or I do like this food/job/person even if my friend/partner/boss has a different opinion can be a major struggle.

When you can’t tell yourself the truth about What Is for you in this moment, you’ve lost your connection to your own inner guidance.

And these days you really need more of that connection, not less.

Here is a practice that people keep thanking me for telling them about.

It is a modification of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages but a little different.

3 Pages of Unconditional love and acceptance

Make an agreement with yourself to write 3 pages (or 15 minutes) every morning. Your agreement is to allow yourself to express anything your emotions or thoughts what to say. Anything at all – the whiny 3 year old, the cranky 14 year old, the furious 17 year old – everybody has a place at the table, all voices are welcomed.

The agreement is that while all the parts get to say whatever they want to, you won’t judge or criticize that part or what it has to say.

To the best of your ability you will simply be neutral and allow all aspects to say whatever they have to say. You will Witness all the parts and listen, that’s all. No fixing or correcting.

And what you end up doing is giving yourself 3 pages or 15 minutes of Unconditional Love. Every day.

The rest of the day you go about your business, showing up and being the best and most yourself as possible, all the better for having truly listened and experienced being heard.

The more you experience showing up for yourself in this way, the more you experience really BEing On Your Side, the more you are can trust and believe in things getting better.

You can trust and believe in things getting better because the more you are standing by you, the better your life feels, and the better you feel about your life.

The fear of success we hear about isn’t a fear of things being good or of having your needs met – it is a fear of not being able to relax into that because how do you know it won’t all disappears again?

When you are not clear that you (Spirit) create your life, or that you have a huge effect on what happens in your life – because other people are involved, and other circumstances that are beyond your human control – things getting better can feel like a tease, and you may not want to “rise to the bait again.”

But the more you actively do show up for yourself, every day, the more you discover that you have great instincts, and that you are more wise than you had been aware of, and that you have more good guidance and power than you had previously thought. But now that isn’t a thought or a sentence – with this practice it becomes an every day reality.

When you are really On Your Side, there is nothing you cannot do.  

Your life needs you to fully show up and be you. Now IS the time.

I am so glad you are here!

In JoY!
Delia©Copyright Delia Yeager, March 2015, All Rights Reserved. To use any part of this please contact first for permission. A Spiritual Perspective Changes Everything.

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Thanks to all of you who came on Thursday – this is a great time for coming Home to YOU – Spirit IN Body!  So glad you are here!

Finding Your Spiritual Solid Ground Workshop
 Sunday,  March 8th – 3 – 6:00 pm at East West

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This is the Sunday that the clock’s change and we “spring forward” an hour.

Finding Solid DAY

As things keep shifting and changing like the clocks in Springtime, it is important to find your own spiritual Solid Ground to stand on.

In this very inner-active workshop we will explore some powerful yet simple techniques that help you stand your ground, standing up for yourself yet not against others.

Best of all, the techniques you practice in this workshop are ones you can take with you into your home, business and relationships in your everyday life.

The more you are present, the more you have and occupy your spiritual solid ground, the easier and more fun everything becomes.

DELIA YEAGER is an Energy Healer, Reader and teacher internationally as well as here at East West.